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Subject: Caroline Letkeman letter to David Miscavige, September 28, 2005
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September 28, 2005

David Miscavige
Religious Technology Center
1710 Ivar Avenue, Suite 1100
Los Angeles, California 90028

Also by e-mail via RTC

Mr. Miscavige:

I am writing to advise you that if you do not take action to
peacefully, ethically and immediately address the claims I make and
issues I raise in this letter, it is my intention to file suit against
you, and against RTC where you are sole managing agent. Any scheme you
had of escaping as managing agent disappeared when Rathbun and McShane

As you know, I have had a monetary demand to you and various
components of the enterprise you head for some time for the promised
on-policy refund of the money your organizationists defrauded from me,
specifically $61,500 plus interest. I have continued, every time I
have found myself doing any Scientology services, to be completely
dissatisfied with them. I know you understand this. Since you are
Scientology’s head, and are uniquely responsible for all organization
purity of policy enforcement, you are the only person who has
prevented and continues to prevent the organization’s refund personnel
from refunding my money. You are forcing Scientology’s refund
personnel to violate Scientology’s own published refund policy.

As you also know, you and your organizationists have declared me a
"Suppressive Person," and subjected me and Gerry to unending ops and a
slick form of psychoterrorism ever since we met. You black PR me,
maintain personal hate on me on your RFW site, and certainly connect
me to your global black PR hate campaign on Gerry. You prevent me from
having and developing loving relationships with my daughter and
granddaughter, or even having any relationship with them at all. You
intentionally inflict emotional distress upon me, in fact seek my
emotional obliteration, because your organization’s wealth serves your
pathological cruelty. The Helmer Op is ongoing, targets both Gerry and
me, and is in every way created and executed to harm and torment us.
What you and your organizationists are doing to me is willful,
deliberately threatening, and intended to suppress and destroy me
emotionally, financially, socially and physically.

I am acutely aware of your continuing efforts to have Gerry jailed and
fined for violations of your injunction that you got Marin Judge Gary
Thomas to sign. What you are still doing in the Court of Appeal, your
Helmer Op that Gerry and I exposed just this month, and your recent
public assumption of the one-man dictatorship over the whole
Scientology enterprise have caused me to write to you with extreme
urgency, and demand your immediate response.

As you are very aware, your injunction states that all the things that
Gerry is restrained and enjoined from directly or indirectly doing,
all of his agents, employees, and persons acting in concert or
conspiracy with him are also restrained and enjoined from directly or
indirectly doing. As you know, I advised you by letter to you
personally and to a number of your organization juniors as early as
February 8, 2002 that I am acting in concert and conspiracy with Gerry
in directly and indirectly doing the things your injunction restrains
and enjoins.

Unless you immediately act to have the Marin Superior Court amend your
injunction to eliminate any language that restrains or enjoins anyone
acting in concert or conspiracy with Gerry from doing anything, I will
file an action for declaratory relief. You may believe that you have
res judicataed Gerry’s rights away and successfully robbed him of a
fair hearing for the rest of his life, but you have not yet destroyed
my rights. I will challenge the lawfulness of your injunction and the
lawfulness of your contract your injunction enforces. I have observed
your hatred in action over the past four years I’ve been with Gerry,
and have no doubt that you will try to have me jailed, fined and
ruined for acting in concert with him just as you are still trying to
have him jailed, fined and ruined. I will do whatever I can to
demonstrate the judicial unenforceability and unlawfulness of your
injunction and contract as they apply to someone such as myself acting
in concert with Gerry.

You don’t have my signature on any contract, and by my signature on a
contract of marriage to Gerry I certainly did not sign away my human
rights to you. Your injunction and the contract it enforces on their
face deprive me of freedom of thought, freedom of conscience, freedom
of religion, freedom of expression, freedom of association, freedom
from slavery, and freedom from terrorism. It is impossible for me not
to act in concert with Gerry and therefore it is impossible for me not
to be in violation of your injunction and contract. It is impossible
for me to not suffer the trauma you inflict on me directly and
indirectly by reason of my marriage. Clearly it is impossible for me
to exercise my rights and even protect myself from your predations
without Gerry acting in concert with me and without assisting me, even
in the writing of this demand to you. I am certain that a U.S. Court
will agree and will declare your injunction and contract unenforceable
and unlawful as they restrain and enjoin someone such as myself from
acting in concert with him.

I want you to immediately do the following:

1. Get Mr. Helmer and any other ops out of this area where Gerry and I

2. Stop preventing the Scientology refund personnel from refunding my
money and get it refunded.

3. Stop preventing my daughter and granddaughter from communicating
with me and make it happen.

4. Act to remove from your injunction and contract any language that
restrains or enjoins anyone such as me from directly or indirectly
doing anything in concert with Gerry.

5. Act to correct all your fair game activities and black PR against
me and my family and end all your threats against our reputations,
livelihoods and persons.


Caroline Letkeman
#1-45950 Alexander Avenue
Chilliwack, B.C. V2P 1L5



© Gerry Armstrong





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