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(415) 391-3900
TELECOPY (415) 954-0938


May 8, 1997


VIA FACSIMILE (702) 782-8362

George Abbott, Esq.
2245-B Meridian Blvd.
P.O. Box 98
Minden, Nevada 89423-0098

Re: Gerry Armstrong
Our File No. SC102-003

Dear Mr. Abbott:

     I write in reply to your letter of May 5, 1997 which, as was your last letter, referred to
me for reply. As I am sure you are aware, I have represented the Church of Scientology
("CSI") since early 1992 in its efforts to enforce the Settlement Agreement of December 6,

     My representation naturally includes dealing with the various threats and demands which
your client and friend has made in the past five years. His letter of March 6, 1997, is not the
first letter of this type that we have received. I trust that you have familiarized yourself with
that prior correspondence, so I will not waste time here by discussing it in detail. It suffices to
note that all of this correspondence follows an all too familiar pattern - a regurgitation of Mr.
Armstrong's view of the Settlement Agreement, its alleged unenforceability, CSI's alleged
persecution of Mr. Armstrong, Mr. Armstrong's professed desire to make peace with CSI,
threats to expose certain unspecified facts which Armstrong hints would damage CSI, allusions
to Mr. Armstrong's ability to benefit CSI ("With my help, it is entirely possible your
organization can retain its tax exempt status..."), underlying all of which is the odor of
attempted blackmail.

     Mr. Armstrong professes interest in "a sane and lasting peace." That is just what CSI
bargained and paid for in the 1986 Settlement and is just what its efforts to enforce that
agreement have been aimed at. Since my involvement began in early 1992, I have been witness
to a multitude of actions on the part of Mr. Armstrong which were clear attempts to provoke
action by CSI. Despite these clear provocations, CSI has acted with remarkable restrain, and
has only sought relief for the most egregious of Mr. Armstrong's actions.



     A meeting between Messrs. Miscavige and Armstrong would serve no purpose. Mr.
Miscavige has no involvement with Mr. Armstrong and has not even seen him since 1981. This
matter is between Armstrong and CSI. We seek nothing more than the peace we have already
bargained for. If Mr. Armstrong would simply obey the Court's permanent injunction, there
would be peace. Armstrong, on the other hand, while he professes only a desire for peace,
actually wants to ignore his obligations under the Settlement Agreement and the Court's
injunctive order. If he wants peace, he can abide by that agreement, and there is no need for
any meeting. If he wants something other than that, CSI is unwilling to negotiate. However,
in the interests of courtesy, I will be happy to meet with either you or Mr. Armstrong, or both
of you, on CSI's behalf and to discuss whatever is appropriate.



Very truly yours,


[signed Andrew H. Wilson]

Andrew H. Wilson





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