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From: Gerry Armstrong <gerry @gerryarmstrong.org>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Yo Gerry ! Re Hate pages, unmerited lies & stuff
Date: Fri, 07 Nov 2003 20:55:16 +0100
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On 6 Nov 2003 10:32:10 -0800, ladayla <ladayla_member@newsguy.com>

>In article <GYEM1O0D37930.9562731481@anonymous.poster>, Jurybox says...
>>In article <bobgm602tob@drn.newsguy.com>
>>ladayla <ladayla_member@newsguy.com> wrote:
>>> In article <fd6iqv8j2ptnk34e30gunjcde075ond556@4ax.com>, mimus says...
>>> >
>>> >On Wed, 05 Nov 2003 16:12:19 +0100, Gerry Armstrong
>>> ><gerry@gerryarmstrong.org> wrote:
>>> >
>>> >>On Wed, 05 Nov 2003 10:00:47 -0500, mimus <tinmimus99 @hotmail.com>
>>> >>wrote:
>>> >>>> >(BTW, putting "Cerridwen" on yer list is definitely bonkers-- relax.)
>>>That's your opinion. Isn't Cerridwen the one who said " guys like Warrior are a
>>>dime a dozen"? I think that qualifies her for the Follies page. Statements such
>>>as that are what are intended to nullify a person, to make nothing of them.They
>>> do SO serve OSA's purpose. It is also a hateful and hurtful thing to say.
>>Web pages such as Gerry's are "intended to nullify a person, to
>>make nothing of them." And unlike Usenet where a person can
>>respond to another, Gerry's nullification of others are on a
>>website where no one can defend themselves in an open manner. He
>>won't even discuss it on ARS beyond his arrogant tone. His site
>>serves "OSA's purpose." It's not only something OSA would do
>>it's something OSA does. I'd say his site is "hateful and
>>hurtful" to the many people who spend hours critiquing the COS.
>>He learned well while in Scientology.
>As far as I can see, Gerry put up a page that has a heading that says "Goon
>Squad Follies". Some of the letters "flash".

The whole marquee blinks once a second. Half the time the letters
GONQUDFOLLIES are majusculized. Half the time they are minusculized.
It is exactly the same with the remaining letters o, s and a. Here's
an explanation of how the marquee came to blink:

On November 19, it will one year that the marquee has been blinking.
That will be thirty-one million five hundred thirty-six thousand
blinks. Now that's a lot of blinking persistence.

We've been insulted, lied about, black PRed, threatened with copyright
litigation, and threatened with worse, and still the blinking marquee

> Some of the letters are in 'caps'
>Those letters flash "OSA".

The whole marquee blinks. The case changes every second. One second
eighty-one and a quarter percent of the letters are lower case. And
the next second eighteen and three-quarters percent of the letters are
lower case. It's all perfectly fair.

> Then there are little columns headed by known posters

Well, the columns are not so little. There are now well over three
hundred posts webbed, listed in two columns. The posters have been
very productive. It is almost impossible for us to keep up with all
the lies, attacks, insults, black PR, pretended stupidity and help for
the Scientology cult that they can generate.

And remember, this is just directed toward a couple of Scientology's
major opponents. Imagine what these posters must generate to
depopularize to the point of total obliteration the rest of the cult's
major opponents. I can only hope that the rest of the cult's major
opponents have hit on this extraordinarily useful and efficacious idea
of simply webbing all the lies, attacks, insults, black PR, pretended
stupidity that these folks throw at them.

It really is no wonder that the Miscavige regime -- RTC, OSA, and all
their lawyers, agents, assigns, and goons -- so totally hate the GOoN
sQUaD FOLLIES Page. It patiently parries the cult's malevolent purpose
of depopularizing its enemies to the point of total obliteration.

> I can rationally assume that if I open one of these columns, I will see
>quoted posts from the afore 'headed' posters.

You will see the totality of the post, with headers. You will see no
comment. You will see a link to the complete Google-archived thread
in which the post was made.

>So, now I can assume that gerry
>has posted quotes from messages that have been posted to this NG.

No, I have webbed the entirety of the messages. It's really quite

That's what makes the black PR claim that I'm doing what OSA is doing
such hogwash. In no place does OSA do this. I would love if OSA did
this, but they don't. That's why calling this page a "hate page" is
simply pure black propaganda. Anyone with a brain can see that it's
not a hate page, and that OSA would not dare do what I'm doing.

> A lot of my
>'assumption' is based on what I have been reading here. Correct me if I am

As above.

> I can see NO reason in my world to open up one of the goddam things to
>read 'entheta' that has been written ( about anyone).

As I've said many times, I need the page as it exists for my legal
defenses and for the prosecution of offensive actions. Obviously I
don't need the images of the Goon Squad Troupers® as the images exist,
but I think they add to the sense of what's going on, and I think it's
a good thing to laugh at the folks who've generated all these posts to
whip up the depopularization effort.

> If the site is hateful and
>hurtful to the people who are quoted there, I think that they should reconsider
>what they are here for.

I think it would be insulting to assume and project onto the posters
that they don't know what they're doing.

I resolve the question of whether Hubbard knew what he was doing the
same way. He most definitely knew what he was doing. He knew every
lie he was telling. It is far more demeaning of Hubbard to claim that
he was so deranged or unconscious that he didn't know what he was
doing. He made conscious choices, evidenced in his writings, to lie,
to black PR, to depopularize his human targets to the point of total
obliteration, and to even promote the notion of disposing of human
beings quietly and without sorrow.

That doesn't mean the folks whose posts appear on the GOoN sQUaD
FOLLIES page can't reconsider what they're here for. But what they're
here for is evidenced in the posts I've webbed.

> Is it to demean, lessen. denigrate, show themselves to
>be users of 'oneupmanship' etc., or is it to disseminate news (old and new, I
>hope) about scientology.

There's another good purpose for the GOoN sQUaD FOLLIES page. It's
there, in addition to all its other useful functions, to educate about
what doesn't educate but serves another baser purpose.

>>> Fluffy
>>>has said that Warrior is " not worth speaking to". Gee, what do you think about
>>> that?
>>In what context?
>Do you think that helps or harms the reputation of a poster to the group?
>>> I dunno what Cerriden has said to Gerry. I haven't read his 'Follies' page.
>>What *do* you know? Why even bother getting involved in the
>>first place if you haven't read what is going on? Not reading
>>the follies page, or even glimpsing at it, says something sad
>>about your inability to deal with the issue at hand.
>See above. Why would I read that shit? Have you read it? I have shown 2 examples
>here of what Gerry is no doubt showing on his page from these very threads. I
>don't have to go into his page to read filth that has been posted.I see much
>more than that shit than I care to every day on this fucking so-called
>NewsGroup." Says something sad about my ability," eh? Well. you do post as
>Jurybox. I guess that means that you can judge my ability ar inability, yeah?

You're right that you don't have to go to the page. And really to
grasp the whole picture you'd have to read the totality of the posts
because together they form the picture of what's going on. It truly is
a massive effort, in no conceivable way just some random flames made
in the heat of the moment as has been suggested.

But when closely examined, what is happening is simply an effort to
stop my free speech. I am not trying to stop any of these posters from
saying anything. I use the idea of them stopping their lies, black PR
and others attacks as a concept to compare with their effort to stop
my defending myself from those attacks. But I do not seek to stop
their free speech at all.

There is no doubt, however, that someone who says, "Take down that
page," wants to stop my free speech, and wants to reduce my ability to
defend my reputation and person by reducing my free speech options.

>>> I
>>>have just thought that he has a quirky sense of humor, but I am not on his page.
>>Then I guess if you were on Gerry's page, the page you haven't
>>even viewed yet, the page that is the topic of discussion, then
>>you'd be against what Gerry is doing?
>I don't think so. I am in agreement with the perception that ARS would be a
>better place without the constant attempts at 'oneupmanship',namecalling,
>winning at all costs mentality. Also, I think that Gerry has every right to put
>up what he damned well pleases. He has only posted what has been written
>here.Now, if I thought that I had any power over Gerry, or that he had any
>reason to respect my opinion on the subject, I would say Gerry, at least make
>the letters all the same size.

They all are. Just not all at the same time.

> Then post the policies that OSA uses to shudder
>their enemies into silence.

I do that as possible. See, e.g.,


It is bad warfare to fight battles on your own terrain, in your own
subject area. It is not good to fight in the territory of allies.
Fight battles wherever possible only on enemy terrain, in and about
his subject and his people, not ours. You can gauge your relative
success by this. When all your battles are fought on his terrain, you
are winning.

[End Quote]

Note the effort of the posters to make the battle about me, i.e., on
my terrain.


One cuts off enemy communications, funds, connections. He deprives
the enemy of political advantages, connections and power. He takes
over enemy territory. He raids and harrasses.

[End Quote]

Note the effort to harass and to cut off any support from anyone such
as yourself.


Intelligence identifies targets and finds out enemy plans and
purposes, enemy connections, dispositions, etc. It is fatal to attack
a wrong enemy. But it is good tactics to make the enemy attack wrong
targets or persons himself.

[End Quote]

Note the folks falling right in line to wrong target the cult's
enemies. Some are instigators. Some are instigatees.


The only safe public opinion to head for is they love us and are in a
frenzy of hate against the enemy, this means standard wartime
propaganda is what one is doing, complete with atrocity, war crimes
trials, the lot. Know the mores of your public opinion, what they
hate. That's the enemy. What they love. That's you.

You preserve the image or increase it of your own troops and
degrade the image of the enemy to beast level.

[End Quote]

And there you have the GOoN sQUaD hat.

> Then put up the posts of the people who have carried
>out those policies on this group as applies to you. But that's just me.

There's a lot more work to do, but the GOoN sQUaD FOLLIES page as it
exists right now is a start.

>>>If Cerridwen has made statements to/about Gerry that are comparable to what she
>>> has said about Warrior, then she rightfully deserves to be quoted on Gerry's
>>> pages. That's my opinion.
>>You deserve to still be in Scientology. It's where people like
>>yourself belong. Where everything is positive, and anything
>>negative gets obliterated from thought. I am beginning to think
>>that Scientology creates mentally inferior people.

Scientology is evil and dangerous. So don't serve its malevolent
purposes toward its fair game targets.

>O! I was mentally inferior before I got into scientology. They just made me
>better at it.
>Thank you so very much for all your kindnesses.

© Gerry Armstrong






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