OSA Int ED 19 Squirrels

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E X E C U T I V E    D I R E C T I V E



20 September 1984


The following people have demonstrated that they cannot be trusted with the religion of Scientology or Scientologists. Their actions are destructive and aimed at the enslavement rather than the freedom of man.

Dede Voegeding
Kima Douglas
Gerry Armstrong
John Nelson
Laurel Sullivan
David Mayo

The above named squirrels have attempted to taint government with their false reports.

They have deliberately held policy up to scorn and altered such policies to suit their own destructive end.

Some of these squirrels have offered false testimony to the IRS in order to protect their overts against mankind and their only road out of this universe.

Several of them have misrepresented Scientology practices to the FBI or Justice Department in a futile attempt to taint the minds of the government and the courts against the Church of Scientology.

They have supported psychiatric aims and principles over Scientology principles in their misrepresentations to Department of Justice representatives as well as Boston lawyer Michael Flynn.

They have turned from ethical and moral Scientology principles by demanding no ethics be applied to them or by them.

Several of them have spoken out against Scientologists in good standing to the IRS in a hope that they might escape from their own destructive acts and shift attention from themselves and their crimes.

They have altered and assisted in the alteration of Tech in an attempt to seal off the bridge to those who have fallen prey to their destructive intentions.

Their continual harmful acts to themselves and their continued desire to drag others to the level of beasts and animals devoid of spiritual qualities places them in the psychiatric camp of those who manufacture madness for profit.

Therefore, be it known that these acts of spiritual destruction and cries for no ethics, no morals, and no policy, have separated them from the body of the ethical and practicing Scientologists of this planet.


Dedicated Scientologists need not support them until they have fully recanted and fully fulfilled all of the
requirements of the Ethics and Justice PLs dealing with suppressives and suppressive acts.

This ED is written that those who are not informed as to the acts of those named above may now be so informed.

It is written so that those who are not Scientologists may be warned that these individuals do not represent the Church or the religion of Scientology in any capacity.

Their only terminal is the International Justice Chief.


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