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From: Gerry Armstrong <gerry@gerryarmstrong.org>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Scientology's Hatred of Medicine, the Real Why
Date: Wed, 09 Jul 2003 17:04:34 +0200
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The real reason for Hubbard's and Scientologists' hatred and
vilification of medicine is spelled out by Hubbard in his policy
letter of June 29, 1971. Hubbard needed, and the Scientology cult's
present leaders need, something on which to blame Scientologists'
"case" or "upsets;" that is, the cult's all too common failures.
Hubbard needed, and now the Miscavige cabal needs, as all fascist
groups need, a group or class of people to attack. Medicine, and,
most loudly and violently, its subset of psychiatry, is Hubbard's,
Miscavige's and all Scientologists' scapegoat. It is the subject,
which, along with its practitioners, Scientologists blame for all
their own organizational ills, their cult's own overt products, and
their cult's own criminality.

Medicine is the mandated projection carrier for Scientologists. They
project their failures, and also their crimes and aberrations, onto
medical professionals. Since Scientologists are only permitted
projection as their psychological condition and the "solution" for
that condition, they require projectees, and Hubbard orders as
"policy" that medicine fill that role. Their cult's leaders'
repetitive, relentless ranting and psychological manipulation brings
Scientologists to project onto, to beastify, to hate and to attack
medicine and its practitioners. That gets Hubbard and his " technology"
off the hook for Scientology's many cases, upsets and utter failures.


Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex.


Limited issue.
Bureau IV


Policy is that we assign any case or upset in Scientology
to past damage and interference with the person by medicine or
psychiatry. They were sent to us after medicine or psychiatry had
already destroyed them. We cannot be blamed for psychiatric or
medical failures.

By continually repeating this, make the AMA, Nats, etc very
wary of using our name on these psychiatric and medical failures.
Both subjects are guilty and the statement is demonstrably true. Use
it often. Make it known to the enemy that this is our policy as a
restraint on their fetid imaginations: "Every time you attack us we
will disclose more records of your failures".


Copyright © 1971
by L. Ron Hubbard

[End Quote]

This PL is a starrate checkout item on the Guardian Office (GO)
Intelligence Course
http://www.xs4all.nl/~kspaink/cos/SecrServ/ic_conts.htm See Part D,
"Strategy," item 17, p. 12. It is also a starrate item on the Office
of Special Affairs (OSA) Intelligence Course.
http://www.gerryarmstrong.org/50grand/cult/osa-int-ed-508r.html See
Section M: "Depopularizing the Enemy," item 17, p. 17. The cult
defines "starrate checkout" as "a very exact checkout which verifies
the full and minute knowledge of the student, of a portion of study
materials and tests his full understanding of the data and ability to
apply it." HCOB 21 Sept 1970

That Scientologists' hatred for medical doctors, and even their more
obstreperous hatred for psychiatrists, is simply part of the
Hubbard-Miscavige brainwash, is shown by the fact that virtually every
person who leaves the cult also discards the anti-medicine hatred.
Indeed, many people who escape the Scientology brainwash go on to
academic study in the medical and psychological fields. But almost
everyone who leaves the cult discovers that doctors are not the evil
entities that they had been indoctrinated by Scientology into hating,
and that doctors and medicine are certainly not responsible for the
failures and overt products of Hubbard's "technology." The " tech"
doesn't work, not because of what medicine did to the cult's
customers. The "tech" doesn't work because it doesn't work.

Hubbard's guilty knowledge that what he was writing in this policy
letter is false, and in fact evil and destructive, is shown by his
security rating for the PL of "confidential." Confidential policies
in Scientology are, as every staff member understands, senior to
non-confidential policies. Scientology's blaming medicine and
psychiatry for the cult's own cases and upsets is a very senior
policy, which trumps whatever non-confidential "policies" exist that
assign any other cause to technical failures.

Any Scientologist who, when dealing with people outside of the cult,
did not blame medicine and psychiatry for the cult's cases and upsets,
would, of course, be guilty of out-security, an automatic "treason"
offense. The Scientologist would also be guilty of violating a number
of the ten points of "Keeping Scientology Working." Since any
violation of KSW is a "suppressive act" or "high crime," for which
Scientologists can be declared a "suppressive person" and fair gamed
to the point of total obliteration, they have a life-or-death
motivation to blame medicine and psychiatry as Hubbard orders them
blamed. And, as mentioned above, blaming medicine and psychiatry is
the only solution Scientologists are permitted to the psychological
condition their "technology's" failures generate.

How do Scientologists scapegoat medicine or psychiatry for their
cult's disastrous failures, such as Lisa McPherson, who had been a
Scientologist for many years, had gone insane while being subjected to
the cult's "technology," and who had no history of psychiatric
therapy? Scientologists applying the cult's "tech," in fact,
prevented Lisa from obtaining psychiatric and medical help, and locked
her up, and almost certainly tied her up, so that only their "tech"
could be applied to her. How do Scientologists project their killing
of Lisa McPherson onto the medical and psychiatric subjects and

Hubbard provides the clear answer is his "technical" Bulletin of 5
June 1984R "False Purpose Rundown Series 1R False Purpose Rundown."


The tech research done was quite extensive and involves several major
discoveries. But I'll let you in on one thing: There were
psychiatrists who existed way, way back on the

It was the aim of these psychs back on the whole track to very
carefully push in people's anchor points to prevent them from
reaching. The psychs were, themselves, a bunch of terrified cowards,
and the prevention of reaching was one facet of their operation.
Handling overts, withholds and nonsurvival purposes with the False
Purpose Rundown has proven highly effective in undoing the effects of
the "work" of psychs on the whole track, and restoring the thetan's
willingness and ability to reach.

[End Quote]

If Scientologists cannot find a current medical or psychiatric
condition or history to blame for their cult's failures, flaps and
felonies, they simply project it onto the whole track psychs, the
medical professionals who, Hubbard says, existed way, way back on the
track -- millions, billions or trillions of years ago. It's utter
irresponsible madness, of course, but no Scientologist dares to
question this insane projection, because to do so would be a "high
crime," punishable with being fair gamed and destroyed. The
Scientologist, naturally, would also become another case or upset to
be blamed on medicine or psychiatry. And if the poor Scientologist
had no doctors or psychiatrists in his life..... well blame him on the
whole track psychs.

© Gerry Armstrong






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