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June 6, 2003

David Miscavige
Religious Technology Center

Dear David Miscavige:

Five days ago I came into possession of your Office of Special Affairs Intelligence Checksheet, OSA INT ED 508R. 

One of the items, at page 15 of your 33-page training program, states:

DEMO: 5 examples of the following stable datum:

"We must ourselves fight on the basis of total attrition of the enemy. So never get reasonable about him. Just go all the way in and obliterate him."

-- OSA INT ED 508R

I became physically ill when I read this monstrous statement. I am still ill. I have come face to face with the sickening certainty that you want me obliterated, that you are training OSA personnel to obliterate me, that it is your intention to obliterate my family and friends, whom you also label “enemies.”   And by obliteration, what can you mean but murder?

L. Ron Hubbard, your cult’s founder, defined his term “stable datum” as follows:

“Any body of knowledge is built from one datum. That is its stable datum. Invalidate it and the entire body of knowledge falls apart. A stable datum does not have to be the correct one. It is simply the one that keeps things from being a confusion and on which others are aligned.”

-- L. Ron Hubbard
Problems of Work

Hubbard defined Scientology, as every Scientologist knows, as: “A body of knowledge…” You have made the obliteration of enemies Scientology’s stable datum -- the fact or principle on which the subject is built, without which the entire body of knowledge falls apart. You teach that Scientology would be a confusion if Scientologists didn’t just go all the way in and obliterate your targeted “enemies.”

I realize that this is extremely difficult for most people to confront, and that if they grasp what you intend and how diabolical your intention is, they could be made as physically ill as I have been. That is what you depend upon -- that good people, as Hubbard said, cannot confront Scientology’s evil. What must be done to stop this wretched evil, however, is to get good people to confront it, and even to rise up against it.

We have webbed the totality of your Intelligence Officer Checksheet. We have done so because this document calls for crimes against innocent people and trains Scientologist agents in the commission of these crimes. The document shows that the body of “knowledge” that is Scientology is a criminal conspiracy and activity, and an imminent and ongoing threat to life and liberty. We believe that the good people who are your targets for obliteration have a right to know the information contained in this document, and that such knowledge cannot be denied them by the obliterator organization’s application of commercial copyright law. We believe as well that the safety and security of the general public necessitates this document’s exposure and broad dissemination.

Do not pretend, David Miscavige, that by obliteration you mean something other than wiping people out. “To obliterate,” means to cause to disappear, to remove from existence, or to destroy utterly. Since reading this checksheet, I have thought about obliteration a great deal. In fact I have thought of little else. I have concluded that it is not possible to obliterate people without violence, indeed without murder. Since it is impossible to obliterate people without committing crimes against them, I will do whatever I humanly can to let the world know that what you are doing, is training criminals. And I will do whatever I can to defend myself and my friends and loved ones from being wiped out.

What are the ways that you have your Scientologist trainee obliterators demonstrate for obliterating me and other people like me? Shooting us is obvious. It is well known that you and your henchmen possess an arsenal of firearms. Poison? Radioactive pellets planted in our upholstery? Drowning? Garroting? Bombs? I can demonstrate five examples of obliterating a person, all of which are violent and murder. But I cannot think of any way of obliterating anyone that is not murder.

You can, of course, hire outside professionals to assassinate the people you want obliterated, which, as you know, would distance you from the crime. You can stage “accidents,” by, for example, cutting your obliteratees’ brake lines. It is widely known that thugs you hired ran into Gerry Armstrong with a car, and attempted to involve him in a freeway “accident.” Or you can drive your “enemies” to suicide. That certainly appears to be Scientology’s most prolific or productive obliteration method. But all these methods, if they originate with you, still are violent and murder. Even if the violence is slow and silent, as with chemical, biological or radiation poisoning, it is still violence. Violence is essential to Scientology’s stable datum, and without violence, Scientology, as you teach, would fall apart.

Lisa McPherson is perhaps the most accessible example of the way your obliteration tech can work. RTC and OSA were responsible for Lisa, and you are responsible for RTC and OSA -- and the whole Scientology cult. Lisa was in your condition of “enemy” -- or perhaps your condition of “treason.” In Scientology, “out-security equals treason,” and Lisa was an extreme security risk. She was an “enemy,” completely under your and your OSA obliterators’ control. You had to have known what was going on with Lisa McPherson from the moment she was incarcerated because, among other reasons, it was “a Matter of RTC Concern.” Your OSA obliterators locked her up, oversaw her parching and perishing, and saw to her cremation. Incarceration, dehydration and incineration -- obliteration. Is incineration one of the obliteration methods you have your OSA obliterators demonstrate on their checksheet demos? Will the Course Supervisor accept capital arson as an acceptable example for obliterating “ enemies” like me?

What a hideous confession you gave to us -- to all us “enemies, ” for whose obliteration you train Scientologists -- in your public comments about the killing of Lisa McPherson:

“At the time I don't think it was really thought to be that significant an issue. She died. People die.”

--David Miscavige
quoted in St. Petersburg Times

Your utter disregard for the life of this woman, a person legally and factually under your care, elucidates Scientology’s training of OSA operatives to obliterate people like me. “She died. People die.” How easy it is for you and your Scientologist obliterators to hate us and to dispose of us quietly and without sorrow. How sorrowful were you about the obliteration of Lisa McPherson? “She died. People die.” Most of us “enemies” have even less meaning to you than Lisa, don’t we? Shooting down people like us is, as you say, “like ducks in a pond.” [International Scientology News Issue 20 © 2002] And instead of having to articulate the difficult word that we were obliterated, how much easier it is to say, “They died. People die.”

One of your cult’s acceptable methods, and one of your personal favorite methods, obviously, is to get your “enemies” jailed or imprisoned on false charges. Obliterating people imprisoned as “criminals” would be ever so easy, wouldn't it? That's why you label people like me “ criminals”, isn't it? You achieved this in your cult’s own microprison with Lisa, didn’t you? Before you took over the Scientology cult, the Guardian Office tried with Paulette Cooper by framing her with phony bomb threat charges. The GO did whatever was done to rig attorney Michael Flynn’s plane to crash. But after you grabbed the obliteration hat from the GO, you yourself tried to frame him with forgery, didn’t you? You would have had him obliterated in prison if you’d been able to get your false charges to stick, wouldn’t you? You’ve been trying to have Gerry Armstrong jailed on your false evidence and false charges for more than two decades.

You got your false charges against Keith Henson to stick, but he fled before you could have him imprisoned and obliterated. Even in Canada, as is almost universally known, with your lies, corrupt lawyers and law enforcement contacts, you were able to engineer a police swat team takedown of Keith. He was only one muscle twitch away from obliteration. What would you have chanted as you danced your jig over his corpse? “He died. People die.” Keith and his family have very good reason to be fearful of his obliteration at the hands of your agents in a U.S. prison. Criminon is your pool of criminals to be used for Scientology’s stable datum, isn’t it -- the obliteration of the good people you finger as “ enemies?” How about Edgerly? How about Tamimi? How about Kattar?

Pursuant to your “third party doctrine,” you’ve been working very hard over the years to get various police departments and personnel to do your dirty work and even onto your payroll. Do your OSA intelligence trainees demo using cops for executing their obliterations? Would it be very comforting to have your very own police officers use a couple of clips of “ appropriate” force to obliterate a few “enemies” for you? Back in the Guardian Office days, the cult used police San Diego Police Lieutenant Warren Young for some of its dirty work. You yourself used corrupt LAPD officer Philip Rodriguez to try to get Gerry Armstrong jailed. Once incarcerated, wouldn't his obliteration have been like a duck in a pond? And don’t you advertise that you’re now using LAPD Captains Ron Sanchez and Michael Downing? Have these officers been told that when they support your Scientology cult they’re supporting the obliteration of good people? Do they dig it?

Do not pretend that you are training your OSA agents in the obliteration of people’s reputations, and not persons For even when, and if only your “enemies’ ” reputations are obliterated, the “enemies” remain. You know how to “clear words.” The “enemies” you target for obliteration are real, live, loving human beings. You cannot obliterate people with black propaganda, even your brand -- Scientology’s brand -- of the nastiest, most hateful black PR ever manufactured by madmen. You can only obliterate human beings with violence. Your black PR is used to generate hatred among Scientologists and other publics for your intended victims – to depopularize them Hubbard said -- so that obliteration of these victims becomes standard, and completely virtuous.

This insanely satanic order of obliterating your cult’s “ enemies” was issued by Hubbard, as you know, and as your checksheet shows, in his 1969 Policy Letter “Battle Tactics.” To excuse this murderous intention, Hubbard, and now you, assert that the aim of these “enemies” has been your “total destruction,” and that these “enemies” have been waging “barbarian warfare.” These assertions are utter and demonic lies. There has never been an “enemy” who sought Hubbard’s, or your, or Scientologists’ total destruction. There has never been an “enemy” who engaged in barbarian warfare against you. You lie about their existence and actions simply to justify your training Scientologists to yourselves wage barbarian warfare, and to justify your training Scientologists to yourselves seek the total destruction of these manufactured “enemies.”

All the people you target as “enemies” are good people. They are simply good people who, by God’s Will, stood up and criticized Scientologists’ fraud and criminal targeting of good people. Hubbard ordered in “Battle Tactics” that:

"You preserve the image or increase it of your own troops and degrade the image of the enemy to beast level."

-- L. Ron Hubbard
HCO PL 16 February 1969 BATTLE TACTICS


Isn’t it a fact that Hubbard, and now you, ordered this so that you and your cult have good people to obliterate? Isn’t it a fact that, because obliterating good people is your cult’s stable datum, Scientology would fall apart if you didn’t manufacture good people to obliterate?

It’s not bad people you are training your obliterators to obliterate. Scientology doesn’t go after actually villainous dictators, the mafia, or even pedophiles. Indeed you protect pedophiles and put violent criminals on your payroll to assist you in the obliteration of the good people you degrade to beasts. You used convicted murderer George Edgerly to help you destroy attorney, and good person, Michael Flynn. You paid known gangster George Kattar to do the same. You hired vicious and dangerous private investigator Eugene Ingram as your personal thug. You keep him on your payroll even after it became publicly known that he told Gerry Armstrong he was going to put a bullet between his eyes. Isn't putting a bullet between Gerry’s eyes a laudable activity in Scientology because you’ve degraded his image in Scientologists’ minds to beast level, and made the obliteration of good people the stable datum? Isn't this what you mean in your code of "honor" when Hubbard says " Never fear to hurt another in a just cause?" Isn't obliterating good people a "just cause?"

The extreme odiousness of your intention toward good people is why you cannot permit your trainee obliterators to “get reasonable” about what they are being trained to do. The obliteration of good people is a supremely evil doctrine, without any rational justification whatsoever. What hate you must generate to get Scientologists to participate in the degrading of good people to beast level. And what hate you must generate to get Scientologists to then obliterate these good people you’ve degraded. No person who had not been rendered unreasonable and stripped of his reason and decency would ever participate in such evil.

If you were reasonable, if anyone in Scientology was reasonable, you would stop training agents to obliterate good people, you would stop degrading good people to the level of beasts, and you would pay back everyone that your cult has ripped off. And having removed Scientology’s stable datum of obliteration of good people, you would let the organization and body of “ knowledge” fall apart. Because any organization or body of “knowledge” that depends on unreason, depends on hatred, and depends on obliterating good people must fall apart. We whom you have made your obliteratees must not “get reasonable” about it.

All this evil is a big thrill for you running the Scientology cult isn’t it? You get to degrade people -- all of them God’s children, by the way -- to beasts. Then you get to obliterate them. And you’ve got your diabolical obliteration machine, which beastifies God’s children and obliterates them, recognized by the U.S. Government as a “religion” and made tax exempt. Did the IRS bosses give your obliteration cult tax exemption in exchange for their removal from your enemies list? It is true, isn’t it, that tax exemption did end your degrading of them to beast level, and they did escape obliteration? It’s no wonder you’re in hiding.

Remember, though, that it is really the Scientologists around you that you have degraded to beast level by training them to degrade God’s children to the level of beasts. But is that not Hubbard’s and your actual intent? Because only by degrading Scientologists to the level of beasts could you possibly get them to participate in the obliteration of God’s children. Diabolically, those you most urgently seek to obliterate are the good people who know that degrading God’s children to the beast level and obliterating them is the supreme evil. And who but someone like Hubbard or yourself -- masters of beastliness -- would organize and train the beasts in that evil? Perhaps some Scientologist will take back his reason and obliterate your beastliness.

Do not pretend that Hubbard or you were speaking metaphorically of degrading good people to beast level and obliterating them. Neither of you were talking about the Lion King or Horton the Elephant. If Hubbard used metaphor it was only to hide his murderous intent. You both are talking about human beasts on an order of Hitler, Dahmer and Manson. You and Hubbard black PR the good people whom you want obliterated, as “insane” and as “criminals,” as you are doing with me. You are not calling for the obliteration of good people as one tennis player “obliterates” another on a public court. You are calling for the dirtiest, most covert, sorrowless eradication of human beings, whose obliteration you precipitate and facilitate by degrading their images to beasts.

I hope that the irony is not lost on any decent Scientologist who might read this letter that you and your OSA and RTC cultists attack psychiatrists, and insist that all Scientologists attack psychiatrists, for viewing people as beasts. In truth, the psychiatrists don’t view people as beasts. That is just your black PR, your degrading of psychiatrists. But you and Scientologists do view people as beasts. In fact, you work very savagely to degrade the image of good people to beast level so that all Scientologists view them as beasts. I also hope that Scientologists grasp the irony of the checksheet item that calls for a clay demo of “the fact that a criminal accuses others of doing things which he himself is doing .” You, David Miscavige, certainly prove this fact about yourself.

Do not waste anyone’s time with the lie that the “enemy” you are training your obliterators to obliterate is a group. There was no group – not even the psychiatrists -- organized to destroy, or even oppose Scientology when Hubbard wrote “Battle Tactics,” and none to destroy your cult now. There never has been a group that sought Scientologists’ total destruction or waged barbarian warfare against any of you. You are training your obliterators to obliterate individuals. Even in your OSA Intelligence Checksheet you require that your obliterators- in-training demonstrate as “maxims:” “Only data about individuals is valid for use,” and “Only action upon individuals is productive." I am a member of no group, except the class of individuals – the group of good people -- whom you target for obliteration.

You base Scientology’s stable datum of obliterating me on the assertions that I was seeking your total destruction, that I was waging barbarian warfare, and that I was fighting for your total attrition. These are utter, hateful lies. At no time did I do any of these things. I asked for my money back that you and your cult ripped off from me with years of other utter, hateful lies. Because I asked for my money back, you now lie about me, and you have made me an enemy to be obliterated. Again, explain how can you obliterate me without murdering me? I believe it is impossible.

I don’t believe you, because you lie as a way of life and as a matter of policy. You lie about me, you lie about your other manufactured “ enemies,” you lie about your cult’s intentions, products, lawfulness and ethics. You lie about refunding money. Why would you not lie about not intending to obliterate me and other people of good will, my family and friends, when you are in fact training your Scientology agents to obliterate us? That your intelligence training checksheet is “confidential,” I am certain, shows your guilty knowledge. You know that obliterating good people -- even bad people -- really is a crime. You know that training your agents to obliterate good people is also a crime, a criminal conspiracy. You are in hiding, aren’t you, because of your guilty knowledge of your own criminality, because of your guilty knowledge of the frightening evil of your evil intention to obliterate good people?

It is clear that when Hubbard wrote as a disclaimer in “Battle Tactics” that he was not advocating physical violence or inviting the physical destruction of persons he also had guilty knowledge that he was doing just that, and that what he was advocating and inviting was a crime. He is, moreover, a clear, and judicially declared, pathological liar. He knew that by non-Scientology law it was a crime to obliterate people, that it was a crime to order their obliteration, and that obliteration of people is murder. Because of his guilty knowledge he made his Policy Letter “confidential,” as you made your checksheet “confidential, ” and he limited its distribution to Guardian Office and Executive personnel, whom he knew he had already degraded to beast level. Hubbard, as you know, lived his last several years in hiding, no doubt because of his guilty knowledge of his supremely evil intention to obliterate good people.

I notice that you have your OSA trainee obliterators memorizing Scientology’s “creed” verbatim. Isn’t this just to get your agents used to lying, especially lying about supposedly sacred things, since your “creed” is a disgusting lie? You are no respecter of your cult’s “creed,” and neither is any OSA or RTC staff member anywhere in the world. You are all flagrant, willful violators of your “ creed” every day of the year. You are all destroyers of human rights. Consider the Gerry Armstrong case. Isn’t Hubbard’s denial of physical violence a lie of the same magnitude as your “creed?” And isn’t one of your “creed’s” functions to show to your obliterators what Scientology’s real intention is -- the elimination of the very rights the “ creed” codifies?

On November 13, 2001 I wrote you a letter demanding the return of money your cult ripped off from me, over $61,500 U.S.  Your response was to declare me a “ suppressive person,” making me an “enemy” and subjecting me to your criminal “fair game doctrine.”  In the SP Order you acknowledge my demand for a refund. The inherent threat of this SP Order was a significant factor in my decision, along with Gerry Armstrong, to leave Canada for Germany, where Scientology is known as an anti-democratic cult with criminal tendencies, and where it is observed and your criminality restrained by the intelligence service.

I note, however, that even here in Europe your OSA agents do the same checksheet as OSA agents in the U.S. They study the same materials and accept the same Scientological stable datum of obliteration of good people whom you label “enemies” like me. Obliteration of good people is clearly your policy, RTC’s policy and OSA’s policy, and clearly Scientology’s stable datum everywhere in the world. The money you ripped off from me, and ripped off from countless other good people, you now use for egregious criminality, even to buy the obliteration of the very people you ripped off. By this letter I renew my demand that you give me my money back.

You say in your Suppressive Person Order that the fees I paid for Scientology services were “donations.” This is utterly false. I was regged for every cent of that $61,500. And regging, as you know, is defined by Justice Latey in his 1984 judgment, affirmed on appeal, as “extorting money.” You and your cultists sucked me into Scientology and kept me there for all those years with false promises, and extorted that money from me. And now, rather than giving me back the money you ripped off from me, you target me for obliteration.

The whole time I was in Scientology, I was told and believed that our organization had a policy of immediately refunding money to anyone who was dissatisfied with her “services.” I note that you have included on your OSA Intelligence Checksheet Hubbard’s “Refund Policy ,” in which he orders: “Refund at once in full any refund demanded.” I also note that you have your OSA trainee obliterators do a checksheet step that reads: “Include in your write-up the possible result if refunds/repayments are not handled or paid out fast.” Yet you totally ignore Hubbard’ s refund policy, and you don’t care a whit about the repercussions from not refunding my money. Isn't this because your stable datum of obliterating good people -- people like me whom you rip off and who dare to ask for refunds -- is senior to and trumps all other policies?

By refusing to give back the pittance my few thousand dollars represents to your multi-billion dollar criminal enterprise, you get the big thrill of ordering me obliterated, and you get the big thrill of secretly training your OSA criminals in how to execute your planned obliterations, don't you? And isn’t that how your Scientology cult actually acquired its obscene wealth? How many good people don’t demand the refund of the money you steal from them in the desperate hope that you won’t obliterate them? You bet that the terror you generate will cause good people to back down and run away, don't you? Perhaps some unappalled Partisans will terminate your terrorism.

I got into Scientology largely because I accepted your cult’s representations of being highly ethical, indeed the most ethical organization on earth. I slaved for Scientology, and followed your program in a disciplined manner for 24 years. I became a Class IX auditor and an OT 5. All those years I believed Hubbard. And I believed you when you said that the Guardian Office was filled with criminals, and that when you took over the GO in 1981 you were ending the criminality. I slaved for Scientology another 18 years after that.

When your money-extorting regs stole funds from my credit card in 1999, without even demanding my approval, I began to wake up, and began to research what your cult was doing and what it had done to me. I continue my research until this very day. When I knew that I had been defrauded, that without a doubt the promises of Scientology were false, that Scientology, as it is advertised, does not work, that Hubbard was a pathological liar and insanely criminal, I submitted my request, pursuant to your policy, for refund of the money I had paid your cult to obtain those promised results. Your response, as I stated above, was to issue a Suppressive Person Order on me. Your Fair Game policy states:

“ENEMY – SP Order. Fair game. May be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.”

-- L. Ron Hubbard
HCO PL 18 October 1967, Issue IV


Now I have discovered that not only did you not end the GO’s criminality, you are teaching a new crop, an even more beastial breed of criminals, in the same criminality, and worse. A decade after you say you got rid of the GO, and years after Hubbard was dead, you have created your own checksheet for training your own OSA criminals to obliterate good people. I notice on the infamous GO Intelligence Full Hat checksheet that “Battle Tactics” is also a required item, but is followed by this exercise: “Clay demo: The end product of our war.” The end product of the GO’s dirty, evil war was obliteration of the cult’s enemies. You yourself said that the GO was a criminal organization. But what you have transformed it into is even more criminal. Now with your 1990s checksheet you have elevated the obliteration of good people to be Scientology’s stable datum. By dehumanizing me, by classifying me as a “ suppressive person,” you are degrading my image to beast level. Now the environment is set for obliteration.

When Bob Minton told Ken Dandar that the blood and death of his daughters, his wife and himself would be on Dandar’s hands, Minton was really talking about your agents, not Dandar, obliterating him and his family, wasn’t he? Bob knew he and his family were slated for obliteration, didn’t he? He was almost driven to suicide by his knowledge of your obliterators and their murderous intention, wasn’t he? And he stopped being your “enemy,” and stopped standing up to your obliterators to try to avoid obliteration, didn’t he?

Bob is a wealthy, sophisticated man, who had his own group of supporters to protect him from obliteration. Think then how it is for an isolated, unwealthy person, even a woman, to know that she, and her friends and family, are slated for obliteration by the same obliterationist cult that threatened Bob Minton into compliance, that brought him to now give his support to the obliterators. Whatever you did to cause Bob to contemplate suicide, and to finally approach the cultists who wanted to obliterate him, in order to escape obliteration, and protect his family from obliteration, was another and significant factor in Gerry’s and my decision to come to Germany.

As you well know, Time Magazine in its 1991 cover story “Scientology – the Cult of Greed and Power” stated that

“Scientology is quite likely the most ruthless, the most classically terroristic, the most litigious and the most lucrative cult the country has ever seen.”

May 6, 1991

Scientology – the Cult of Greed and Power

To be declared an SP, to know I’m fair game, and to know that by a little madman every Scientologist in the world has been brought to hate and attack me is frightening beyond belief. To discover that this madman is training secret agents around the world to obliterate me is terror. To know that the US Government supports this madman, and calls his degrading of good people to beasts and training agents to obliterate us “religion,” is enough to drive anyone to suicide. No matter how deep one’s faith in God, what you are doing and having done by your trained obliterators is terrifying. You, David Miscavige, are not a religious leader, but the boss of the most ruthless, the most classically terroristic cult.

Do not bother offering up some phony “reasonableness” like the standard response to good people’s concerns about your physical violence and threats, that if those concerns were real, the targets would already be dead. We don’t forget the history of the Jews and the Nazis. That no Jews -- all God’s children too, like the good people you target -- had been obliterated before the obliteration started did not mean their concerns were unwarranted. The obliterators first had to degrade the image of the Jews to beast level and be trained in the ghastly methods of obliteration tech. Aren't you doing the same thing? You are beastifying good people and you are training obliterators. Hubbard was a humanitarian in the mold of Hitler the humanitarian.

We also keep in mind that before cult leader Jim Jones had over 900 people murdered there was no significant record of violence in the People’s Temple. Your cult’s history of violence is far more significant than the Jones cult’s. It is a well-known fact that as Scientology cult leader you have had people physically attacked. My perception of you is that you are psychologically violent, a lying embodiment in Hubbard’s mould, and a despot out of touch with humanity, including your own. We cannot forget your gangbang sec checking and spitting on Howard Schomer. We can never forget too what Judge Latey said about your seizure of control of the Scientology empire:

“For those of us old enough to remember it is grimly reminiscent of the ranting and bullying of Hitler and his henchmen.”

-- Judge Latey

We also recognize that you too are one of God’s children, that you are one decision away from redemption, and one breath away from death, and we pray for your soul.

The magnitude of your criminal conspiracy to obliterate good people is evidenced by the number of your cult’s staff members who originated, authorized, received or trained on your Intelligence Checksheet: Office of Special Affairs; Religious Technology Center; Commodore’s Messenger Organization International; and Authorization, Verification and Correction International. OSA’s trained obliterators, of course, are posted in every Executive Division of every org around the world. All these units and personnel accept that it is Scientology’s stable datum to obliterate good people; that it is necessary to degrade those good people to beasts; that Scientologists are to be trained to obliterate good people; and that because this is a criminal activity it must be kept hidden.

All these Scientology personnel -- you, RTC, OSA, AVC, CMO, Scientology Executives -- may be beyond redemption. Your souls are in God’s Hands. My task is to expose your criminal conspiracy and to prevent my obliteration and the obliteration of other good people. My task is to find any Scientologists who do not know what evil they are supporting, and to give them the opportunity to leave your cult before it is too late for them. My task is to warn every good person in the world that you are training Scientologists to obliterate them. And my task is to stop the U.S. from promoting and supporting your evil training ground for obliteration.

If the U.S. knows that you are training Scientologists to obliterate good people, then the U.S. knows that by its support of the Scientology cult it is supporting criminality. If the U.S. did not know that it has been supporting such criminality by supporting Scientology, the U.S. will now know, because I am going to copy this letter to every U.S. official and agency I possibly can. Now there is no lawful or reasonable justification for the U.S. to not immediately withdraw its support from your cult. If the U.S. has knowingly made the obliteration of good people by the Scientology cult protected religious expression, then God help America.

I realize that not all Scientologists know that they are supporting and slaving for a cult of obliteration. After all, only the most unreasoning and violent personnel, who can easily be brought to degrade and obliterate God’s children, would be selected as OSA personnel, or into RTC, which operates OSA. So I will do whatever I can to bring this message to Scientologists who don’t know of your obliteration training and don’t know that they are supporting your new ruthless brand of criminality. Many, like me, didn’t know in past years that we were supporting the GO’s brand of criminality. You, on the other hand, knew all along, and that is why you grabbed control of the obliteration machine, isn't it?

You, David Miscavige, ordered my daughter Annie be turned against me. You ordered that her image of me be degraded to beast level, and you are using her to achieve my obliteration. You are in fact turning my beautiful daughter into a criminal, just the same as you seek to turn other Scientologists into criminals by getting them to degrade the good people you target to beast level, and by getting them to embrace the obliteration of good people as a stable datum. Would I sacrifice any future loving relationship with my only and beloved daughter in order to tell the world about Scientology’s and your evil intention to obliterate good people, about your training agents to obliterate good people? In the saddest heartbeat of my life.

That Scientology would make this a choice for anyone is enough reason for everyone to oppose your pernicious cult. Scientology is evil. It works by obliterating good people. I urge every Scientologist to wake up and flee this evil cult of obliteration. I urge everyone to wake up and end this criminal organization.

I urge you, David Miscavige, to end the madness, to stop beastifying, terrorizing and obliterating good people. I urge you to let Scientology fall apart and into the confusion where it belongs.

I ask you to send the full refund of the money your cult ripped off from me (U.S. $61,500) to me at the address below.

I ask that you release Annie from the order you issued to cause her to disconnect from me. Disconnection is an evil Scientology practice.

I ask that you cease threatening Gerry and me, that you cease degrading us to beast level, that you tell the truth about us, that you stop trying to obliterate us, and that you let us live.

I ask that responses to this letter be directed to Gerry Armstrong, who is assisting me in this matter, at the numbers and addresses below.

  Caroline Letkeman Signature
  Caroline Letkeman
c/o Gerry Armstrong
Dialog Zentrum Berlin
Heimat 27
D-14165 Berlin-Zehlendorf
Tel: +49 (0) 30-84723958
Fax: +49 (0) 1212-5-205-27-015

Copies to:

Various national officials

Various law enforcement agencies

Various human rights organizations

Various religious organizations and scholars

Various free speech organizations

Various consumer protection organizations

Various media organizations

Various lawyers

Various individuals






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