Letter from Hubbard to Judge, LA Superior Court

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3 Feb 83

The Presiding Judge
Los Angeles County Superior Court
Los Angeles, Calif.

Your honor:

It has come to my attention that in a legal proceeding in Los Angeles Superior Court, many of my personal letters, manuscripts, military and other historical records concerning me or alleged to concern me have been impounded by the court due to a question of rightful ownership.

Some years ago I loaned to the Church of Scientology many of my personal papers and entrusted them with the safe custody of these. Many documents were held by me but due to the

Judge Superior Court -2-

fact that my writing and research over the past several years has precluded my establishment of any permanent residence, I was too short of space in my baggage to retain them and entrusted my personal papers and such to the Church of Scientology for safekeeping and storage.

I hope I have set the record straight and would sincerely appreciate your assistance in assuring that my belongings are returned to the church or their legal representatives.

[Signed] L. Ron Hubbard

cc President of the Church of Scientology, Int