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From: Gerry Armstrong <gerry@gerryarmstrong.org>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Gerry Armstrong Declared Suppressive
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On Fri, 10 Jun 2005 19:11:32 -0400, "SunSurfer" <therealmsoftime.net>

>"Warrior" <warrior@xenu.ca> wrote in message
>|>| Gerry Armstrong wrote:
>| >|
>| >| >People victimized by the Miscavige cult are Fair Gamed
>| >| >to the SP doctrine whether or not an SP declare has been
>| >| >issued on them.
>| Michael Flynn, Graham Berry, Gregg Hagglund, Keith Henson,
>and Bob
>| Minton are a few recent examples of individuals who were
>Fair Gamed.
>| >"Lisa Ruby" <Commissioned@groupmail.com> wrote in message
>| >news:1118203220.890079.26590@f14g2000cwb.googlegroups.com:
>| >|
>| >| This is a very good point. Far more people are fair gamed
>| >| have been formally declared suppressive.
>| In article <26WdnQQwHvLpYjXfRVn-rA@comcast.com>, SunSurfer
>| >
>| >There is no "Fair Game" status, it does not exist.
>| >Ss
>| Weasel words designed to avoid the issue. The issue is the
>| of Fair Game. It continues to this day.
>What's practiced today is called "Due Process"


By due process, I would have the right to question you about the
charges you've made against me, and examine your "evidence." But
you're in hiding. So what you do in lying about me is black
propaganda, and therefore Fair Game. You communicate as a fair gamer,
not as someone who gives due process.

What we who are Scientology's victims seek is due process *against*
your cult's Fair Game.

You might wish (I'm certain Miscavige wishes) that Scientology's
aggressive, dishonest, even criminal actions and conspiracies to
deprive good people of their properties and rights could be accepted
as "due process," but it will never happen. The name Hubbard gave to
the treatment and handling of SPs was "Fair Game."

Nowhere in your cult's "scriptures" does Hubbard call the treatment
and handling of SPs "Due Process." The actions Scientology and
Scientologists take in execution of the Fair Game policy vary
according to several factors, significantly opportunity, but they
remain Fair Game.

Hubbard gave no other name to the treatment and handling of SPs, and
certainly the treatment and handling of SPs is a huge part of
Scientology. Your cult has recently been pushing the idea that the
only thing standing between you and your achieving of your aims are us

And the treatment and handlings practiced by Hubbard, some of which
are identifed in "Battle Tactics," are nothing like due process.
"Barbarian warfare," "total attrition," "raids and harasses," 'frenzy
of hate."

Your cult's "contract" with me, in which you are a beneficiary, is a
clear eradication of my right to due process. Your cult's
interpretation of its "contract" is that virtually every Scientologist
such as yourself can say whatever you want about me, including and
especially in court, and I cannot respond. Since you say the most
false, perverse things about me, clearly to incite hatred, this is the
sickest denial of due process imaginable.

Your presenting this "justification" for the Scientology philosophy,
policy and practice of Fair Game by renaming it "Due Process," in face
of your recent multitude of lies and false charges about me, and your
being a beneficiary of Scientology's Fair Game "contract," is another
act of Fair Game.

But underlying Fair Game, no matter what you call it, or wish it was
called, is the "Suppressive Person" doctrine, which name you cannot
change. The SP doctrine is the issue. Hubbard called, and I call, how
people identified as SPs are handled or treated as "Fair Game." But
the SP doctrine is the utterly unconfrontable issue.

>Sun Surfer

© Gerry Armstrong



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