Declaration of L. Ron Hubbard

Hubbard Litigation

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I, L. RON HUBBARD, declare and say:

1. I am the L. Ron Hubbard who is the subject of this action, entitled In re the Estate of L. Ron Hubbard, No. 47150. Although I have not appeared in this matter, and do not intend to do so, as I shall explain further on in this declaration, I am nevertheless familiar with this proceeding.

2. I am submitting this declaration because I have been informed that the court in this case has indicated that it may not accept a letter sent by me to it, dated 3 February 1983, but may be willing to accept a sworn statement from me. I am thus submitting this sworn declaration in a further effort on my part to put an end to this matter, although I do not frankly believe that there is any basis for this action even without my declaration. As with my previous letter, I am offering my fingerprint on each page of this declaration.

3. I am aware of this action, and I am aware that the basis of it is that my eldest son, Ronald DeWolf, from whom I have been estranged for over twenty years, contends that I am a missing person whose estate is in need of attention, supervision and care. I am further aware that he claims my health is bad, that I am not competent to handle my affairs, that I may be held prisoner against my will, and that my estate is being dissipated by Scientologists. All of this is totally false, malicious and ill-founded, as I will elaborate.

[initialed LRH] [fingerprints]


4. With respect to Ronald DeWolf, I consider him neither a friend nor a family member in the true sense of the word. Although biologically he is my son, his hostility and animosity to me are apparent and have been for years. While I consider this an unfortunate situation, it is nonetheless a fact. I have disinherited him by name in the various wills I have prepared over the past many years; he is disinherited in my current will; and I intend to disinherit him in any future wills. In this regard, I do not wish to have turned over to the court or DeWolf my present will and inter-vivos trust as I consider them personal, private, and privileged documents, which are subject to disclosure only at the time of death. But I do think it is relevant that the court be aware that Ronald DeWolf is disinherited.

5. I am not a missing person. I am in seclusion of my own choosing. My privacy is important to me, and I do not wish it or my affairs invaded in the manner permitted by this action. As Thoreau secluded himself by Walden Pond, so I have chosen to do so in my own fashion. I am actively writing, having published Battlefield Earth, and my Space Jazz album; a projected ten volume work, Mission Earth, is in the pre-publication stage at the moment. I am actively researching and writing as well in connection with the religion of Scientology, as I have over the past decades.

6. I do not intend to appear in this action as doing so would constitute a violation of my right to privacy, a

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right which is precious to me and which is protected by the United States and California Constitutions. For the same reasons, I do not choose to appear for any deposition as, I am informed, this court has suggested I do.

7. My affairs are not in need of attention, supervision and care. My business manager, Author Services, Inc., does a good job at handling my affairs, and I retain complete control on all important matters, including signing my own checks and receiving detailed and regular reports. I believe that Mr. Lyman Spurlock, of Author Services, Inc., has explained this to the court. I have a fine battery of expert professionals who advise me as well. I believe that Mr. Spurlock and Sherman Lenske, an attorney who represents me in various business and financial affairs, have also explained this to the court. I meet all of my obligations, including tax obligations; support my wife; supervise my investments; and do all the other things attendant upon a responsible person's handling of his affairs.

8. Specifically, with respect to the allegations of mismanagement of my affairs contained in the DeWolf petition, I am aware of the circumstances of each. The allegations are false. There was an effort to pass a large forged check on my E. F. Hutton account in June, 1982, but it was those at Author Services who immediately ensured that it not be cashed and informed me; as a result, I wrote the Bank of New England and advised it that the check was not from me. The gems allegation is also false. Jim Isaacson

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did, at my direction, attempt to sell a small stone in the summer of 1982, although he was not successful. I bought some stones through Intercap, Ltd., around that same time. These stones are in my possession and their purchase was approved by me. I have transferred my religious trademarks to the Religious Technology Center, but I retain full ownership of any commercial applications of the marks as well as full ownership of all my copyrights and patent rights, none of which have been transferred. Contrary to the uninformed allegations of the petition, my trademark transfer involved no monetary loss. Finally, I and only I sign my name on any of my accounts or contract documents, etc. There is no truth to the allegation that anyone else signs my checks or other financial documents using my name.

9. My health is fine. Of course, I am older now than I used to be, but age comes to us all. In my case, I am fortunate to be in good health and thus able to maintain my heavy daily work schedule. As to the claim of my incompetence, I do not intend to dignify it with a response. My life, my work, my activities, my publications, and my continuing handling of my affairs speak for themselves. Similarly, the absurd charge that I am being held prisoner is not worthy of response. Anyone who knows me knows how ridiculous such an idea is. Equally ridiculous is the idea that Scientologists would steal from me. Scientology is based upon the research, study and writing I have done over a lifetime, work I continue to this day. Scientologists are

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my most trusted associates and would never do anything to harm me, much less hold me prisoner or steal from me.

10. Since there apparently have been specific allegations of wrongdoing by David Miscavige, I wish to take this opportunity to communicate my unequivocal confidence in David Miscavige, who is a long time devoted Scientologist, a trusted associate, and a good friend to me. Any activities which he may have engaged in at any time concerning my personal or business affairs have been done with my knowledge and authorization and for my benefit. The charges that he is organizing the theft of my assets are completely false and not worthy of further comment than that.

11. Due to my concern for my own privacy, and also due to my concern for my personal security (there have been numerous threats against my life over the years), I have always kept my residence a complete secret or one known only to a few close confidants.

12. I realize that, to the court, my refusal to come forward may appear unusual. However, be that as it may, it is my choice and my right. As I explained in my earlier letter, I find this the most satisfactory way at present of avoiding the hurly burly of distracting things.

13. I am aware that my dear wife of over thirty years, Mary Sue, has appeared in this action to oppose this effort to appoint a trustee over my estate. I support her in this effort and am submitting this declaration in the hope and expectation that her position will be rapidly vindicated.

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Although we are presently apart, we remain husband and wife. She is fully supported by me, and she, unlike DeWolf, is fully provided for in my will.

14. I have not wanted to repeat all the matters which I recited in my earlier letter to this court, dated February 3, 1983, but by this reference I incorporate them as if fully set forth herein.

15. I have personal knowledge of all the matters set forth above and am competent to testify to them.

16. I respectfully request that this action now be terminated once and for all. I believe that it is brought maliciously, in bad faith, and certainly for motives other than protecting me, my estate or my heirs.

17. I will handwrite out the final portion of this declaration, which recites that it is sworn to under the laws of the State of California, in addition to the typed version, so that there will be ample handwriting with which to conduct a handwriting analysis.

I declare, under penalty of perjury and under the laws of the State of California, that the foregoing is true and correct.


[handwritten] 15 May 1983

[signed] L. Ron Hubbard


[initialed LRH] [fingerprints]


[handwritten] I declare under penalty of perjury and under the laws of the State of California, that the foregoing is true and correct.

[initialed LRH] [fingerprints]