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From: Gerry Armstrong <gerry@gerryarmstrong.org>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Those being impersonated by the ARS critics: Spacetraveler, Sunsurfer & Barbara Schwarz...
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On Tue, 31 May 2005 09:58:13 GMT, "Spacetraveler"
<spacetraveler2000@hotmail.com> wrote:

>One thing is very odd, why is no one impersonating Gerry Armstrong and other
>critics? Why is it me (Spacetraveler), Barbara Schwarz and Sunsurfer that
>are being impersonated?

You're not being impersonated, when you claim you're being
impersonated. You're being ridiculed. And all three of you are being
ridiculed because Scientology, which all of you promote, is a
murderous philosophy. Wogs with a clue have ridiculed promoters of
murderous philosophies since before the clam.

You three are quite visible members of the Scientology cult's idiot
ops, persons whose hat on a.r.s. is to be idiots. Your job is to
foment hatred, get people to wrong target, beastify good people, all
by pretending to consumate stupidity and viciously attacking the
Miscavige cult's victims from your "bases" of pretended stupidity.
Pretty stupid really.

The cult has a number of different ops that are not idiot ops, and
many channels on which to work its beastification tech, but you play
the idiot op role on a.r.s. as do Stun and Barbara, so you all get
"impersonated." Toying with idiots is not going to win the war, but if
you keep the war going on the more vital fronts toying with idiots
won't lose the war either. I don't toy with idiots like you three
pretend to be, and I haven't done any of the "impersonating" you're
accusing me of. But I point out that your accusations are false and
that, as I've pointed out, Scientology is a murderous philosophy.

>Impersonating and attempting to make me foolish by
>fake postings serves the critics!

I'm not a "critic," but it's your mission orders and your execution of
your orders that make you look foolish.

At this time actually, since the "Suppressive Person" doctrine has
been elucidated and since the information that Scientology is a
murderous philosophy is being diffused throughout the wog world, being
a Scientologist makes anyone foolish, and look foolish too.

I'd say get out of Scientology real quick before being in gets even
more embarrassing than it already is.

The only real win in Scientology is cutting your losses by getting

>I repeat: I T S E R V E S T H E C R I T I C S ! ! ! ! !

Well, then it doesn't serve me, because I am not a C R I T I C ! ! ! !
I repeat, I am not a C R I T I C ! ! ! !

Whether or not someone "impersonates" you, or you "impersonate" you,
or Sten Arne "impersonates" you "impersonating" you, is an utter
irrelevancy. What is relevant is that Scientology is a murderous
philosophy. F/N

What underlies this murderous philosophy is the "Suppressive Person"
doctrine, which is key to Scientology and fascinatingly an issue you
refuse to address.

>Could it be because honest and straightforward persons do not lower
>themselves in such ways? Think about it . . .
>Some posters around here have the sole purpose to smear those who are in
>favour of Scientology technology... why would they do that in such a
>'sneaky' (impersonating) way. Think about it . . .
>The majority of the false impersonator posts are posted as:
>and through:
>For complaints: abuse@dizum.com
>Reason: impersonating another persons username and identity.

© Gerry Armstrong


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