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March 19, 2003

Head of Verh-Isetski Regional Department of Internal Affairs


Sverdlovskaya region

Sverdlovskaya region

Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation
Sverdlovskaya region

Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation
Urals Federal District


Dear Respected Authorities:

          This is a response to the Application by the Ekaterinburg Scientology Organization for prosecution of a number of individuals including me as a result of a visit to the organization office on December 12, 2002. I am the G. Armstrong referred to in Scientology’s Application, which was sent to each of you. Information concerning my history and my long relationship with Scientology is provided on my website: http://www.gerryarmstrong.org/50grand/introduction.html
An English translation of the Application, apparently made by Scientology and currently being distributed by the cult, is also available on my site. http://www.gerryarmstrong.org/50grand/cult/osa-app-crim-charges.html

The Visit to Scientology’s Ekaterinburg Office

          Contrary to what Scientology states in its Application, I at no time penetrated the organization’s premises or even set a foot inside its office. At no time did I violate the peace of anyone. At no time did I insult the honor or dignity of anyone in the Scientology organization. At no time did I cause any disturbance. The claims by Scientology that I did these things are false.

           Scientology’s claim that the persons who visited the organization’ s office on December 12 “pre-arranged a collusion to cause a disturbance” is also false. The fact is that we were invited to visit by a Scientology organization employee. Two days earlier, during a conference in Ekaterinburg on totalitarian cults, at which I presented a paper, I had a conversation with a young woman who said she is a staff member of the Scientology organization and who invited me and other conference participants to visit the office. A photograph of this young woman, who also participated in a short debate with me about Scientology, and who gave her name, I believe, as “Maria,” is shown on my Internet report on the Conference. http://www.gerryarmstrong.org/50grand/media/russia/index.html

          I was very happy to be invited to meet with Russian Scientologists, because the leaders of the Scientology organization, which is headquartered in the U.S.A., have been using them to spread black propaganda about me in Russia, and I was hoping for an opportunity to discuss this hurtful black PR and perhaps have it corrected. Thus I was very grateful to “Maria” for the invitation to visit her organization’s office in Ekaterinburg. It is my belief that many of the Russian Scientologists who forward the U.S. Scientology organization’s black PR and other attacks on its human targets and victims are not aware of what evil they are doing, but are just robotically following orders received from their organization leaders in the U.S.

          “ Black propaganda” or “black PR” is the term Scientology founder and director L. Ron Hubbard (dec. 1986) gave to his organization’s policy and practice of destroying a target’s reputation, credibility, relationships, livelihood and life with the broad and relentless spreading of lies and defamatory materials about him. On my website is a letter containing black PR on me that Scientology disseminated in 2001 at the time of another conference on totalitarian cults that took place in Nizhny Novgorod.
I will address the falsehoods contained in the 2001 black PR letter later in this response.

          Upon my arrival at the Scientology organization office in Ekaterinburg on December 12, 2002, I learned from the Scientologist gentleman in the reception area that some higher-up had countermanded “Maria’s” invitation to visit. Therefore, because this man did not specifically again invite me to enter the office, I did not enter. It is my understanding that, by Russian law, a public organization, which Scientology certainly claims to be in Russia, must permit visitors into its reception area. Nevertheless, at no time did I insist that I be allowed to enter, nor did I make any attempt to enter, even the reception area of the office. I had a few conversations through the open doorway with some of the Scientology employees who were inside the office, and I had conversations with some customers and some media representatives who were outside the office, where I remained during the visit. All of my conversations with the Scientology employees or their customers were civil, and at no time did I cry out, violate the peace, or violate the principle of equality before the law as Scientology asserts in its Application.

          I took no documents and I saw no documents stolen by anyone. I understood that documents concerning some of the conference participants were being given out by Scientology in its reception area. The documents that concerned me, and which were given to me, were the same as documents Scientology disseminated about me in 2001 in Nizhny Novgorod. http://www.gerryarmstrong.org/50grand/cult/scientology-da-docs.html#russiada
These are also the same as documents that Scientology maintains on one of the cult’s U.S. based Internet hate sites that black PR me: http://www.religiousfreedomwatch.org/extremists/armstrong_docs.html

           Scientology’s statement that I did not want to tell my name is also false. I willingly gave my name. In fact, I assumed that the Scientologists knew who I am because they had distributed black PR materials about me in Russia with my photograph, I had openly participated in the Ekaterinburg Conference using my own name and wearing a name card, I had appeared on Ekaterinburg television using my own name, and, as I mentioned, one of their personnel, “Maria, ” had just two days earlier met me face to face, knew who I was, and invited me to visit the Scientology office. The Scientologist in the reception area of the Scientology office knew who I was, and we discussed my personal history and experiences with the cult, which further confirmed that I was who I said I was. That I had tried to withhold my identity from the Scientologists is blatantly untrue.

           Scientology’s assertion that during the visit to the Scientology organization office on December 12 I “called for actions against [the] organization” is similarly false. I called for no actions whatsoever. I attempted to engage the Scientologists in civil, rational communication in an effort to get them to see that the hateful way in which their U.S. leaders require them to view me and people like me is illogical, antisocial and damaging, and hopefully to get these Scientologists to realize that the actions they are taking against me, and people like me, are unjustified, and in fact criminal.

Scientology’s Fair Game Campaign

           Scientology teaches that people who criticize its antisocial policies and practices, such as black PR, are “suppressive persons,” or “SPs, ” and that these people comprise the most evil 2 ½ percent of human beings. Scientology further teaches that people identified as SPs are “ enemies” and may be subjected to the organization’s notorious “fair game” doctrine. In one policy, cult founder Hubbard described fair game to be used on SPs as follows:

          “ ENEMY – SP Order. Fair game. May be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.”
See, e.g., http://www.xenu.net/fairgame-e.html

          Over the last more than thirty years, countless western media and many court judgments or decisions have condemned the fair game doctrine. Scientology publicly claims that fair game is old “scripture” that has been cancelled; yet it remains Scientology’s philosophy, policy and practice to this day. All that Hubbard and Scientology “cancelled” was the use of the term “fair game,” with the cynical excuse that “it causes bad public relations.” Fair game is very much alive in Scientology, and is an antisocial and criminal doctrine that, in my opinion, no civilized country should countenance. I was thankful that someone invited public television stations to visit along with the rest of us because the TV crews’ presence would tend to prevent the Scientologists from taking any overt fair game action against us.

          In furtherance of the fair game doctrine, paid agents of Scientology have assaulted me, run into me bodily with a car, terrorized me on a freeway, and threatened to murder me. Scientology agents broke into my car and stole a valuable manuscript and original artwork. The organization has on numerous occasions attempted to have me prosecuted criminally on fallacious charges and manufactured evidence, including with the U.S.’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.). This latest Application in Ekaterinburg adds another occasion to this long list of false charges. A decision rendered in the California Superior Court in Los Angeles in 1984 in the case of Scientology v. Armstrong, which became the judgment in the case, and was affirmed on appeal, mentions some of Scientology’s fair game actions against me, and denounces the doctrine.

          Pursuant to its fair game doctrine, Scientology has sued me six times, filed countless false sworn statements about me in court cases, driven me into bankruptcy, and forced me by threats to leave my home in the U.S. The organization has terrified my family members and many friends and disrupted my life and the lives of people associated with me in myriad ways. It has published and disseminated a mountain of black propaganda about me around the world, including, as I mentioned, in Russia. Black PR is a facet of Scientology’s basic philosophy, policy and practice of fair game. Documentation of some of the fair game and black PR attacks on me by Scientology is webbed at: http://www.gerryarmstrong.org/50grand/cult/index.html

Scientology’s Perversion of Justice

          In its Application, Scientology claims that in the U.S. I “was brought to justice for [my] illegal activity.” This too is false. The Scientology organization has used, and continues to use, the U.S. courts, in violation of that country’s Constitution and laws, to have me punished for completely lawful activity. It is true, as Scientology states, that it has obtained court orders in the State of California to have me fined and jailed, and it has obtained warrants for my arrest. But Scientology does not tell this terrible truth: that its orders and arrest warrants are unlawful, and that, because they are unlawful, I have no legal duty whatsoever to obey them. Scientology obtained these unlawful orders and arrest warrants by unlawful means, specifically by the threatening and fair gaming of my lawyer and me, by the compromising of my lawyer and the California court, and by criminal fraud. Documentation of Scientology’s fair gaming of my lawyer Michael Flynn is available here:

           Scientology is seeking to have me fined and imprisoned for doing nothing more than telling the truth about this cult. If I merely say the word “ Scientology, ” or say the name “Hubbard,” mention any of the cult’s corporations, groups or affiliates, say the name of any director, officer, employee or volunteer of these corporations, groups or affiliates, or even the name of any of their lawyers or agents, Scientology claims that I must pay the cult fifty thousand dollars (U.S. $50,000) for each such mention, plus be jailed. If I mention one word about my now thirty-four years of experiences with this cult, even as a victim of its criminal fair game doctrine, Scientology claims that I must pay $50,000 and be jailed.

          At the same time, Scientology claims that all of its corporations, groups and affiliated entities and all of their directors, officers, employees, volunteers, lawyers and agents may say whatever they want about me, no matter how false, defamatory or hurtful, and I may not respond to defend myself. If I say one word in my defense, or to correct any falsehoods or black PR that these corporations, groups, entities or individuals are disseminating about me, Scientology claims that I must pay $50,000 and be jailed. Scientology claims, moreover, that the court orders that prohibit me from defending myself from its attacks are applicable everywhere in the world. Thus, Scientology will claim that for writing this letter in response to its Application for criminal prosecution in Russia and to correct the false statements in the Application, I must pay $50,000 and be jailed.

          Making this unconscionable concept even more obscene, Scientology claims that I must pay $50,000 for each recipient of any of my communications that mention any of its corporations, groups and affiliated entities and any of their directors, officers, employees, volunteers, lawyers and agents cult or any of my cult related experiences. Thus Scientology will claim that for my sending this response to the original seven official recipients of its Application (listed above) I must pay $350,000, plus be jailed seven times the sentence for one recipient. I am also copying this response to fourteen additional individuals (listed below), who are concerned with Scientology’s charges in its Application or are concerned generally with this cult’s abuses and fair game attacks on people of good will. Thus this response to Scientology’s Application for criminal prosecution is worth $1,050,000 and twenty-one times the usual jail sentence.

           Scientology claims that it has a “contract” with me that requires that I accept these onerous conditions, and that the cult’s court orders and arrest warrants are to enforce its “contract.” http://www.gerryarmstrong.org/50k/legal/a1/625.php
The organization claims that it paid me to become its human punching bag, and that its “contract” is a license to fair game me. This is untrue, and unlawful. In December 1986, Scientology paid me in settlement of a lawsuit I had against it for fraud and for years of abuse inside the cult, and for years of fair game after I left. Scientology threatened that, if I did not sign its “contract,” the cult would continue to fair game my lawyer, his family, his associates, his other clients and me. This is extortion. Scientology also promised that, if I signed, it would end fair game against everyone, me included, forever. Since Scientology did not end fair game, but immediately following the “settlement” continued to fair game me and others, the cult’s promise, as an inducement to get me to sign, is fraud.

          I am not bound by Scientology’s “contract,” because it was obtained by unlawful means and has unlawful purposes, specifically the obstruction of justice and the destruction of civil rights. All Scientology organizations, groups and affiliated entities, however, and all of their directors, officers, employees, volunteers, lawyers and agents are bound by this “ contract” as its “beneficiaries.” They are all recipients of the “contract’s” unlawful benefits: the justice obstructed and the civil rights destroyed. Thus Scientology’s “ contract” with me demonstrates that every Scientologist worldwide who rises in the organization to a level of “director, ” “ officer,” “employee” or “volunteer” and all of the organization’s lawyers and other agents are participants in a criminal conspiracy.

          This Scientology-wide criminal conspiracy is further shown by the fact that, since the organization’s unlawful “contract” was exposed and made publicly available in 1990, no Scientologist or Scientology agent who is a beneficiary has said a word to repudiate it or to disclaim its “ benefits” that accrue to him or her. The “contract” is also valuable as evidence that the Scientology cult is a monolith, and not an association of independent entities as its leaders and representatives claim in order to avoid legal accountability; since this single “ contract” binds all the cult’s parts and all their personnel, lawyers and other agents to the same specific unlawful purposes and benefits.

           Scientology claims that by “ contract” and court orders I may not cooperate in any manner with any organizations aligned against it. Thus for any time that I cooperated in any way with, for example, the Russian Orthodox Church, which could be said to be aligned against Scientology, I must pay the cult $50,000 and be jailed. There is no doubt that mental health professionals in every country are, in Scientology’s estimation, aligned against it, since Scientology seeks the destruction of the whole non-Scientology mental health field. Thus, if I cooperated in any way with any psychiatric or psychological organization, I must pay $50,000 and be jailed.

          If Scientology considered that Russia’s, or any other country’s, military, law enforcement or intelligence organizations were aligned against it, the cult would claim that I must be fined and jailed if I cooperated in any way with those organizations, and for each instance of cooperation. Since Scientology seeks world domination, it is in reality aligned against virtually every non- Scientology organization, and necessarily considers that every non-Scientology organization is aligned against the cult. Thus potentially I could be fined and jailed if I cooperated with any organization, except Scientology, anywhere in the world.

           Scientology also claims that by “contract” and court orders I may not assist or advise any individuals, partnerships, associations, corporations, or governmental agencies that are involved in or even contemplating any activity adverse to the interests of any of the organization’s corporations or groups or any of their directors, officers, employees, volunteers, lawyers and agents. Thus, if, for example, I assisted the Russian Federal Government in some way, and Scientology considered that the Russian Government might be contemplating some activity adverse to its interests, I must pay the cult $50, 000 and be jailed. Since Scientology’s interest is complete world domination, I could not, according to the cult, assist or advise any individuals, partnerships, associations, corporations, or governmental agencies adverse to this frightening totalitarian goal.

          Since Scientology insists that it is a “religion” and demands all the benefits and privileges accorded to traditional and legitimate religions, what this organization is doing to me is equivalent to fining a person $50,000 and jailing him for saying the word “Christianity,” for saying the name “Jesus Christ,” for mentioning any Christian Church or Diocese, or for saying the name of the Patriarch, or any bishop, priest, monk, nun or parishioner. Since the Scientology cult insists, and even states in its “by- laws” that it is a “religion” “incorporated exclusively for religious purposes,” its orders against me are equivalent to fining a person $50,000 and jailing him for mentioning his Christian religious experiences or his Christian beliefs. No legitimate religion, of course, would consider such an irrational and oppressive concept, and a court order that enforced such a concept is necessarily unlawful and in violation of globally recognized basic human rights.

          Also, since Scientology claims to be a “religion,” what it is trying to do to me is equivalent to the Christian religion, if Christians considered that, for example, Hinduism and Buddhism were aligned against them, having a person fined and jailed for “cooperating” with the Hindu religion or a Hindu organization, or for “cooperating” with Buddhism or an Buddhist organization. What Scientology is doing to me, if the cult is viewed as a “ religion,” is also equivalent to the Christian religion having a person fined and jailed for assisting or advising an individual, partnership, association, corporation, or governmental agency that might be involved in or even contemplating any activity adverse to the interests of the Christian religion or any of its corporations or groups or any of their directors, officers, employees, volunteers, lawyers and agents. Really what Scientology is doing to me is equivalent to the “Church of Nazism” having a person fined and jailed by U.S. courts for cooperating with or assisting or advising Jewish individuals, groups or agencies, since the Nazi “religionists” would view all Jews as aligned against them and contemplating adverse activities.

          Because Scientology has chosen to classify itself as a “religion,” its determination of persons or organizations that are aligned against it, or might be contemplating an activity adverse to its interests, is necessarily according to “religious” criteria. Human or civil rights statutes, almost universally, parallel the guaranteeing of equal rights and protections to people of all religions or religious denominations with the guaranteeing of equal rights and protections to people of all races, national origins, ages or genders. Thus, what Scientology is doing to me is parallel to fining and jailing a person for cooperating with, for example, black people, or Tartar people, or old people, or women. What Scientology is doing to me is parallel to fining and jailing a person for assisting or advising classes of people determined by race, such as Asians, classes determined by nationality, such as Germans, or classes determined by age or gender, such as elderly men. Prohibiting cooperation with classes of people determined by racial, national, age, gender or “religious” criteria, or prohibiting the advising or assisting of any of these classes, is, by any civilized standard, unlawful and repulsive.

           Compounding the odiousness of its prohibitions, Scientology claims that it and the members of its “religiously” determined class may attack me and other members of my class – the “religiously” determined “ suppressive persons” - and I may not respond. If I do respond to defend myself or other members of my class, Scientology claims that I must pay it and its class $50,000 and be jailed. This condition is equivalent to a white supremacist cult and its members being able, by U.S. court order, to fair game a black person and his people, without the black person being able to respond. If the black man responds to defend himself or the class of persons being attacked, he must pay the white supremacists $50,000 and be jailed. This concept is slavery by color, while Scientology’s goal is slavery by “religion.”

          Only malevolent organizations like Scientology or white supremacist cults would desire such a repugnant societal condition. The U.S. is the only country in the civilized world where such a condition sought by one of its “ religions” is supported and advanced by the national government. That the U.S., enjoying its superpower status, is exporting this concept by championing Scientology’ s right to persecute people, including its own citizens, as “ religious expression,” and by condemning countries that oppose this “ religious” persecution, is a global reproach and threat. If Scientology is the only U.S. “ religion” empowered by the courts and government to persecute people with impunity, to have them fined and jailed for mentioning their religious beliefs, or to punish them for cooperating with or assisting a class of citizens who are also being persecuted, then by this favoritism, in violation of its own Constitution, as unthinkable as it is, the U.S. Government has made Scientology that country’s State Religion.

           Scientology is not a religion, however, but a profit-motivated multinational business enterprise involved in criminal activities and employing a sophisticated intelligence network. Thus what this organization is doing to me is equivalent to fining someone $50,000 and jailing him for mentioning the mafia or defending himself against the mafiosi who are trying to destroy him. Indeed what Scientology is doing to me is a felony under U.S. Federal law, specifically U.S.Code Title 18, Chapter 13 (Civil Rights), Section 241 (Conspiracy Against Rights), which states:

          "If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same; [ …]
"They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both;"

          See, e.g., http://www4.law.cornell.edu/uscode/18/241.html

          The rights or privileges secured to me by the U.S. Constitution or laws, that the Scientology cultists and their agents have conspired to injure or threaten me into not exercising and punish me for exercising, include freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of association, due process, the litigant’s privilege, attorney-client privilege, doctor-patient privilege, clergyman- penitent privilege, and freedom from slavery. What Scientology seeks to impose on me, under color of the authority of the U.S. courts, is a new state of “ legalized” slavery, wherein the slave may be fair gamed, may not respond, and will be punished without legal self-defense if he does respond. It is a slave condition concocted by high priced, diabolically clever lawyers doing the bidding of a criminally motivated slaver cult.

          I am not the only person that Scientology seeks to enslave by contract, court orders, threat and fair game. There are thousands of individuals around the world whom the organization similarly seeks to shudder into silence. When I speak out against Scientology’s fair game and slavery, therefore, I speak out not only for myself but also for those thousands of other people who are this organization’s fair game victims and slaves, and who are my “ religiously,” socially and legally determined “class.” I am often called upon to communicate or testify about my experiences with Scientology and my knowledge of its practices, particularly its fair game and slavery doctrines; in fact the Ekaterinburg Archdiocese invited me to its Conference for that purpose.

Scientology’s Destruction of Human Rights

          As Scientology’s Application shows, its orders that fine and jail me and its warrants for my arrest, even though they are unlawful, have given the organization’s leaders an ideal channel for their fair game campaign against me around the world. As the Application also shows, Scientology uses its unlawful orders and warrants to vilify and attack other people by association with me. This fair game campaign against me, now over twenty-one years in duration, is cruel, debilitating and dangerous. Nevertheless, I am grateful to God that the Scientology cultists obtained their orders and warrants against me, because they show to the whole world, beyond any doubt, what this organization’s true aims are. In its pursuit of world domination, Scientology seeks the wholesale destruction of individual human rights.

           Scientology proclaims publicly that it is an advocate and fighter for human rights. But this is belied utterly by what the organization is attempting to do to me. The actual rights that Scientology seeks are the right of its corporations to destroy individual human rights and the right of its agents to fair game people with impunity. Scientology seeks a set of anti-human rights, which, in my opinion, no country should grant or tolerate. The support the U.S. Administration and the U.S. justice system are giving to the Scientology organization’s anti-human rights activities is a blot on that great nation’s human rights record. The U.S. Government’s condemnation of pro-human rights actions by thinking nations that oppose and limit Scientology’s anti-human rights activities is a disgrace.

          In its “ creed,” which Scientology uses in its public proclamations of its religiosity” and “humanitarianism,” the organization states in pertinent part:

          "We of the Church believe:
That all men of whatever race, color or creed were created with equal rights; …
That all men have inalienable rights to conceive, choose, assist or support their own organizations, churches and governments;…
That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others;…
And that no agency less than God has the power to suspend or set aside these rights, overtly or covertly.” http://www.scientology.org/world/worldeng/corp/creed.htm

          Yet Scientology willfully and constantly violates each of these tenets in what it is doing to me, and to countless other individuals. Scientology’s “ creed” is a complete fraud. That this fraud is organization- wide, and that virtually every Scientologist knowingly lies about the organization’s aims, is demonstrated by the fact that every Scientology corporation and group in every country and all of their directors, officers, employees, volunteers, lawyers and agents are willing beneficiaries of the unlawful “ contracts,” court orders and warrants against me that so manifestly violate their own “creed.”

          The Scientologists’ purposeful violation of their own “creed” by their “contract” with me, moreover, is not limited to the suppression or destruction of only my human rights. Scientology claims, in pursuit of its unlawful goals, that any person or organization that does anything to “enable” me to defend myself against the cult’s black PR and other fair game attacks is subject to the same punishment of being fined and jailed. Similarly, Scientology claims that any person or organization that does anything to “ enable” me to “ cooperate” with any group aligned against the cult is subject to being fined and jailed. And Scientology claims that any person or organization that does anything to “enable” me to assist or advise any individuals, partnerships, associations, corporations, or governmental agencies, which are involved in or even contemplating any activity adverse to the interests of the cult, is subject to being fined and jailed. Scientology brandishes one of its many efforts to enforce this “enablement” condition in the $10, 050,000 lawsuit the cult filed against Robert Minton, the Lisa McPherson Trust and me in April 2002.

          Thus, according to Scientology, if Archbishop Vincent invited me to Ekaterinburg and enabled me to speak about the cult’s fair game doctrine at that city’s Conference on Totalitarian Cults, which he did, the Archbishop is to be fined and jailed. If Scientology considered that the Russian Orthodox Church is aligned against it, which I pray it is, and if someone drove me to a service in an Orthodox Church at which I cooperated, my driver is to be jailed and fined. If a member of the Russian Government invited me to speak to Parliament or to other government agencies about, for example, Scientology’s criminal activities or intelligence network, that official is to be fined and jailed. If people provide me with a telephone, or an Internet connection, a place to sleep, a meal or a drink of water, or any other kindness that enables me to continue to “ violate” Scientology’s unlawful “ contract” and orders, those persons are to be fined and jailed. Even a lawyer, who might take my case to correct the injustice that the organization is perpetrating in the U.S. courts, could be summarily fined and jailed, since that lawyer would be enabling me to violate Scientology’s unlawful orders.

          These scenarios or conditions that are contemplated by Scientology’s “ contract” and court orders are, of course, juridically and socially intolerable, and even insane. But then Scientology’s goal of world domination and its means of achieving that goal, by the obliteration of human rights, are also intolerable and, in this era of almost universal awareness of human rights, insane. The U.S. forwards Scientology’s anti-human rights activities and even the cult’s clear and on-going violations of federal criminal laws by the grant of “religion” status, with all the privileges and benefits, including tax exemption, that are conferred on pro- human rights religions, and by the condemnation of nations that stand up to Scientology’s anti- human rights and criminal agenda.

          In its defense and support of Scientology, the U.S. has turned its back on the people it should, by its own Constitution and laws, be defending and supporting: the victims whose human rights Scientology seeks to eradicate. I pray that someone in the U.S. Government comes to realize that his or her country’s decision to endorse Scientology and forsake its victims is horribly wrong.

Scientology Moscow’s 2001 Black PR Letters

          The letter of April 20, 2001 from Scientology’s Moscow organization office to various officials and the media in Nizhny Novgorod (URL Above) contains accusations of my being in violation of the orders the cult obtained in the California State Court that are similar to the accusations in the Ekaterinburg Scientology Office’s Application for criminal prosecution. The 2001 letter also makes the assertion that I “was to be brought before the court and held accountable for anti-religious propaganda.” This is untrue, and patent black propaganda. Scientology used and is using the California Court to have me fined and jailed for nothing more than telling the truth.

          The truth I am telling contains no anti-religious propaganda whatsoever; although it includes the truth about Scientology’s own anti-religious propaganda, and anti- religious practices, policies and nature. I am a defender and lover of religion. And because I am, I am also an opponent of organizations such as Scientology, which dishonestly call themselves “religions” in order to obtain the benefits and privileges conferred on legitimate religions and to avoid legal accountability for their anti-religious, anti-human rights and antisocial actions.

           Scientology states in its April 20, 2001 letter that I am a “criminal element, ” and “a foreign criminal.” This is false, defamatory and dangerous. The cult sent this letter or a similar one to several Russian officials and agencies, including the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Federal Security Service, with the clear intention of convincing all of them that I am a “ criminal” and that they should act against me as a “criminal.” I am a law-abiding Canadian citizen, presently residing in Germany, who respects and loves his fellow man. I have never been convicted or even charged with a crime; although Scientology has attempted many times over many years to have me charged with crimes based on “ evidence” the cult itself manufactured. Even the unlawful court orders that Scientology has obtained against me in the U.S. are “civil” orders and not “criminal.” I am an ordinary, peaceful person, who believes in the absolute equality of all human beings, and who has been labeled a “criminal” by Scientology to facilitate further fair game pursuant to that criminal doctrine. With this letter’s lies, Scientology is trying to get the Russian authorities to do its dirty work.

          In its 2001 letter, Scientology threatens that the Governor of Nizhny Novgorod Province, other city and regional authorities, and the Orthodox Diocese were putting their good names at risk for receiving me, “a foreign criminal.” I am not a criminal, and no one’s good name was or is put at risk by receiving me or association with me; except as such people are black PRed by the Scientology cult. The Nizhny Novgorod Conference organizers are similarly black PRed and threatened when Scientology asks that they be investigated to find out who invited me, and who did not inform the government that I am “a criminal element.” I am in no way whatsoever a criminal element, and, since I am not a criminal element, no one had any duty or legitimate reason to inform the government that I am. The Scientologists “informed” the government that I am a “ criminal element, ” when I am not, because Scientology survives, flourishes and prospers by lies, which are an indispensable part of fair game.

           Scientology’s also bases its threat, that, by receiving me, Nizhny Novgorod Province “could be reduced to a proving ground for religious fighting and appear in an unfavorable light to other countries,” on the cult’s own lie that I am a “foreign criminal.” Since I am not a foreign criminal, the real threat was that Scientology, a thoroughly irreligious organization, would itself generate this “religious fighting” in Nizhny Novgorod and generate the black PR to harm the area’s reputation. Indeed, this is precisely what Scientology is doing with its letter, which black PRs me as a “ criminal” and consequently black PRs the conference organizers and participants by association with me.

           Scientology obtained its unlawful “contract” with me by unlawful means. Based on its unlawful “contract,” the cult obtained unlawful “ civil” orders fining and jailing me. Here in its black PR letter, Scientology is using its unlawfully obtained unlawful orders to unlawfully threaten Russian officials, the Orthodox diocese and the conference organizers, and to unlawfully subject me to the risk of unjustified persecution by Russian security and law enforcement authorities.

          Following the 2001 Nizhny Novgord Conference, I spent a few days in Moscow, and took the opportunity to go to the Scientology office there and to speak with the writer of the cult’s black PR letter, Julia Maratovna Azbenova, to try to get her to correct the lies she was disseminating about me and other conference participants. Ms. Azbenova was unsympathetic and obdurate, and refused to correct her lies. Reflecting its overweening ambition to eliminate and punish any effort to rectify its black propaganda, or just an effort to communicate with its black propagandists, Scientology now seeks in its latest lawsuit to force me to pay $50,000 because I “went to [Scientology’s] regional office in Moscow and asked to speak with an executive.” http://www.gerryarmstrong.org/50grand/legal/a7/breaches.html (“ Breach” No. 192)

          Even after I met with Ms. Azbenova and asked her to correct the black PR that she had been spreading about me and other people at the conference, she disseminated another black PR letter about us, dated May 8, 2001, this time to the Russian Federation Plenipotentiary for Human Rights Oleg Orestovich Mironov, to the national media, and to Russian human rights organizations. As is typical in Scientology black PR, Ms. Azbenova accused her targets, the conference participants, of doing what in reality her cult does: “trying to destroy the Constitutional structure of [any] country, and encroaching on the freedom of faith.” Perversely, she praised the human rights destroying Scientologists for “ protecting freedom of conscience,” when in reality the conference participants were the ones protecting freedom of conscience by exposing and opposing her cult’ s efforts to destroy that freedom.
http://www.gerryarmstrong.org/50grand/cult/osa-ltr-2001-05-08.html http://www.gerryarmstrong.org/50grand/cult/osa-ltr-2001-05-08-en.html

          That the Scientologist protesters in Nizhny Novgorod, according to Ms Azbenova, carried signs quoting Article 28 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation is also illustrative of standard Scientological hypocrisy. This Article, as provided on the R.F.’s website states:

          “ Everyone shall be guaranteed the freedom of conscience, the freedom of religion, including the right to profess individually or together with other any religion or to profess no religion at all, to freely choose, possess and disseminate religious and other views and act according to them.”  http://www.constitution.ru/en/10003000-03.htm

           Scientology and practically every Scientologist in the world obstinately and glaringly violate the Russian Constitution in what they are doing to silence me, even in Russia. See, e.g., Nos. 190, 191, 192, 194 on “ Breaches” list, for each of which the cult seeks $50,000. http://www.gerryarmstrong.org/50grand/legal/a7/breaches.html

The U.S.A.’s Support of Scientology Criminality

          In its April 20, 2001 letter, Scientology states that it handed the information about my arrival in Russia for the Nizhny Novgorod Conference to the U.S. Embassy in Moscow so that U.S. officials could take the necessary measures to detain me. At first glance, this threat by the Scientology cult is absurd, because U.S. Foreign Service personnel have no legal authority to detain or apprehend anyone in Russia outside their own embassy or consular offices. This absurdity, however, contains within it a real threat, because, quite obviously, it is made in a letter to Russian officials to impress them with the truthfulness and urgency of Scientology’s lies that I am “a criminal element,” “a foreign criminal” and a “ fugitive from justice” in the U.S.A. The cult’s letter implies that I am such a dangerous “criminal” that the U.S. Embassy and U.S. Government are looking for the opportunity to nab me and would welcome Russian security and law enforcement officials mobilizing to nab me for the U.S.

           Scientology’s statement that it had handed information to the U.S. Embassy to facilitate their capturing me in Russia is revealing, not only as a black PR stratagem to “confirm” me as a wanted “ criminal” to the Russian authorities, but also as an indicator of the relationship the cult enjoys with U.S. authorities. For the past decade, the U.S. Government has supported Scientology, while throughout this period the organization has fair gamed countless individuals, including U.S. citizens, in flagrant violation of U.S. Federal criminal laws. This ill-advised and constitutionally impermissible government support has clearly emboldened the Scientologists to the point where they apparently believe that even U.S. personnel in foreign countries will act on completely false information against the cult’s fair game targets.

          Tragically , the U.S. government has done much more than merely stand by and watch as the Scientology cult fair gamed decent people. The U.S. made it possible for fair game to be practiced with virtual impunity by providing Scientology with the ideal intelligence cover, complete with false identity papers: official “religion” status. In 1993, with full knowledge of its real nature and activities – an anti-democratic espionage cult intent on the eradication of human rights – the U.S. Government pronounced Scientology to be a bona fide “ religion,” and thereby bestowed upon it all the privileges and protections the U.S. gives to religions that are not intelligence cults and that do not seek to destroy human rights. The official recognition as a “religion” also included the grant of tax exemption, which meant that Scientology had even more millions to carry out its intelligence operations and to fair game its “enemies,” all with the blessing of the U.S. Government as “protected religious expression.”

          In my opinion, the U.S. is actively supporting Scientology, and furnished it with the “ religion” cover for its espionage and anti-human rights activities, just because it is a global cult of intelligence, does spy on people, companies and governments, and does trample on rights and violate laws in pursuit of its totalitarian goals. It is beyond argument that the U.S. Government was aware of Scientology’s intelligence network and activities, because the Government was itself the target of these activities, and in 1977 conducted a raid involving some one hundred fifty F.B.I. agents on the cult’s intelligence bureau offices in Los Angeles, California and Washington, D.C.

          As a result of Scientology’s espionage activities, including the burglary or infiltration of over a hundred state or federal offices, evidence of which was seized by the F.B.I. during their raid, eleven organization intelligence personnel, including Mary Sue Hubbard, the wife of then director Hubbard, were prosecuted in U.S. Federal Court and sentenced to prison. In a major story on Scientology in the May 6, 1991 Time Magazine, Ted Gunderson, former head of the F.B.I.’s Los Angeles office, was quoted as saying:

          "In my opinion the church has one of the most effective intelligence operations in the U.S., rivaling even that of the FBI."

See, e.g., http://www.primechoice.com/philosophy/shelp/timemag.htm


           Unquestionably, in modern times national intelligence services have installed agents in churches, used clerics as operatives, or provided operatives with a religious cover for intelligence purposes. But the U.S.’s 1993 Scientology decision is perhaps the only instance where an entire intelligence organization has been declared a “religion” to cloak and facilitate its espionage operations.

          It is true that Scientology had been calling itself a “religion” and fighting legal battles for “religious” status since it incorporated its first “church” in the 1950’s. Ironically, Hubbard expanded Scientology’s core intelligence activities, and transformed his organization, which had been essentially a clinic selling fraudulent cures and bogus superhuman powers, into a global intelligence operation in order to combat and eliminate opposition to, among other false claims, his pretension that his clinic was “religion.” Hubbard determined that his organization’s security, power and even wealth derived from intelligence and having an intelligence structure, activity and mentality, not from being or doing anything “religious.” The “ religious image” cloaked intelligence.

          The U.S. Government, however, until 1993 had seen through and brushed aside Scientology’s “religious” cloak, prosecuted and imprisoned its personnel for espionage activities, and refused to grant it tax exemption. The U.S. authorities were completely aware of fair game, and of Scientology’s history of criminal actions against its targeted “ enemies,” especially U.S. citizens. The U.S. also knew that, following the F.B.I.’s 1977 raid and the resulting criminal prosecution and incarcerations, Scientology had not altered its intelligence mindset or curtailed its intelligence operations. The cult had merely renamed the organization division that contained the intelligence core from the Guardian’s Office (GO) to the Office of Special Affairs (OSA), hired more outside private investigators and agents into the network, “ laundered” their work product through more lawyers, and continued its espionage activities unabated.

          There was no compelling or legal reason for the U.S. Government, after opposing and successfully rejecting Scientology’s efforts to gain “ religion” and tax exempt status for many years, to grant that status in 1993. Indeed, the raid of Scientology premises in 1977, prosecution of its intelligence operatives, judicial cognizance of crimes against the Internal Revenue Service (I.R.S.) in the 1980’s, and the major legal triumphs by the U.S. Justice Department and I.R.S. against the cult, should have compelled the U.S. Government to act against Scientology to curb its abuses and criminality, rather than reward its obnoxiousness with “religious” privileges, protections and tax exemption.

          It may never be known exactly why the U.S. formed the corrupt relationship with Scientology they have had since 1993, or what exactly the relationship is, simply because it is corrupt, and therefore, of necessity, secret. Certainly, the U.S. did not provide the organization with its “ religious” status and cloak to promote “religious freedom,” since Scientology’s clear intent, established even by what the cultists were attempting to do with me alone before 1993, was the destruction of all civil freedoms, religion included. The I.R.S. was much more than just aware of me and my relationship with Scientology, as is evidenced by the cult’s own statements in its I.R.S. Form 1023 submission, on which the grant of tax exemption was “ officially” based. < a href= "http://www.gerryarmstrong.org/50grand/cult/irs/index.html"> http://www.gerryarmstrong.org/50grand/cult/irs/index.html

           Scientology’s 1023 submission contains lies and disgusting black PR about me, which the I.R.S. knew or should have known were untrue. Additionally, the I.R.S. and Justice Department were painfully aware, from decades of experience, including thousands of legal proceedings, that Scientology had a policy, practice and long history of lying, submitting false documents and obstructing justice. For this reason alone, the cult’s 1023 submission should not have been believed, and should not have resulted in the grant of tax exemption. More reasonably, Scientology should have been prosecuted for its effort to perpetrate yet another fraud upon the U.S. Government.

          The importance Scientology placed on its black PRing of me in its submission to the I.R.S., during a time, it should be noted, when the cult was insisting that I was prohibited by its “contract” from responding to its lies, is shown in its comment that “the [Internal Revenue] Service has continuously thrust the Armstrong case at us, demanding an explanation.” Scientology’s “explanation” to the I.R.S. is pages of lies. My chance discovery in January 1997 of this black PR on me in Scientology’s 1023 submission, which, it should also be noted, the cult withheld from me in violation of California State Court “ discovery” orders, and my shock upon reading the document and what this particular black PR portended, were what precipitated my leaving the U.S. at that time and moving to Canada.

          If the I.R.S. and the U.S. Government believed Scientology’s falsehoods in the submission on which the cult’s tax exemption is “ officially” based, then Scientology obtained its tax exemption, and “ religion” status, by fraud. In my opinion, however, the I.R.S. and the Government did not believe Scientology’s lies at all, but declared it to be a “ religion” and gave it tax exemption for a reason much more abominable than administrative gullibility. I believe that the U.S. Government made Scientology’s “religious” cloak official, and made its activities tax exempt, just because the U.S. knew Scientology was lying, knew it was not a religion, and knew that it was in essence, in function and in fact an intelligence organization.

          In my opinion, the available information leads to the conclusion that a strategic decision was made within the U.S. Administration and intelligence community to stop opposing Scientology and instead to embrace it and use it as an intelligence asset. Morality and human rights aside, it undoubtedly makes sense for the Government to bring “one of the most effective intelligence operations in the U.S., rivaling even that of the FBI," to stop digging up dirt and running ops on the Government’s own personnel and agencies, and stop consuming Government resources. To do this, and to hide the actual reasons for its strategic decision, the U.S. Government would have to pretend to believe Scientology’s lies, and agree to be defrauded, which the U.S. has done. The Government’s pretended belief of Scientology’s lies, necessarily also “officially” validates the cult’ s black PR attacks on individuals; as, for example, has happened with the lies and black PR on me in the cult’s 1023 submission.  (See, e.g., the New York Times article of March 9, 1997 regarding the astonishing deal between Scientology and the I.R.S. and ops against U.S. Government employees. http://www-2.cs.cmu.edu/~dst/Cowen/essays/nytimes.html; http://www.pewid.ch/SCI/16rich.html)

          To achieve the cessation of Scientology’s fair gaming of the U.S. Government’s personnel and agencies, which has happened, the Government has permitted the cult to continue to fair game individual citizens, as its attacks on me since 1993 demonstrate. The U.S. has also clearly permitted the cult to continue to attack and run intelligence operations on governments of other countries and their personnel. To achieve and maintain its alliance with Scientology, the U.S. would have to, as I mentioned, put aside morality and human rights considerations, which the U.S. has obviously done. To maintain the pretense that the U.S. believed Scientology’s lies, and declared the cult a “religion” and granted it tax exemption because its lies were believed, the U.S. would oppose any country that sought to restrain the cult’s antisocial or anti-democratic activities, and condemn any such restraints as violations of “religious freedom; which the U.S. has also most definitely done.

          In my opinion, any country, company or organization is justified in viewing Scientology as a U.S. intelligence operation, and in dealing with Scientologists and their agents as intelligence operatives whose interests are antithetical to the country’s interests. In my opinion, any country is justified in barring Scientologists and their agents from judicial, law enforcement, military and government positions and from employment in companies or industries involved in activities relating to national security matters. Scientologists are required to participate in Scientology’s intelligence activities in order to remain Scientologists “in good standing.” Consequently, it is reasonable to assume that their allegiance to their non-Scientologist employer, to their governments or to their countries is compromised and is subordinate to their allegiance to their Scientology masters.

          By identifying Scientology as an intelligence cult and by treating its personnel and agents as spies, it may be possible to get the U.S. to reconsider the decision it made to support this cult. It may be possible to bring the U.S. authorities to realize that their declaring Scientology to be a “ religion” and granting it tax exemption, for the purpose of enabling the cult’s espionage and fair game activities, in violation of the Constitution and Federal laws, was extremely unwise, and must be undone. I do not believe that Scientology will ever reform as long as it has the support of the U.S. Government it now enjoys. Certainly, until that illegitimate support is removed, I will have no peace on earth and will be forever threatened by both Scientology and the U.S. authorities. As will thousands of other fair game victims.

Requests to Remedy the Scientology Problem

          I ask that the responsible Russian authorities recognize that Scientology made its Application for criminal prosecution in bad faith, that the Application contains false statements that the Scientologists knew to be false. And I ask that on this basis Scientology’s Application be rejected.

          I ask that, as permitted by Russian law, a copy of any documents relating to me that have been received from Scientology, its representatives or agents be forwarded to me so that I may have the opportunity to respond to the false statements about me that these documents necessarily contain.

          I ask that the Russian authorities conduct an investigation into Scientology’s teachings and activities that violate the “Rights and Freedoms of Man and Citizen” as guaranteed by the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Scientology is not a “humanitarian center,” as it calls itself in Russia, but an anti-human rights espionage cult. L. Ron Hubbard was not a “ humanitarian,” but a misanthrope, who was declared judicially to be a pathological liar.

          I ask that the Russian authorities investigate Scientology as an intelligence organization operated from the U.S. It gathers intelligence information on Russian citizens, companies and the Government, transmits that information to the U.S., and cloaks its anti-Constitutional intelligence intentions and activities with “religion.”

          I ask that the U.S. authorities act to remedy the travesty of justice that Scientology has perpetrated against me in the California courts, in the U.S. and in the world.

          I ask that the responsible U.S. authorities forward to me copies of any documents relating to me that have been received from Scientology, its representatives or agents, as I know they have been, so that I may respond to the false statements that these documents contain.

          I ask that the U.S. authorities take the steps necessary to withdraw all support for Scientology’s intelligence and fair game activities, withdraw the official recognition of the cult as a “religion, and withdraw its IRS tax exemption.

          I ask that the U.S. authorities act to legally and publicly oppose Scientology’s efforts to suppress or destroy individual rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and laws, and to defend individuals whose rights the cult has trampled on, or who are its fair game victims.

          I ask that Scientologists dismiss their organization’s unlawful legal actions against me, eliminate the unlawful conditions in its “ contract” that seek to strip me of my human rights, cancel their organization’s unlawful court injunctions, and withdraw its unlawful arrest warrants.

          I ask that Scientologists publicly, honestly and forever repudiate fair game in all its ugly forms.

          I ask that Scientologists repudiate black PR, and tell the truth about their black propaganda victims.

          I ask that Scientologists stop completely and forever their organization’s violations of individual human rights in every country.

          I ask that Scientologists discontinue forever the practice of obtaining and keeping personal, private information on people for control, blackmail or for any other unholy purpose.

          I ask that, if Scientologists wish to have Scientology continue to be an intelligence organization, they cease calling it a “religion.” And I ask that, if Scientologists wish to have Scientology actually be a religion, they cease being an intelligence organization.




Gerry Armstrong
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Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.

Yours sincerely,


Signature Gerry Armstrong 03-19-2003

Article [Russian]
Also here: [Russian] http: //www.nevskiy.orthodoxy.ru/center/sprav/satanism/habbard/habbard9.htm
"A scientologist said that scientological centers are open for the members of this totalitarian sect only"

Media Article [Russian]
"The discussion between orthodox and scientologists became impossible: "The Urals Center Dianetics" has once again demonstrated the totalitarian character of its activity".



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