Letter from Attorney Kobrin to Armstrong

Armstrong 1

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Gerald Armstrong
707 Fawn Drive
Sleepy Hollow, CA 94960

cc: P.O. Box 751
San Anselmo, CA 94960

Re: Church of Scientology of California v. Armstrong
Case No. C 420 153, Department 56

Dear Mr. Armstrong:

Enclosed is your service copy of a motion to enforce settlement agreement that has been filed today in the above-captioned case. This motion has been filed as a result of your having breached the settlement agreement.

As the enclosed copy of our cover letter to the Court explains, this motion has been filed under seal pursuant to the Court's sealing order. You are hereby instructed to keep your copy under seal. Failure to do do so will be regarded as another breach of the agreement and will be brought to the attention of the Court.

Very truly yours,

Helena K. Kobrin

cc: Michael L. Hertzberg
Eric M. Lieberman
William T. Drescher