Affidavit of Kenneth Long (3)

Miller Litigation

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Deponent: Kenneth David Long
Deponent's: Third Affidavit
Sworn on 5th October 1987
In Support of Plaintiff

1987 C No. 6140



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I, KENNETH DAVID LONG of 1301 North Catalina, Los Angeles, California 90027, United States, an executive employed in the Legal Division of the Church of Scientology of California, MAKE OATH and say as follows:

1. I have been a member of the Church of Scientology for eleven years, and employed by the Church of Scientology of California (hereinafter the "Church") for the past seven years. The Church is a non-profit making religious


corporation registered in California since 1954. My duties for

the past five years have required that I work closely with and assist Church counsel in all phases of litigation in the United States.

2. I have read the final draft of Russell Miller's upcoming book entitled "Bare-Faced Messiah," a purported biography of Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard.

3. The main sources of information for Mr. Miller's biography of Mr. Hubbard appear to be Jonathan Caven-Atack and Gerald Armstrong. As demonstrated in my First and Second Affidavits of October 5, 1987, Mr. Miller's and Mr. Caven-Atack's claims that they obtained documents concerning Mr. Hubbard and the Church from public sources, including the Los Angeles Superior Court, are overwhelmingly false. In an unsworn affidavit, Mr. Caven-Atack seeks to distract this Court from his obvious contempt and violation of United States court orders by a parade of irrelevant, disjointed and conclusory diatribe, including accusations of criminal activity. This is indeed an interesting turn.

4. Upon information Mr. Caven-Atack, prior to joining the Church of Scientology as a parishioner, had a record of drug use and drug pushing, including two convictions for possession of drugs. In fact, Mr.Caven-Atack credited the religious counseling procedures of Scientology with assisting him in kicking his drug habit, during the time he was a member of the religion. There is now produced and shown to me marked


"KDL 31" a petition written by Mr. Caven-Atack. In said

petition, he requested to be allowed to become an employee of the Church of Scientology in Manchester, England, and details his involvement with drugs. Due to the policy of the Church whereby an individual with a criminal background is not allowed to work as a member of Church staff, Mr. Caven-Atack was denied employment by the Church, although he was not denied membership in the Church nor its help in keeping him off drugs.

5. In 1983 Mr. Caven-Atack resigned from his membership in the Church. Thereafter, in late 1983, there was a theft of sacred and confidential Church scriptures from a Church of Scientology in Copenhagen, Denmark, by three British citizens -- Ron Lawley, Robin Scott and Morag Bellmaine. Mr. Scott was subsequentily arrested for the theft and convicted in Denmark. There is now produced and shown to me marked "KDL 32" a copy of the English High Court order enjoining the possession, use and distribution of the stolen Church scriptures.

6. In 1984, Mr. Caven-Atack received a copy of the stolen materials from Ron Lawley, made himself a copy of the materials, and sent them to Larry West, a citizen of California, U.S.A. There is now produced and shown to me marked "KDL 33," excerpts from the transcript of the oral testimony of Martin Ruston, taken in the United States, which describe the part Mr. Caven-Atack played in the illicit distribution of the scriptures stolen from the Church in


violation of the English court order.

7. It thus does not surprise me that Mr. Caven-Atack would maliciously and deliberately engage in all manner of irrelevant and highly prejudicial mud-throwing at the Church of Scientology, given his own documented background as a drug pusher, purveyor of the Church's stolen and confidential religious scriptures and, as set forth in my First and Second Affidavits, possessor of other documents belonging to the religion's founder in violation of United States court orders. Given the discreditable background and dubious motives of Mr. Caven-Atack as regards a Church which opposes the use of drugs, opposes crime, and which extended to Mr. Caven-Atack its help regardless of his past transgressions, it is obvious to me that the evidence he gives should be recognized for what it is and disregarded.

8. Gerald Armstrong has been an admitted agent provocateur of the U.S. Federal Government who planned to plant forged documents in Church files which would then be "found" by Federal officials in subsequent investigation as evidence of criminal activity.

9. The evidence is irrefutable that the great majority of these biographical documents were obtained by Mr. Caven-Atack and Mr. Miller in violation of court sealing orders. As such, the allegation of "unclean hands" in contexts entirely unrelated to the facts at issue here has as its only purpose to distract and inflame this Court into


denying the relief which the Church is seeking.

SWORN at Saint Hill Manor
East Grinstead, West Sussex

This 5th day of October 1987
Before me,
S.M. Bird
[signed] Kenneth David Long