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From: Gerry Armstrong <gerry@gerryarmstrong.org>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Top Goon vs. the Marqueebians
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 20:37:47 +0100
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First off, Top Goon, Rob Clark, insists that the only meaning he can
see to the capitalization of the letters "O," "S" and "A" in the "goOn
SquAd follies" Marquee, is that I'm saying that the whole troupe is

Clearly the Top Goon is pretending to be really stupid to reach that
conclusion. And he stupidly stuck to that stupid conclusion despite
my careful explanation, using simple logic and simple words that
anyone but a goon pretending really hard to be really stupid would

Then Rob insisted that not only the capitalization of the letters "O,"
"S" and "A" in the "goOn SquAd follies" Marquee caused him to reach
the pretended stupid conclusion that I was saying that all the goons
on the follies page are OSA agents, but also the fact that these
letters were twice the size of the other letters in the marquee
graphic led him to this pretended stupid conclusion.

By this time our Top Goon was in a bit of a tailspin because he was
having to pretend really, really hard to be really, really stupid
since it was clear to all but the pretended really, really stupid why
the subject letters were large and capitalized. It had nothing to with
any goon's pretended stupid inability to see, or any goon's pretended
stupid "reasonable inference" that I was identifying the goons as OSA

So, because Rob and the other goons were continuing, despite clear and
irrefutable evidence to the contrary, to pretend to stupidly claim
that their pretended stupid conclusion, that I was identifying the
whole goon squad as OSA agents, was a logical, reasonable, and the
only possible, conclusion to be reached from their pretended stupid
misinterpretation of the capitalization and size of the letters "O, "
"S" and "A" in the "goOn SquAd follies" Marquee, I uncapitalized these
letters, reduced their size, and announced the new marquee on a.r.s.
Message-ID: <rtaktukabrnbecohdi1ujpu0jpvdgkpch2@4ax.com>

But Top Goon Rob, somehow attaining a level of pretended stupidity
than I had thought impossible even by a New OT 8, then declared that
the uncapitalization and reduction of the "o," "s" and "a" in the
marquee indicated that his original stupid interpretation of the
capitalized, larger letters was spot-on.
Message-ID: <ochktuc0prjlbs51erj7g0hldvvi7im43c@4ax.com>

So, being confronted with pretended stupidity as profound as that, but
still seeking to prove to even the Top Goon that his original
pretended stupid misinterpretation was utter BS, I changed the marquee
image back to the original with the capitalized and enlarged letters
"O," "S" and "A."
Message-ID: <vpjktucpoi8aovk466cr2gbktin8qbc687@4ax.com>

Well then Rob, pretending that it was actually possible to be even
more stupid, claimed that he had forgotten his pretended stupidity
that the capitals or uncapitals, smaller or larger letters, were
supposed to prove. And he finished with a flight of pretended
stupidity rivaling Icarus, concluding that for the interpretation of
the capitalized and large, or uncapitalized and small "O," "S" and "A"
letters in the goon squad follies marquee, he and others like him are
too dense to understand.
Message-ID: <hskktusipjtt54d0nga3ag6bfd51fthkht@4ax.com>

So to help out the Top Goon and the other goons, and to close the door
on incorrect pretended stupid application, we will give equal time to
both marquees.


© Gerry Armstrong





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