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 Scientology's hypnosis and death ray device

This is an alert to all wogs . Scientologists are also urged to read this material and take it to heart.  Wogs please web it if you can, and disseminate it on every relevant communication line you have available to you.

In International Scientology News 20 © 2002 CSI, Scientology cult head David Miscavige declared to the world:


2001 saw us shooting down SPs like ‘ducks in a pond.’

[End Quote]

Miscavige’s image of killing wogs is perfectly clear.  When he says, however, that Scientologists have been shooting them down, it is unclear if the wogs are actually being shot by firearms, or if they’re being killed by some other method.

The wogs the Miscavige cult has targeted in recent years may very possibly have been shot, since Miscavige is a gun nut, and it is well known that Scientology has caches of firearms, at least at its headquarters properties.  His pet private investigator Eugene M. Ingram threatened to shoot me down with a bullet between my eyes, and only a high profile, good luck and God Himself have prevented my assassination from happening.

It is abundantly clear that Miscavige is talking about killing wogs, because he identifies the Scientology cult’s targets as “SPs,” and he would never publicly refer to Scientologists as SPs.  He very possibly has also had Scientologists shot down, since it has been widely reported that he has himself physically assaulted several Scientologists, even highly dedicated ones. Certainly shooting down Scientologists would be more like shooting down ducks in a pond to Miscavige than shooting down wogs would be, but he would not call the Scientologists SPs publicly.

It is also absolutely clear that when Miscavige talks of shooting wog SPs or targeting wogs SPs for being shot, whether like ducks in a pond or not, he really is not talking about actual antisocial wogs at all.  That is just a cover or excuse for targeting or killing wogs who aren’t even slightly suppressive or antisocial, but who are among the most decent, caring, loving wogs on the planet.

Scientologists never actually target wogs who fit their cult’s definition of “SP,” that is, truly destructive, truly insane people who comprise the most evil 2 1/2 percent of the planetary population.  Scientologists only targets wogs who are not suppressive, antisocial or sociopathic, but who are good people with good families, good friends, good careers, good minds, good hearts and good lives.  These are the people that Scientologists seek to destroy, and Miscavige brags about shooting down like ducks in a pond.

Miscavige’s apparently insane hubris in announcing that in 2001 he’d been having wogs shot down like ducks in a pond brought me to recall the letter that follows, which I had in Hubbard’s archive materials inside Scientology when doing the research for his biography.  My memory of the letter brought me to track down this copy from a old and dear friend.

It is an important document because, among other things, it shows, to anyone with a clue to rub together, that even at the time he wrote it Hubbard was completely mad, frightfully devious and highly dangerous.  Miscavige is also extremely devious and dangerous. We wogs who oppose Scientology madness, deviousness and dangerousness are in considerable danger at this time.

Is Miscavige unconcerned about announcing that they’re shooting down the wogs who oppose them like ducks in a pond, just because with device number five it really is like shooting ducks in a pond?  They have the lawyers.  They have the tan briefcases.  They have Command Intention.

July 19-53
Dear Helen -
You have many times mentioned the "electronics eager beavers" around there. Well, here is a vital project for advanced research which I  must have.

I have tried three times to get this gadget, simple as it is, and three times the person who engaged upon it suddenly decided it was "too terribly deadly" and although they had it almost complete, stopped work on it in something like horror.

War, according to Klausewitz, is the art of inducing "a more agreeable and reasonable frame of mind in an adversary."  Our adversary, insanity, is far from reasonable.  I have been licking the problem of insanity with mechanical  aids. You may have wondered  why I keep telling auditors to lay off the insane - It is because it is too tough on the auditor when I have, in development stage, five mechanical aids which, anyone of them, lick the problem without destroying the person, the last being the favored method today in psychiatry.  If I come over for a series of lectures, I will want to have these five mechanical aids to demonstrate and a means to manufacture them to hand. We can "take Richmond" if I can put in psychiatric use, these simple aids. They are four of them, nothing to build.  The fifth is another matter. It is the fifth we want to finish this step of the "mechanical aids project".  If we spring any of this before I can demonstrate and we can manufacture and supply, the squirrels will ruin the entire show with unworkable gimmicks re Howes.  So this is secret.  It is also secret that the 5th aid, the one requested here, will never be released generally and must remain secret. The other four are simplicity. One is reduction of charge by grounding.  Two is release of charge by double terminaling with mirrors. Three is reduction of charge with B1 and protein in quantity (already tested, never understood by our "public").  Four is attention shifting by mechanical aid.  Five is the induction in the insane of instantaneous hypnosis and theta clearing while tranced - very effective but very hard to do without a mechanical aid.  The work I am doing here is assisted by the fact that in Spain I have an unlimited freedom to practice on the insane.

There are so many insane in the US and so few auditors that only mechanical aids plus group  processing, can get us over this hump.  We really can solve insanity in the U.S. but not with individual auditing at 2 or 3 weeks per insane patient. They go crazy faster than we can audit.

The 5th aid uses a type of hypnosis not generally known.  It is physical hypnosis.  The (thetan) agrees with the body.  The body is pretty crazy.  When the thetan agrees too much thetan + body are crazy = insanity.  The body goes easily into a somnolence.  If the body can be made not to interfere for a short time, the (thetan) can be exteriorized and  worked.   Drugs and shock hit the ?n too as these connect with the brain control centers.  The body can be hypnotized via the vagus nerve in the stomach.  By creating a regulated series of impacts against this nerve, it may be possible to hypnotize the body and leave the (thetan) fairly free in many cases.

In order to accomplish this the device must not be suspected.  Either by sanitarium officials or the insane.

The device must be packaged in a very ordinary tan brief case of the type lawyers use and which has yet enough room to permit papers being carried in it, taken out and put in casually before witnesses.  The "trigger" must be part of the lock of the case so that it can be turned on and off at will.

The device itself is a super-sonic, alternately directed and dispersed, beam, dry battery operated, without recoil upwards or backwards against the user.

The device must not make audible noises or howls.  It must, to the human ear, be silent.  It must deliver an impact of considerable force on a small target with a concentrated beam.  This beam must go on and off and alternate with a dispersed but directed beam on a slighter greater area target.  At five feet the beam should strike a target about 2" in diameter.  The second beam should strike a target, same direction and area, about 8" or 10" in diameter.  The number of times the beams strike, each, a minute, should be variable from 12 to 84 at the control of the operator.  He could then set the machine for 12 narrow beams per minute and increase it to 84 narrow beams per minute. Narrow beams always followed by broad beams without variation and control.  (These  numbers  approximate the breathing and heart rate; by bringing these into outward  control, hypnotism is induced.)  The force of impact of the beams should be as great as possible.  They should emanate from one of the narrow ends of the brief case, horizontally.

The Japanese have registered many patents on such devices and have even, I think, killed a goat with one at 300 yards.  The device is not, however, practical as a weapon as it uses too much time.  If the feeling that such a device as #5, being deadly, should not be built or placed in anyones hands deters its construction, recall that it already exists and could be built for  murderous purposes by anyone.

I want to be able to walk into a sanitorium, confront an insane patient, quiet him in a few seconds, exteriorize him, change his mind, wake him up physically.  And I want a few auditors to be able to do it.  This would mean the immediate end of psychiatric resistance to Scientology.  Then we would take aids 1 to 4 and demonstrate and widely install them.

I need then, here, soon, the 5th aid.  I am testing and improving the others. Only good engineering can build # 5.  Can you have it built and airfreighted to me quickly.  I need it.  

The Soundscriber came through fine and is working well, thanks to you –

I am organizing material for 2 more large issues in the Journal.  I expect you will get out filler issues on their scheduled dates.

All is well here.

My love to you both -


On shipping #5, give it a spurious use for the benefit of customs here.  Send
the instructions by letter, not with machine.

This document in pdf format

Obviously I’m webbing the letter in its entirely, both as text and in pdf format.  As I said, I received it from an old friend, whose name is not important.  The language is pure Hubbard, so I do not think the Miscavige regime will challenge its authenticity, but the image of the handwritten letter eliminates any possibility of a challenge.

I am also posting the whole letter because I believe that it constitutes an urgently needed public warning that can only be conveyed by reading and understanding the letter in its entirety.  I believe that the menace evidenced in this letter dwarfs any and all copyright infringement considerations.  I think it is important that this Hubbard letter, along with the Miscavige admission about shooting down wogs like ducks in a pond, be sent to government, the media, courts, and to every wog with eyes to see.

There should be no disagreement that Hubbard was in Spain during the period in which the letter indicates it was written, July, 1953.  See, e.g., Associate Newsletter No. 7, dated “late July 1953,” “From: L. Ron Hubbard Spain,” “Strategy and Tactics.”

Associate Newsletter No. 7 late July 1953

Associate Newsletter No. 7 late July 1953

Another major operation is the Hubbard Foundation in Camden where Helen O'Brien keeps the lions very precisely lined up, if sometimes snarling, and where Dr. John Noyga*, with a deftly convincing but offhand way is getting upper-level Scientology across. Helen is also the "big wheel" in the Philadelphia HAS, although the Hubbard Foundation and the Philly HAS are not in any way connected.

—L. Ron Hubbard
Associate Newsletter No. 7 late July 1953
Technical Volume II, p 158 © 1991 L. Ron Hubbard Library

*John Noyga is John Neugebauer.

Helen O’Brien, from Philadelphia, PA, is also famous because Hubbard wrote his “religion angle” letter to her.  I met Helen in Los Angeles in 1981, interviewed her for the Hubbard biography, and purchased a set of old Hubbard related documents from her.   Howes is doubtlessly Ron Howes with his Institute of Humanics.  

I don’t have a way of checking if by 1953 the Japanese registered any, let alone many patents on briefcase sized goat death ray weapons.  This could be a Red Hubbard herring.   That he urges that the device be built just because it could be built for murderous purposes by anyone is no red herring, however.  

Hubbard’s guilty knowledge fills the letter.  His insistence upon utter secrecy in the construction and use of this deadly weapon is clear, and very base and sinister.   He was going to secretly assault people with goat death rays, without the people, all wogs of course, or even officials around them, ever finding out they were being assaulted.  Hubbard knew Device No. 5 was a weapon and wanted a “spurious use for the benefit of customs.” He wanted this weapon for shooting down wogs like ducks in a pond.


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