Confidential OSA Op Report re: Homer Schomer

Homer Schomer - father
Bella Adams - CMO PAC
Author Services, Inc.
David Miscavige (abbrev DM )
Vicki Aznaran (abbrev VA )
Olivia Washauer
Hal Washauer
Los Angeles


This is what I got from my interview with Valerie tonite.

Around August - September 83 Val wrote a disconnection letter where she actually stated she was disconnecting from her father. She stated something like she didn’t agree with what he was doing, he wasn’t handling his cycle, etc. This would be concerning his blow from the S.O. Valerie said she didn’t feel good about writing this letter as she didn’t feel PTS to him, she didn’t want to get involved in his third dynamic situations, etc., but felt forced to do so by Bella Adams of CMO PAC. Prior to this letter she had talked with him on the phone upbraiding him for not handling his scene and
additionally had sent him a copy of the Amnesty which he didn’t readily accept although he said he would several times to Valerie.

The next day, or thereabouts, after she had sent him the disconnection letter she received Homer’s amnesty in the mail
which she then sent to the IJC. His amnesty basically said to check with his pc folders as they contained sec checks he had had and O/W write ups he did prior to leaving the S.O.

A week after she sent the disconnection letter to Homer, Val got a letter from him in which he said, in essence, thankyou for the letter, he wanted her to know that he’d always love her and that she could always communicate with him.

Val stated to me that she’d wanted to get back in comm with her father as she felt no change, on her part, after having disconnected from him and again stressed that she did it because Bella had made her do it and that Homer did do the amnesty. She said she didn’t really know how to “undisconnect” from him meaning that she did not know how to disconnect from him. Homer and Valerie’s mother had divorced when Val was 2 years old and Homer had raised her.


Last week, on Monday, Homer came to see Val at the Complex and they went out to breakfast and had a talk.

Homer said that he got a letter from the D/IJC saying that per a certain HCOPL the D/IJC needed copies of Homer’s session worksheets or copies of OW write ups or something of that nature. Homer wrote back saying something to the effect that it was bullshit - how was he going to get ahold of his own PC folders. Homer wrote back saying get in comm with a Jeff Walker. Val didn’t know why he said this but she didn’t want to get any further involved with this part of the comm and thus didn’t pull the string on why to get in touch with Jeff Walker.

Homer went on the say that he was never going to join the S.O. again or something like that. Additionally, Valerie commented that he said this in a very 1.1 manner.

He stressed to Valerie that there’s a big world out there to learn about other than Scn and that Val didn’t know much about that world.

He seemed to know what was going on in the Scn world like someone was feeding data to him. He knew Steve Marlowe was in the RPF, that Wendall Reynolds was on the decks and he knew about the four people that had blown from Authors Services. When Val asked him who his source of information was he wouldn’t devulge it. Something further along this line occured about 6 to 8 months ago. Val said that during a phone call with Homer, he had asked if DM’s still around, is he still at ASI all week and Val said she didn’t know. He had heard VA ( Vicki Aznaran ) had taken over.

Homer said he had heard that some lady had seen * in a local town some two weeks ago and that * had lots of makeup on. The lady had claimed that she recognized him by a ring or some such thing that he was wearing. Valerie thinks that Homer had said the lady saw * in a store - maybe a jewelry store. Homer said this lady knew * in the early Fifties. Prior to what Homer had heard about * being seen by this lady he said he had had personal doubts that * was alive afterwhich Valerie asked him if he had heard RJ 38, Homer said no he had not and Valerie gave him her copy of the tape.

He also said the guys in the field know more about what’s going on than the guys in the Orgs.

On the other hand, Homer asked Val if she was getting up the Bridge, is she getting time off. He said she’d worked night shift long enough and should ask to work day shift. But he really stressed how you have to work to get up the bridge in a positive manner per Val.

He said that Val should get in comm with her side of the family as what would happen if Stanton, her husband, left her.
Val stated that Homer doesn’t care for her husband.

Near the end of their comm Valerie said it was good to see him, that she didn’t know how to “undisconnected from him and told


him Bella had told her to write the disconnect letter after which Homer said ” I thought so. ”

Valerie said he was driving Olivia Washauer’s car she knows this as she knows Olivia and therefore she figured he was staying at the Washauer’s. She asked him if he was and he said yes.

Before the above comm with her father Valerie said she hardly had any comm at all with him since he left the S.O. in December of 1982.