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DOCUMENT TITLE: Ronald DeWolf files suit

SUBJECT: Son of L. Ron Hubbard files suit for receivership of his father’s estate, claiming his father is dead or incompetent.

PARTIES: Ronald DeWolf, a.k.a. L. Ron Hubbard, Jr., a.k.a. Nibs Hubbard, son of L. Ron Hubbard; Michael Flynn, DeWolf’s attorney; Gerald Armstrong, thief who stole 30,000 intellectual property documents from Hubbard estate while it was under control of Sherman Lenske, also a client of Michael Flynn; LaVenda Van Schaick, another client of Michael Flynn


Although this site certainly isn’t about the DeWolf case, or the attorney behind it, Michael Flynn, it must be noted that the filing of DeWolf’s lawsuit on 12 November 1982, claiming that his father was dead, set up a later sensationalistic “proof” generated by Sherman Lenske and Treasury Department personnel that L. Ron Hubbard was in fact “alive” and in control of his affairs.

The Armstrong case, running concurrently and also being managed by attorney Michael Flynn, was also used by Lenske and the Treasury Department peronnel for the same purpose.

Furthermore, a Newsweek story of 6 December 1982 called “Is L. Ron Hubbard Dead?” says that when DeWolf filed his petition, it was with “30,000 accompanying documents.” Of course that just happens to be the same number of intellectual property documents that Gerald Armstrong stole from the Hubbard estate, with the help of the Lenskes, later valued at $5 million.

Both Armstrong’s and DeWolf’s cases were being handled out of the office of attorney Michael Flynn. Both had “30,000 documents.” And both were used to tremendous advantage by the Lenskes and the Treasury Department personnel helping them. What is more astonishing, though, is that the Hubbard archive documents that had been stolen by Armstrong were under court seal in Los Angeles Superior Court on this date when DeWolf filed his complaint 90 miles away, in Riverside County, California.

And even more damning is an affidavit by LaVenda Van Schaick claiming that Armstrong had delivered the 30,000 stolen documents to Flynn in Clearwater, Florida six months earlier, around 9 May 1982, expressly for the purpose of being used in lawsuits.

Here are relevant exerpts from news accounts of DeWolf’s filing:

The Associated Press
November 13, 1982, Saturday, AM cycle
Son Believes L. Ron Hubbard Dead Or Mentally Incompetent


BODY: The oldest son of Church of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard believes his father is either dead or mentally incompetent, according to a petition filed in Superior Court.
The son, Ronald E. DeWolf, also claims in the petition, filed last week, that officials of the church have stolen millions of dollars, gems and securities from his 71-year-old father or from his estate in the past year, the Riverside Press-Enterprise said Saturday.
…DeWolf, 48, of Carson City, Nev., is asking the court to appoint him trustee of his father’s affairs to protect the assets. DeWolf, who changed his name from L. Ron Hubbard Jr., is the oldest of Hubbard’s six children.
…”The only way he (Hubbard) can contest all of this is to show up physically in court,” DeWolf said Friday. “But I expect he may have trouble doing that because I don’t think he is alive.”
…Gerald Armstrong, a former personal aide to Hubbard, also said last week in an interview with the newspaper that Hubbard may be dead. He said Hubbard suffered numerous medical problems, twice requiring hospitalization in the 1970s.
Armstrong was a member of the church for 12 years before leaving it last year.
Hubbard’s former personal medical officer, Kima Douglas of Palm Desert, declined comment other than to say the church founder had blood clots in the lung, the newspaper said.
While living in La Quinta in Riverside County, Hubbard made secret plans for his death, DeWolf said, and instructed Douglas to “bury him in the date fields” in the area and not to disclose his death.
“Shortly thereafter,” DeWolf said in his petition, “my father disappeared.” …

November 14, 1982, Sunday, AM cycle


BODY: The oldest son of L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Church of Scientology, has filed a court petition contending his father is either dead or mentally incompetent and asking to be appointed trustee of his affairs.
…DeWolf, a former Scientologist, said he was not attacking his father in a legal sense. In a telephone interview with the newspaper, he said:
“The only way he can contest all of this is to show up in court. But I expect he may have trouble doing that because I don’t think he is alive.”
DeWolf said he had not seen his father since 1959, the year he left the religious organization.
…The senior Hubbard’s last known whereabouts was Gilman Hot Springs, the former resort near Hemet, Calif., owned by the Scientologists. He reportedly went to Gilman Hot Springs after being hospitalized in Los Angeles in 1978.
Gerald Armstrong, a former personal aide to Hubbard, said he last saw Hubbard toward the end of last year.
“His weight was way down,” Armstrong said. “He was very shaky. He always shook a lot. His hands were never steady. I felt he looked very weak and drawn.
“There is every chance that the man is in fact dead,” he added. …