The “CLameleon Op” is a Scientology intelligence operation with a number of goals, one of which is to divert the attention of the Scientology cult’s opponents off David Miscavige, who directs the cult and is personally responsible for its abuses and criminality. The CL Op is attempting to have the cult’s opponents wrongly target a set of lawyers that Miscavige hired and pays, and whose job it is to keep him in power to abuse and commit crimes.

The CL Op’s entities have periodically “challenged” the testimony of witnesses to Miscavige’s control of the cult with questions as to how he exerts dictatorial control over people and what precisely is the leverage he has over CST. Read e.g.,

The partial transcript of the testimony of Homer Schomer on June 5, 1984 in the trial of Scientology v. Armstrong provides a glimpse of how Miscavige exerts dictatorial control over people. Schomer testifies about being dragged into a gang bang sec check ordered by Miscavige, and about Miscavige himself participating in the interrogation, threatening Schomer and spitting tobacco juice in his face. Miscavige had him sec checked for ten hours, wouldn’t let him go to the bathroom and wouldn’t let him have a drink of water. Miscavige also had Norman Starkey spit tobacco juice in Schomer’s face, and Starkey threatened him with prosecution on false testimony.

This gang bang sec check went on from ten PM until 8 AM in the offices of Author Services Incorporated, a “for profit” company, and was witnessed by at least eight ASI staff, none of whom did anything to stop the cruelty. In fact, most of them participated in the gang bang.

Following the gang bang sec check on ASI premises, Miscavige had Schomer put under guard in the LA Scientology complex.

After Schomer escaped, his daughter was used to get him to return, because he feared for her security. And when he returned he was again put under guard.

Miscavige exerts dictatorial control as an unbenevolent dictator. Scientologists are terrified of this tyrant as Iraqis were terrified of Saddam. Every day Scientologists violate their own policy, their own “creed,” their own integrity, their own souls to satisfy their tyrant’s cruel whims. Miscavige seeks to be “him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” He should be stopped in his tracks. Maybe the U.S. would act to have him join their pantheon of failed, brutal dictators.