LRH Dispatch Re: Div 6 Stats Scn Int

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Internationally, only 52 of those who come into a Div 6 remain for service.  48% are lost. Factually, this isn’t too terribly bad a percentage.  This is an improving figure.  It is a comment that the addition of simply orgs in the world, however, making a fresh public to draw from enormously boosted these stats. That shows you, therefore, that the attention the public is given in the remaining orgs of the world is relatively poor and that their Division 6’s are not as active as they could be and that they are sort of killing their field.  That is what that shows.

So, it isn’t Division 6  Intro services that are bombing out, it is factually FSMs that are bombing out.  The FSM Commissions clearly show that the programs have been dropped, sabotaged or not put into effect and that FSM remains the torpedo junction of org GI.  They got their Trained and Active FSM Points into a new range and it stalled.  So, they didn’t expand with their program.  From this evidence, they were active for a very brief period of time, taught a very lousy, stinking, stupid FSM activity which then didn’t permit the FSMs to get anywhere or do anything and calls to attention that the FSM checksheet which I OK’ed may have been altered or not accompanied with packs or not put into orgs.  If an FSM did that checksheet, he would be able to function.  So this stat clearly shows that the FSM Program for training FSMs got buggered and then did not result in FSMs being active.  There is another way to look at this and a possibility - that they tied up the FSMs just going to this course and are teaching it as an endless treadmill and have all their FSMs tied up in the org and not active in the field.  So, there is here a possible situation which has two possible reasons.

This should be sorted out.  This is the bomb point.

FSM I/C on Flag obviously is not handling this, has not spotted it and is doing nothing about it.  That is pretty obvious.

I sent a telex this last week reminding the Int Div 6 Exec and CS-6 and that area that they had not complied with the order to make Division 6 make enough money to totally support the org.  They are still looking on this, I am sure, as GI channel to make up for the deficiencies of Division 2.  The Robin Roos syndrome is still in full flaming force.  Div 6 is being looked on as a GI door for Division 2 and is being used to solve the inadequacies and stupidities of Division 2.  The truth of the matter is that they under-priced, mis-priced and didn’t create Div 6 activities, courses and so forth at a low level which were capable of supporting the org.  That telex


I sent simply reminded them that Division 6 was supposed to support the org.  I suppose that they could interpret this that Division 6 got in new people, that they then channeled on through to Division 2 so that Division 2 could not sign them up.  There’s an engram on this subject and there’s false data all over the world on the subject.

I think all of this needs very hot handling.