LRH Dispatch Re: MOWW/SMI

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MOWW/SMI: 30 November 1979

I am informed that a mission has gone out to get personnel for their office. This is alright.

However, this needs an overall review to see how complete this is. I don't think the basic planning for the set up has ever been completed. The background history on this is that actually I could sell 10,000 of these Churches on a basis of tax exemption and that sort of thing by selling a basic package for them and requiring a tithe and so forth. The last I heard of this was WW was arguing that you couldn't sell a territory in a city. I straightened out their heads on this, but I don't think I ever got any response from them. I had a lot of correspondence with R Accounts on this.

What I think on this is the overall planning and program and what they are doing and so forth has not been subjected to a clear statement.

I also thought there was a Commodore's Staff Aide posted to take care of WISE/SMI which couldn't help but include MOWW. But I see the FNCC is assigning all kinds of targets to CS-6. I don't even know that CS-6 has a deputy to handle MOWW or anything else.

I think what you have here is a mish-mash of organization where no projects, which are clear-cut, actually exist to get the show on the road.

Please assign somebody to gather up the relevant data with regard to existing planning and see if any of this is in sensible project form.

Part of this planning, oddly enough, was some guy up in Northern California or Oregon or someplace, who was actually advertising in Spotlight, selling ordinations and churches and giving all the advantages of having a church. I ordered that clipping and ad to be taken out and distributed as it gave all kinds of sales data that could be pushed to sell these franchises.

WW was actually objecting to the scene in a knuckleheaded sort of way, saying that you couldn't sell a district in the city. Well, of course you can sell a district in the city, but you're not charging a sales price for that district. You're assigning the district in return for the person buying a basic package of books and materials and a contract to pay a tithe on their earnings. It is as simple as that.

So, when I see FNCC assigning stuff to CS-6 to order through to MOWW, the question arises, how come CS-6 can be expected to do this when he isn't doing anything else and there is nobody on post there in charge of any of this


scene, compounded by the fact that should be under another Commodore's Staff Aide anyway. This shows some kind of basic [line illegible]

Then I have never seen a project which really straightens all of this out. I think there was an eval done and passed on the subject. I don't know if that eval actually included targets to get this sort of thing done. The first thing to do would be to check up on that eval, but what I see here is it is a disorganization and I think that it better be looked into quick to see what is going on.

It is of interest to note, on the Int stats that the MOWW Int GI reported for the weekend of 2 /11/79 (I'm aware of the fact that there is a two weeks lag on this stat) is $406,281 and that the Scientology Int GI for the last week of the month, which would be its month's peak, is $343,080. This means that Franchise GI is larger than Scientology Int GI. Orgs on the Class IV strata have sunk below Franchise level in activity. This means, of course, that Franchises are probably parasitic on these orgs and they're grabbing up their income. But, regardless of that, it shows that there is a direction to go to accumulate more GI. You expand the MOWW network by converting it into an SMI network and spreading it all over the damn place. That is a sensible way to look at this. You organize against GI. At the same time, the collections from MOWW are only $41,832, which is buttons. But it is still in the range of 10% of their Int GI. In other words, you have to have one hell of a lot of missions in order to make any kind of a GI that would make it worthwhile to manage them. So, the obvious solution to all this is expand the hell out of the mission network by creating a brand new network, SMI, with a very strict contract and make it very remunerative, both for the mission holder and make it possible for him to protect himself against taxation and that sort of thing, and make it profitable for the central management to manage it. There are probably better ways to get percentage back from such a network than just by a 10% tithe. There might be special services and billings and that sort of thing. But, it is very easy to do all this.

I see that some activity is going on to at least send out missions to get organization people for SMI and soforth. That is fine. But, let's look at the fact that we may not have a smooth organizational project planning and let's get this reviewed.

When you see that the mission network is making more money than the SCN org network, it is obvious that we should go in that direction as a management body.


The right answer to all of this is an SMI with about 10 Franchises in every major city of the world. And make it very, very advantageous for a person to have one of these Franchises and make it possible for him to build it up. This is a direction of expansion. It is not being given sufficient importance.

So, please get this reviewed so we can expand in 1980 and make RJ 31 start to come true.

# # #