Letter from Armstrong to Attorney Bartilson

Armstrong 4

April 6, 1995

Laurie J. Bartilson, Esquire
Moxon & Bartilson
6255 Sunset Boulevard, Suite 2000
Los Angeles, CA 90028

By Fax (213) 953-3351

Re: Scientology v. Armstrong
Marin County Superior Court
Case No. 157680

Dear Ms. Bartilson:

As we discussed this morning, I need and request another week to file my oppositions to the two pending summary
adjudication motions; and as you refused my request I advised you I would seek another extension ex parte tomorrow morning from Judge Thomas.

The reasons I need an extension are:

1. I have not received four needed declarations in support of my oppositions, and cannot get two of them (at least) until early next week.

2. Working as diligently as possible I have not been able to write and/or assemble all the documents needed. As you know I'm not an attorney, and simply don't have an attorney's knowledge or skills; nor the resources and equipment.

3. I have contacted and spoken with a great number of attorneys to obtain representation; and I believe, based on
conversations in the past 48 hours, that I will be able to obtain legal help this weekend.

4. As you know, I was ill and incapacitated for the two weeks of the first extension Judge Thomas granted. My strength is not back to normal even yet.

Scientology won't be prejudiced if it grants me another week, which, as I stated, would be the last extension I would request.

Laurie J. Bartilson, Esquire
April 6, 1995
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In the happy event that you and your client find the kindness in your hearts to grant an extension, I'm also faxing a stipulation for your signature.

Yours faithfully,

Gerald Armstrong

Gerald Armstrong
[former address and phone number]

cc: Michael L. Walton, Esquire (by Fax)
cc: Andrew H. Wilson, Esquire (by Fax)