Affidavit of Mitra Hall


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 I, MITRA HALL, do hereby depose and state that:

1. I am 25 years old and a member of the Church of Scientology of Boston.

2. On Sunday, October 13, 1985 at approximately 2 PM, I was working with my Church offering personality tests to the
public. I was speaking with people in the vicinity of the Auditorium MBTA station on Massachusetts Avenue in Boston.

3. I approached two young men And asked if they were interested in taking a personality test. One of these young men told me that he had taken the test previously. They made derogatory remarks to me. I then approached two other young men and asked if they were interested in doing a personality test. The first two men continued to make derogatory remarks aimed at me and the two new young men stopped talking to me as a result of this. I began to leave the area and commented to the first two men that they were being anti-social in their behavior. At that point, someone behind me called to me. This person was a casually dressed young man who appeared to be waiting for the bus that stopped there.

4. This young man said that he was social and why didn't I ask him. I said "Can you do a personality test?" He said "You are Dianetics and Scientology, right?" I responded that I was. He then said "I'm an FBI agent. I know Ron is still alive. He's running from his own. people, too." I got the impression that he was implying that L. Ron Hubbard was running from two different sides, although this young man didn't say that directly to me. He continued on and said "We're going to shut you down in a few years. That's a prediction for you."

5. My response to this young man's last remarks was to let him know that such a tactic had been tried in Australia and other places and that such a tactic had failed and that the Church continued to thrive. There was not much of any type of
response to my remarks by this young man.

6. At no time did this young man show me a badge or any kind of identification to verify that he vas a member of the FBI. This young man was slender, almost 6' tall. He looked like a clerk, meaning meek and conservative. He was wearing a dark colored jacket, like a windbreaker and a dark cap like a baseball cap.


7. When I returned to the Church, I reported the incident to my superiors and provided them with a detailed description of the impersonator. I was then shown several photographs of various individuals. One of clearly showed the man who had pretended to be and FBI agent. When I pointed to him, I was told that he was Gerry Armstrong, a man who had in the past committed several criminal acts against the Church and its Founder, L. Ron Hubbard. I feel strongly that the FBI impersonator and the man shown in the photo are one and the same man.

8. I resented immensely the fact that imposter was using the name of the FBI to interfere with my practice of my religion.

Sworn to under the penalties and pains of perjury this 17th day of October,1985.

[Signed] Mitra Hall