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FD-302 (Rev. 3-10-82)



Date of transcription 11/4/85

Law Offices, 400 Atlantic Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts,
telephone (617) 350-7200, was interviewed. ARMSTRONG was
advised as to the official identity of the interviewing Agent,
the nature of the interview, and subsequently provided infor-
mation as follows:

     ARMSTRONG stated he recently arrived in the
United States as a resident in Boston, Massachusetts, on
September 5, 1985. He advised that prior to that he had
resided in Vancouver, British Columbia, for a number of years.

     He stated that he became a member of the CHURCH OF
SCIENTOLOGY (COS) in early 1969 and remained an active member
until the year 1981. He further advised that during this
period he did extensive travelling while a member of the "C"
organization within the church.

     He stated that he has never identified himself to
anyone as a Special Agent for the FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION
(FBI), nor has he identified himself as a Federal official to
anyone since he has resided within the City of Boston. He
stated he has had no contact with anyone from the COS since
he arrived in Boston. However, he advised that approximately
two weeks ago he accompanied Mr. FLYNN to an oral proceeding
which took place at the Federal Courthouse, Boston, where there
were a group of protesters that appeared to be representatives
of the COS in the lobby. He advised he did not have any contact
with the representatives of the Church that day. He further
advised that no representative of the COS has approached him
on the street since he has arrived in Boston.

     ARMSTRONG stated that in the year 1981 the COS
brought suit against him concerning papers that were found
pertaining to L. RON HUBBARD, Founder of the COS, while he was
in charge of HUBBARD's holdings. He advised that after
finding these papers he worked up a biography of HUBBARD.
ARMSTRONG stated he left the COS on December 12, 1981. He
further stated that he filed a countersuit against the COS,

Investigation on 10/23/85 at Boston, Massachusetts File # Boston 47-4569-3

by SA XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX [handwritten: j2b7c] Date dictated 10/29/85




FILED XXXXXX [handwritten: j2 b7c]

This document contains neither recommendations nor conclusions of the FBI. It is the property of the FBI and is loaned to your agency; it and its contents are not to be distributed outside your agency.



FD-302a (Rev. 11-15-83)

BS 47-4569

Continuation of FD-302 of GERALD D. ARMSTRONG, On 10/23/85, Page 2


which went to trial from April to June, 1984. He advised that
the trial ended on June 20, 1984 with a significant decision
in his favor.

     When asked again, ARMSTRONG stated that he has
never represented himself as an employee of the FBI to
anyone at any time.

      Background information was obtained through
observation and interview as follows:

Full name:



Date of Birth:

October 18, 1946


Place of Birth:

Chilliwack, British Columbia,



Canadian citizen


Social Security Account No.



Present Residence:

92 Draper Street,
Dorchester, Massachusetts


Home Telephone Number:

(617) 825-3203


Temporary Massachusetts
License Number:




5 feet 8 inches



140 pounds





Hair: Brown



This document in .pdf format.



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