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M on D

Gerry Armstrong

8 Jan 1980

cc: CO HU
cc: Snr P PRO
cc: HAS Pers Office


Dear Sir,

           I am petitioning you to be posted to handle research for
your biography and related projects.

           I feel it warrants a petition to you because it entails
research on your personal time track and the person doing such
would have to have your trust.

           I wish to do this for the following reason:

           1. The future of this planet depends on Scientology. The
success of Scientology at this time will depend in no small measure
on the success of various of R's personal undertakings; the
Purification R/D and Nobel Prize pjt, the R Biography and press/
legal handlings to mention the few I know about.

           These projects currently have no one researching, data
gathering and collating for them.

           2. The finalization of any one of these projects will
greatly alleviate current threats to R. His free movement could
become possible and his actions, projects and ideas in other
spheres will become more accepted.

           3. R val docs and writings will be preserved - this will be
a great part of the post.

           Currently this is not being done adequately. Just 3 days
ago I came across a box of very old papers in Del Sol which were
unknown to the PPROS and others here. These included R writings
from the 30's and 40's, R grade school English class essays and
poems, an R diary from the trip to Asia and many other docs.

           These writings are of immeasurable value to an R Biography,
future museum and to the billions of Scientologists this planet
will see.

           Also in Del Sol I found some docs from R's Navy period
which will now be used in press legal actions. Document research
is a must for success in this legal battle.

           I'm sure there are many more such val docs, writings and
data around the planet to be found, preserved and used to enhance
R's image and viability.



           The papers I have just found have been copied as an insurance
against their loss and the originals have been put into zip-lock
bags and wrapped in plastic.

           4. A documented, published biography could become the basis
for an R Life film (major production). This will likely be the
ultimate step toward universal acceptance of R and his products.
Any personnel added to handle these areas at this time will
greatly shorten the time to such a production.

           5. I believe I have the qualifications to do this job:

           I have 9 years of SO track during which I worked with R on
the ship, at UCE and WHQ.

           I have a decent this lifetime training in PR, legal and
Intel, areas in which I worked on the ship between 1971 and 1975.
I would not do anything stupid on any line which would damage
R or Scientology.

           I'm literate. My written English is grammatically adequate.
I have little background in creative writing, however this would
not be necessary because the biography would be handled by a proven
author such as Garrison.

           I have had fabulous personal gains and successes from LRH

           6. I do not feel my current post of R Renos I/C and the
present functions I'm performing are as vital at this time as
those I'm requesting to do. My post is in a condition where it
can easily be turned over. There are no immediate demands for
R living or office spaces at S.

           I have worked in R Renos for a year and have been the
I/C for the last 6 months. It has been a relatively flapless
period and there have been a number of accomplishments.

           I am considerably more trained and gifted in the area
of research than I am in building construction.

           I know my seniors, the CO HU and D/CO HU, with whom I've
worked very well all this time, would not object to my leaving the
area to do this function which is so important to R's success.

           7. This is something I want very much to do. (It is the
first post in the SO I've ever asked for).

           I first recognized its need back in 1973 on the ship
when I did a project for Mary Sue of time-tracking the Apollo's
movements from purchase to that date. I had a hell of a time.
Nobody was recording a Ship's History and the QM logs and Nav
logs were lost or in terrible shape.


           Recent events and the discovery of the old R writings have
made the collecting up of R's docs and writings and the Scientology
and Sea Org Histories and their preservation and their use in
the production of a biography and other projects a vital, vital task.

           This is the way I can best serve you.


           I 'm requesting your approval on creating this post. Likely
it would be in the Pers PRO area and be entitled something like
"Biography Researcher".

           Duties would include:

           - collecting up all R val docs from around the world (except
those actually needed in a specific location)

           - seeing to their proper preservation including vault safe
against fire and sabotage.

           - collecting up all R manuscripts and R writings of any
kind possible.

           - surveying for and gathering up personal contact accounts
for legal, PR and biographical/anecdotal use

           - interviewing people for the same

           - sifting through R lectures and writings for usable incidents
and contacts

           - liaison with the Biographer for documentation and data

           - line to R for verification of data and approvals

           - false report correction actions

           I'm sure there are more and even these are a large undertaking.

           Sir, may I have your permission to do the above?

This is okay.

Much love,


R OK_______

R Not OK______




This document in .pdf format.



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