Declaration of Gerry Armstrong

Wollersheim Litigation

I, Gerald Armstrong, declare:

1. I was in Scientology from 1969 to 1981. From 1971 through 1981 I was in the Sea Organization, the top organization in Scientology. During several of those years I worked in the personal office of L. Ron Hubbard who directed all of Scientology. In 1980 and 1981 I was Hubbard's biography researcher, assembling documentation about his life for delivery to a writer engaged to produce a biography of Hubbard. I determined on the result of my research that Hubbard had extensively lied about his education, credentials, past accomplishments, his role in Scientology, and Scientology itself. The discovery of the lies and fraud in large part caused my departure from Scientology in 1981.

2. In December 1977 I was assigned the job, in Hubbard's personal office, of proofreading and editing a screenplay and novel written by Hubbard, both entitled Revolt In The Stars. I know they were from Hubbard because I saw the accompanying orders from him concerning the work, and saw his handwriting on the manuscripts. After the proofreading and editing, I worked on a project for Mr. Hubbard to get Revolt In The Stars sold to a major (non-Scientology) motion picture company. Two other Sea Organization members, Kenny Gleeson and Liz Gablehouse, were assigned the task of selling the


screenplay. My former wife, now Terri Gamboa, supervised this project as Project Ops. It was operated out of the Commodore's Messenger Organization in Clearwater and Los Angeles. L. Ron Hubbard is, in the Sea Organization, the Commodore. The Commodore's Messengers are his agents and take orders only from him.

3. The screenplay ended up with a non-Scientology film company called Brilliant Pictures which attempted for approximately a year to obtain financing for the project. The screenplay was shown to many non-Scientologists throughout the life of this project, including agents, producers and technical persons. It was Mr. Hubbard's intention to show the film to the world.

4. The story line of the screenplay and novel follow exactly the story line in the materials known in Scientology as OT III. I have studied the OT III materials, and "audited" them, so I know the contents of these materials and Revolt In The Stars intimately.

5. In Scientology, people are told that if they read even part of the OT III story (Xemu, the volcanoes, the implant, etc.) before they have progressed through all the various lower Scientology steps (at the cost of tens of thousands of dollars), their subconscious minds will be restimulated, and they will " freewheel"; i.e., their mind will go out of control, they will not be able to eat or sleep, and they will die. Yet, Hubbard


intended to put the "OT III story" on the cinematographic screen for the uninitiated, non-Scientologists who had done none of the lower Scientology steps. From my knowledge of Hubbard and Scientology, there are only two possible reasons for this:

a. Hubbard did not regard the OT III story as confidential, and not at all psychically harmful to anyone, but just a great money-making scheme; or,

b. He sought to cruelly harm or kill all the uninitiated who he could lure in to see this story in the most restimulating medium.

6. Since leaving Scientology, I have seen the OT III materials, and the materials for other OT levels, including, NOTS, in several locations. My best estimate is that 5000 individuals possess these materials outside the corporate reach of Scientology. I also know of several people who have read these materials without doing the "required" lower Scientology steps and none of these people have died as a result.

I declare under the penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the foregoing is true and correct.





Executed this 7th day of November, 1985 at Boston, Massachusetts.

[Signed] Gerald Armstrong

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Suffolk, ss. November 7, 1985

Then personally appeared before me the above named, Gerald Armstrong, and acknowledged the foregoing instrument to be his free act and deed.

Before me,

[Signed] Lorna E. Doherty
Lorna E. Doherty
My Commission Expires: 3/31/89