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From: Gerry Armstrong <gerry@gerryarmstrong.org>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Gerry Armstrong
Date: Fri, 06 Dec 2002 10:48:34 +0100
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On Wed, 20 Nov 2002 00:58:40 GMT, "Phineas Fogg" <dont @kneejerk.com>

>Those goon pages are silly. You can't complain about how Scientology
>treats people if you treat them similarly.

You bring up an important point here, the subject of tactics.

First of all, to understand tactics -- or here in your paradigm, the
treatment of people, both one's own and those of the "enemy" -- you
would have to understand the context in which the tactics were
employed. The context here is Scientology's war on wogs (R). If you
did not grasp that Scientology is at war, and that their " enemies" are
wogs (R), you will not be able to understand the tactics being used.

So, do you understand, or are you willing to accept for sake of
discussion, that Scientology and Scientologists are at war? It is
largely a covert war, and it is largely a psychological war, with, of
course, intelligence, PR, legal and financial fronts.

Hubbard defines and describes Scientology's "enemies" in a way that is
very similar to the way Hitler identified National Socialism's
"enemies." Hubbard and Scientology use "religious" and racial criteria
to identify, declare and target "SPs," as the Nazis did with the Jews.
Scientologists support the rightness of their dehumanization of their
identified SPs with pseudo-scientific claims and "research," just as
the Nazis did to support their dehumanizing of their Jews.

What Hubbard wrote about SPs, and fills Scientology's "scriptures, " is
just as hateful, vicious and threatening as what Hitler wrote in Mein
Kampf about the Jews. Hubbard's and Scientology's "SPs" are, of
course, all wogs (R). When Miscavige thrills about "shooting down SPs
like ducks in a pond" he is talking about wogs (R). The Nazis in the
1920's, and, under their domination, pretty well all Germany in the
30's, were at war with Jews. Scientologists are at war with SP's, or
really with wogs (R).

When you say, that I "can't complain about how Scientology
treats people if [I] treat them similarly," you, of course, don't mean
that. You mean that I could lose the support of wogs (R) for my side
in the war if I treat people like Scientology treats them, right?

One of the Scientology cult's tactics in their war on wogs (R), their
war for the human mind, is the building of websites. If we wogs (R)
were not allowed, by fear of public opinion, to employ any tactic, or
utilize any weapon that Scientology employs or uses, we could not
build websites.

Since such an idea is nonsensical, I'm sure you will agree, your
standard, which is even less severe -- similar, rather than identical
-- for acceptable tactics, must also be nonsensical.

One of the Germans' battle tactics in WW II was to bomb Britain.
Should the Brits, and the Yanks and the rest of the Allies not have
bombed the Germans because it would be treating the German people in a
similar way to how the Germans were treating the British? I'm sure you
would agree here too that bombing the Germans, even though the Germans
were bombing the Allies, was an essential battle tactic. In fact, not
bombing the Germans would have been a stupid military tactic, and
would have lost all public support.

So, broadly stating, as has been done here on a.r.s. many times, that
using Scientology's tactics, or treating people similarly to the way
Scientology treats people, should not be done, or necessarily makes
the wog (R) using the tactics "as bad as Scientology," is nonsensical.

Scientology uses communication in its war on wog (R). Must we
therefore not communicate? Scientology exposes its wog (R) opponents'
crimes. Must we therefore not expose Scientology's crimes? Scientology
posts to a.r.s. Must we therefore not post to a.r.s.? No. Such
conclusions would be, I'm sure you would also agree, nonsensical.

On the goon squad follies page
I have put up a set of posts to a.r.s. by certain people who support
and assist the Scientology cult in its war on wogs (R). I have put up
the posts in their entirety, without comment, and I have linked to the
complete thread in which they originally appeared.

These webbed posts and their posters have a number of things in
common. They all attack Scientology's fair game victims. They all
employ one of Scientology's signature battle tactics, pretended
stupidity. They all refuse to unstupidly support their attacks, or
engage in rational discussion.

Your statement above contains the assumption, or implies, that I am
treating these people in a way that Scientology treats people, but
that is simply not true. If Scientology treated me as I am treating
these people I would have no complaint. Scientology would web my posts
in their entirety with links to the threads providing the complete
context. Since Scientology does not do that, it is erroneous, surely
you would agree, for you to imply that I am doing what Scientology

I would be very grateful if you or anyone would web every one of my
posts to a.r.s. in their entirety and link to their complete threads.
I stand by all of my posts, even though I certainly have had my stupid
moments, and I am willing to discuss and support all of my posts,
without pretended stupidity. I would appreciate it if Scientology
would do the same. Scientology does not do that because it uses a
different tactic, one which I am not employing.

There are, of course, instances when I will not submit to an a.r.s.
sec check from one of the people on the goon squad follies page, or
from certain others, because the would be sec checker is doing
Scientology's dirty work, and I will not assist the cult in its war on
wogs (R). Similarly, there are other subjects, which, for strategic,
personal or other reasons, I will not discuss on a.r.s.; but I will
rationally discuss why I will not discuss them.

Scientologists' battle tactics also include, e.g., fair game, black PR
and use of the law to harass. I use none of these tactics. I oppose
these tactics with sworn testimony, court documents, facts, rational
discussion, and often humor. The people whose posts are on the goon
squad follies page attack my efforts and me personally with pretended

Although the Allies used, and, we Canadians would have hoped, improved
upon, the Germans' tactics of bombing military targets, industrial
sites, and even cities, the Allies did not engage in the Germans'
tactic of disposing of their own dehumanized citizens quietly and
without sorrow. The Germans used intelligence tactics, e.g., covert
ops, disinformation and infiltration. During that war, we would have
hoped that our side, the Allies, would have used the same tactics. It
would have been idiotic for the Allies not to have an intelligence
service, and not to use the tactics of covert ops, disinformation and
infiltration just because those were the Germans' tactics.

So would you agree that if I had used a tactic in this war which was
identical to a tactic used by Scientology in its war on wogs (R), it
would not mean that all my tactics were the same as Scientology's?

Would you also agree that using a tactic which was identical to a
tactic used by Scientology in its war on wogs (R) would not
necessarily mean that I could or should lose public wog (R) support
for my side in the war?

And would you agree that on the goon squad follies page I have *not*
used one of Scientology's tactics, and I have not treated the people
whose posts appear on the goon page as Scientology treats, e.g., me?

Again, I would welcome anyone, including the Scientology cult, webbing
every single one of my a.r.s. posts. A great start was made in this
undertaking at The Gerry Armstrong Chronicle

>My advice is that the best road is the high road, and your goon pages
>are the low road.

This would be correct advice, if there was no war on wogs (R), and if
I really was treating people as Scientology treats them. But there
really is a war on wogs (R), and I am not treating these people as
Scientology treats, as I say, e.g., me.

In the war on wogs (R), Scientology does not care very much if one
more wog (R) voice joins the global opposition to the cult's abuses
and criminality. But the cult puts a lot of time, effort and resources
into getting an "opponent" to attack certain points in the opposition.
Scientology is, after all, a cult of intelligence, the espionage

In my case, the cult used covert operatives Dan Sherman, David Kluge
and Mike Rinder, in an intel op that spanned three years, to create
the illusion that they were opponents of the cult's abuses and
criminality, to get close to me, try to set me up, try to have me
prosecuted criminally, and try to destroy me. See, e.g.,

See, also, e.g., Rinder's 1994 declaration
where he claims to have then opponent Stacy Young attack me as
psychotic and living in a delusory world because I have conversed with
God (as, I suppose, a billion other Christians do every day).

The cult " settled" with opponents Lavenda Van Schaick and Paulette
Cooper and then used them to attack me.

The cult paid opponents Vicki and Richard Aznaran to shaft the wog (R)
attorneys who had successfully represented them against the cult, and
to attack me, when all I had done was help them in every way I could,
at great personal expense and risk to myself.

It could be stated, and has been stated by all sorts of people, that
the cult has managed to get opponents Bob Minton and Stacy Brooks to
turn against people they previously considered allies in the
opposition to Scientology abuses and criminality. (I want to be clear
here, however, that in their testimony that I have read, neither Bob
nor Stacy turned against me personally. They got some unimportant
facts slightly wrong, but that's expected in testimony, and can easily
be corrected. But they did not, in the public record I've read, try to
hurt me personally as Scientology wants to hurt me.)

The cult, I'm certain, was very pleased to have the goon squadders
attack Bob and Stacy when they were active, high profile opponents to
Scientology's abuses and criminality. And I'm certain that the cult is
very happy to have the same troupe attacking me, and anyone connected
to me in the opposition to the same abuses and criminality.

Here in Germany, there is a considerable speculation that apparent
"opponent" Renate Hartwig was always working for the cult, and her
"opposition" to the cult's abuses and criminality was just as phony as
Sherman's, Kluge's and Rinder's, and just mocked up so that as an
"opponent" she could later attack actual opponents of the
Scientology's abuses and criminality.

Note that the attacks by the people gracing the goons page are on, out
of the six billion wogs (R) on planet earth, a select few wogs (R) who
comprise the most visible usenet opposition to Scientology in its war
on wogs (R). All of the few wogs (R) being attacked by the goon squad
are Scientology's SP targets and fair game victims. During the
Germans' war on Jews, Americans who might have assisted in
dehumanizing the Jews and cheered as the Jews were rounded up,
enslaved and worse, properly belonged on a goon squad page -- and

Note too that the damage done by the sort of attacks webbed on the
goon squad follies page goes beyond just hurting the few a.r.s. SPs
who are the cult's fair game victims. It also causes supporters of
these fair game victims to withhold their support; because who wants a
pack of attackers, whose highest level of reason is pretended
stupidty, to tear into them if they speak up? Thus the goons try to
shudder the cult's biggest wog (R) victims and targets, and all their
supporters, into silence.

How many reasoning wogs (R) who supported the opposition to
Scientology's abuses and criminality have been driven away from a.r.s.
completely, and possibly driven out of the opposition completely, by
the actions of the goons who are pretending to also be opponents? In
the case of Bob and Stacy, considerable evidence exists that the
actions of certain goons, pretending to oppose Scientology's abuses
and criminality, but viciously and stupidly attacking actual
opponents, contributed to Bob's and Stacy's going to Scientology when
getting out of the opposition.

The goon squad follies page is an effort to reduce or eliminate the
damage and evil being done by certain of the pretended stupid on
a.r.s. helping Scientology in its war on wogs (R). I don't believe
that such an effort has ever been made before, but perhaps someone
knows of such a page. Certainly every web page that is critical of
Scientology's abuses and criminality also exposes and opposes
pretended stupidity, but the goon squad follies is really directed at
people who, through their pretended stupid attacks on Scientology's
most visible fair game victims on a.r.s., are supporting the cult.
Perhaps the closest existing pages would be those that expose and
oppose Scientology's wog (R) collaborators in academia; e.g.,

To maintain their pretense of stupidity about what they're doing in
their attacks on Scientology's fair game victims and their supporters,
and the damage they're causing for the cult, the goon squadders are
forwarding the incredibly stupidly "evaluated" cult line that I'm
putting their posts up on the follies page simply because these people
"disagree" with me.

Here Tigger accuses me of:


Trying to " shudder into silence" those who disagree with [me]

[End Quote]

Here's Starshadow:


There are a number of people who call themselves critics who have
pretty much disgusted me over the past several months. This is the
first one who's put me on a DA page simply for disagreeing with him

[End Quote]
Message-ID: <3DDA5CF2.9060505@starshadowlovesxenu.net>

Here's Claire


Is it true that anyone who disagrees with [Arnie Lerma] or Gerry is
automatically a Dept 20 operative?

[End Quote]
Message-ID: <3dd97049@news2.lightlink.com>

And here are a handful of Rob Clark's pretended stupidities:


The only thing in common between all those people is that they've
disagreed with him.

[End Quote]
Message-ID: <brtftu4hkchkc05mcokib70k7dt4n8f04c@4ax.com>


Of these 12, there is credible reason to believe that about 2 of them
are OSA. The rest of them have done nothing but disagree with
Gerry Jihad.

[End Quote]
Message-ID: <c7ditucfveipo0vjhknlq4u38rk90dejf4@4ax.com>


Here on this one, it's apparent that all you have to do to
get on Gerry's hate page is to disagree with him that it's
a kooky idea to have a hate page in the first place.

[End Quote]
Message-ID: <70ritucikvhp6hbrhms8t6je4tcmomv4lf@4ax.com>


Considering that the people have basically disagreed with him, I see
the parallel to OSA is in his own conduct.

[End Quote]
Message-ID: <aohitus6q3ag82i9gmp1ekrfob4c33ur1n@4ax.com>

You, Phineas, have disagree with me, and I have not put your posts on
the goon squad follies page. I am attempting to discuss our
disagreement in a rational way, supporting my position with fact,
reason and good humor. The goons must pretend to be stupid in order to
make their attacks and avoid rational discussion and having to provide
support for their assertions. Every one of them knows very well that
their inclusion on the goon squad follies page is not because they
disagreed with me.

>Be a responsible person and get rid of them.

How much more responsible could I be than to web these posts by people
pretending to be part of the opposition to Scientology in its war on
wogs (R), but who demonstrate in these posts that they are actually
supporting Scientology in its war? It would have been irresponsible of
me not to point this fact out, not do what I could to expose their
collaborative efforts, and not to warn others of what these people, in
their pretended stuipidity, are doing.

The goon squadders, and many others here on a.r.s., believe that it's
being responsible to accuse Bob and Stacy of being OSA agents, or
working for Rinder, or assisting Scientology. And all that Bob and
Stacy are doing, if they're doing what they're being accused of, is
exactly what the goon squadders are doing, attacking the Scientology
cult's fair game victims.

How much more responsible could I be than to web this set of posts,
which are attacks on Scientology's fair game victims, in their
entirety with links to the complete threads, and without
editorializing? Isn't it responsible to point out the irresponsibility
of the people making these posts that single out and attack
Scientology's most hated and attacked fair game victims?

Keep in mind that I have a unique legal relationship with the
Scientology cult, and a key reason for webbing all of the cult's fair
game ops and black PR, including the goons' hate posts, is to support
what I must do in the legal arena. Attacks by these people, in their
pretended stupidity or not, will be instantly available to the judges,
to lawyers, to the media, and to anyone else who wants to find out
about my situation with the cult. They will be used in demonstrating
the legal unenforceability of the cult's "contract" which underlies
their lawsuits against me.

The cult claims in sworn statements that anything I say to anyone
about any of the beneficiaries of their "contract," every
organization, corporation or group, and all of their directors,
officers, employees, volunteers, lawyers, agents, and even the goon
squad if the cult says, costs the cult $50,000. This post itself,
precipitated by my creating the goon squad follies page, costs the
cult, according to their own testimony, $50,000 for each recipient.
Given that there are at any time 10,000 people reading a.r.s., this
post costs the cult, again pursuant to their own sworn statements,

I've made at least 30 other posts concerning the goon squad follies
page, mostly in response to the goons' pretended stupid attacks on the
page. So, according to the cult's sworn statements, this simple little
page has generated $15,000,000,000 in damages. At that rate, the cult
would have to recruit a James Packer every 3 days just to cover what
I'm costing them.

Of course, if the cult sets the record straight about its incredible
claim that anything I say to anyone about them or my experiences costs
them $50K, I will win the case

Isn't it fascinating that the folks on the goon squad follies page
attack my legal position with their pretended stupidity and do
absolutely nothing to rationally support, or even think through my
legal position and situation? My case and situation are discussed by
national governments and agencies, and is an issue in international
relationships. My case has the potential both in the legal arena and
in the public opinion arena to end forever Scientology's disgusting
practice of silencing people with "contracts." Think of the tremendous
good that would do in freeing up the thousands of people whom the cult
has gagged, or led to believe they were gagged and threatened into
silence and slavery? Think of the tremendous good it would do to have
the people gagged about this "religion" freed so that they can freely
testify in support of the latest crop of fair game victims. It is just
because of the tremendous good my case can do, and what I represent in
the global opposition to Scientology's abuses and criminality, that
the people on the goon squad follies page must pretend to be stupid.
They must pretend to be stupid enough to not see the value of my legal
situation, my history, my contributions and my identity, just so they
can attack those things.

> Reserve your artistic
>talents for more productive efforts.

I think that the GOoN sQUaD FOLLIES page has been tremendously

But I do all sorts of other things as well, which are productive in
different ways. This coming week I'm scheduled to speak at a
conference on totalitarian cults in Ekaterinburg, Russia.

>Phineas Fogg

© Gerry Armstrong





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