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From: Gerry Armstrong <gerry@gerryarmstrong.org>
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Subject: Re: Gerry Armstrong, Lerma, and 'diffusion'
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On Mon, 30 May 2005 23:21:52 -0400, "SunSurfer" <therealmsoftime.net>

>Gerry Armstrong, Arnaldo Lerma, and Diffusion of Stolen and
>Forged Products onto other Websites:

Hogwash. You're a couple of facts short of an instance, but you know
that right?

If Scientology worked David Miscavige would be as tall as you.

>Clambake (aka Xenu.org) "Warriors Works" (I just made up that
>name, but it would be a good one eh?)

No. You're a gasbag.

>What a cute racket these two con-duds have going on.

Oh now your anonymousness raises its raison d'être.

> Both
>were on staff in Scientology, Arnaldo Lerma (aka 'Arnie') in
>D.C., Lerma tried to marry one of Ron's daughters (don't know
>which one) and Gerry Armstrong was in the S.O. and was married
>on the ship with Ron in attendance in the 1970's (there are
>authentic photos of the event) - in 1980(?)

Do your homework, "OT."

> after gaining
>access to Ron's personal papers and documents, Armstrong runs
>away with these materials

Lie. Libel. L. Ron Hubbard.

>after lying to gain access to them

Lie. Libel. L. Ron gave me access and lawful possession.

>via the late Omar Garrison who was considered an honest
>writer, and was to compose a biography of Ron Hubbard the
>founder of Scientology.

Which he did, right?

>Lerma blew(?) from D.C. staff sometime in the 1970's probably
>BEFORE a 1977 FBI raid on the Founding Church of Scientology
>in D.C. (any connection?)
>Lerma and Armstrong are today both rabid critics of
>Scientology, Scientologists and L.Ron Hubbard et. al.

Lie. Libel. I am a reasoned critic of those things. Everyone should be
a reasoned critics of this philsosophy, this cult and this
pathological liar.

>Lerma has a website "exposing the con" containing scans of
>many of Ron's personal documents - these came from Armstrong's
>weak arm robbery!

There never was a robbery. You are lying and libeling me.

To my knowledge, no scans of any of Hubbard's documents that were in
his archive that I had possession of are contained on Arnie's site.

It is up to you to identify these scans of documents you claim I stole
that appear on Arnie's site or any other site.

>(as does the "clambake" website)

Same thing. Identify these documents you claim come from me.

>Armstrong also puts forgery posts of other items and documents

Lie. Libel. Identify these items and documents.

>which he can claim or have others assume as from the same box
>of his original thievery -

What box?

There was no thievery. You know there was no thievery.

Your relentless lying to harm good individuals who are already your
cult's victims contributes to why reasoning people are coming to
understand that Scientology is a murderous philosophy.

>only these forgeries

What forgeries? You're lying.

>have one
>purpose, to discredit the name and assassinate the character
>of L. Ron Hubbard...

Oh hogwash. What forgeries?

>Armstrong claims it "diffusion" -

I claim diffusion is diffusion. I have never claimed diffusion is
anything other than diffusion. You're lying.

>no, its
>more likely an operational product.

Oh, what are the odds?

And who or what is an operational product? X No read.

>It is a fair and logical question to ask, were both these men
>PLANTS put into the formal Church of Scientology to gather
>intelligence and forward disinformation? Neither man claims
>to have had any personal benefit of Scientology technology
>(i.e. auditing, study) neither appears to appreciate the wider
>knowledge database of the subject.

Oh no I think we do. When a Scientologist pretends as hard as you do
to be as stupid as you are you can get a database about as wide as
Kirstie's. I can't speak for Arnie, but I certainly appreciate it. In
fact that's why I maintain the most comprehensive site on
Scientology's "Suppressive Person" doctrine, a piece of the wider
knowledge database of the subject that Scientologists themselves are
terrified to confront. http://www.suppressiveperson.org/
They do what you do, just attack with pretended stupidity the good
people who really do get into your cult's wider knowledge database.


Sure. That's part of how we know Scientology will obliterate us,
dispose of us quietly and without sorrow. It's an essential "fact" in
the SP doctrine that the only people who don't get case gain, or have
"omitted wins," are "Suppressive Persons." Insanity keeps Scientology
working, but it's deadly to its victims.

>[Mark Plummer, aka "Warrior" has this same outpoint, yet stays
>in the S.O. for YEARS???] [agents will have to add that into
>their characterization if they want to look more 'authentic'
>in the future...JOKE!]

In a criminal scam like Scientology with its institutionalized sadism
and paranoia *when* a person wakes up to the fact he'd been scammed is
largely not under the victim's control. That people do wake up, do
recognize they've been scammed, and even do stand up to the sadistic
victimizers who operate the scam, is a gift from God.

>It is believed that other men were found to be plants in the
>Church, in fact, the 'rumor' line is extent that those
>involved in initial covert CIA "Remote Viewing" programs were
>at one time Scientologists (whether accurate or not, I do not

What a load.

>Wonder if we will ever see an investigative report on these
>INTERESTING angles in the Washington Post or the LA TIMES, or
>St.Petersburg Times? Don't hold your breath.

I think a big investigative report coming up is going to be your
cult's "Suppressive Person" doctrine. I'd say get in on the ground
floor and confront it now.

Another big report in your future is what you and all your
co-Scientologists have done to shudder me into silence and beastify me
for obliteration. I'd say get out before the obliteration starts.

In any event, please provide the evidence you have for the factual
allegations you've made about me that I've challenged above.


© Gerry Armstrong


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