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From: Gerry Armstrong <gerry@gerryarmstrong.org>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Armstrong Displays His Delusional Mental State to the World (Re: Diane cancans at the goOn SquAd follies)
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 13:53:33 +0100
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On Sun, 17 Nov 2002 21:32:23 GMT, Deana Holmes <mirele@sonic.net>

>Thomas Gandow <gandow@dialogzentrum.de> wrote in
>> What is Your business?
>> Why are You attacking Gerry Armstrong?
>> Isn't it the best proof, that You are attacking in concert with OSA?
>No, Reverend Grabdough. It shows that Gerry Armstrong has never left
>Scientology, with his reliance on Dead Agenting techniques first engaged in
>by the Office of Special Affairs.

Oh how stupid the pretended stupid must pretend to be! Sun Tzu was
teaching the Dead Agent "tech" 2400 years before OSA.

And what exactly am I doing? I am webbing your own statements made to
this public newsgroup, without comment, without interpretation. I am
quoting you precisely. I am including a link to every thread so that
the complete context is available.

Therefore it is you who, by your pretended stupidity and by your
baseless attacks on the Scientology cult's fair game victims, is DAing

You say that doing what I am doing shows I never left Scientology. You
have to to pretend to be stupid beyond belief to believe anyone, even
one of your fellow goons, would believe that. I would love if the
Scientology cultists webbed all my a.r.s. posts on such a nice page
and linked to the complete thread where they appeared.

You are quite free to build your own web page of my posts to a.r.s.
about you, or about anything.

You are also quite free to continue your attacks on Scientology's fair
game victims from your position of pretended stupidity. And I am quite
free to point out that this is what you're doing. You are then quite
free, as you've demonstrated, to pretend to be even stupider and label
my pointing out the truth about your attacks as "dead agenting."

Unless you really are a knowing OSA operative, you are also quite free
to repent, to stop forwarding OSA's command intention, to stop your
baseless, vicious attacks on good people who are Scientology's fair
game victims.

>It's truly a pity that you're encouraging a man who is in serious need of
>counseling so that he can live in the real world with the rest of us,
>instead off in his paranoid, Scientological world with his cult of one.
>Deana M. Holmes
>(c) Deana M. Holmes, all rights reserved.
>P.S. Reverend Grabdough, you might wish to take note that in English, the
>word "You" (Y capitalized) is a reference to Deity, aka God. You might wish
>to take this into account with your next squirmy post.

© Gerry Armstrong





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