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David Miscavige
Religious Technology Center
1710 Ivar Avenue, Suite 1100
Los Angeles, CA 90028 U.S.A.
March 13, 2008

Also by E-mail

Dear Mr. Miscavige:

Although you get everything I write that your agents can get, and even
steal, the last time I wrote you directly, I believe, was November
2006. You'll recall that I expressed my concern about your black PR
campaign to label, position, vilify and fair game me as an
"anti-religious extremist." I asked you, I'm sure you remember, to
take down your black PR pages on me on your hate sites that you use in
this nefarious campaign. In the admittedly unlikely likelihood that
you were actually be so demented that you actually knew not what you
were doing, I spelled out that the clear and unlawful reason that you
have positioned and labeled me on these sites as an anti-religious
extremist is to facilitate my obliteration.

You didn't respond, as a responsible person would have done, which was
not unexpected, because, as I pointed out, you had been for some time
identified as a sociopath. Your non-response, of course, only adds to
the evidence of your sociopathy. Within the last month, I'm sure you
know, one of your former juniors in recent times, Jeff Hawkins, has
spoken out publicly about you physically assaulting him and others.
Since I wrote you, Larry Brennan has also spoken out about your
behavior that classifies as sociopathic.

I believe that your current handling and nano-management of the
Anonymous phenomenon is incitement to violence. It is sociopathically
irresponsible of you to not deal with your organization's
unconscionable policies, practices and activities that provide anyone,
Anonymous or Non, with ample reason to oppose you and your
organization. It is moreover wickedly irresponsible that your
treatment and handling of people's legitimate criticisms of
Scientology, and your response to legitimate, orderly protests of your
orgs, is to label the people criminals and terrorists and blame them
for a manufactured list of crimes and threats.

I am not Anonymous, and, as you know, I cannot be. I do not know, it
goes without saying, who any Anonymous are. If they are a group of any
sort, I oppose as unwise and ultimately unsafe their determination or
affirmation to not forgive, if they still hold to it. Willful
non-forgiveness, of course, is a core belief and practice of
Scientology, and is an essential element of sociopathy. Many Anonymous
may in fact not know what they're doing, even to themselves, when they
say they do not forgive and embrace non-forgiveness as some sort of
virtue. You, on the sinister other hand, know what you're doing when
you prohibit forgiveness and even punish it with Suppressive Person
declares. I believe that true forgiveness is the point between the
conscienceless and the conscienceful, and is the most important skill
humans can acquire and practice.

Although I disagree with Anonymous on the forgiveness concept, we do
share reasons for opposing your organization and we share goals in the
global opposition to your organization. My goals, which are really
yours to achieve or thwart, are more specific perhaps than whatever
Anonymous' goals at this time are for Scientology, probably because
I've been opposing your cult for so long I've distilled my goals down
to this easily attainable five, which I published last year:

1. Release everyone from any restraint, whether legal, financial,
social, mental or spiritual, that prohibits them from speaking freely
about their experiences and knowledge of any kind. In my case
specifically, that means ending all efforts to enforce your
"contract," cancelling it, and acknowledging and taking care of the
damage done by this contract and the efforts to enforce it.

2. Repudiate the "Suppressive Person" doctrine.
This would mean, clearly, the cessation of the execution of the SP
doctrine, which constitutes Fair Game. The doctrine is, of course,
your scriptural justification for your black propaganda and
instigation of violence against Anonymous at this time, and against
good people at any time.

3. Pay reparations to everyone harmed in any way by Scientology's or
Scientologists' or their agents' application of the SP doctine. That's
easy; Scientology has vast wealth and real estate holdings to attain
this goal.

4. With whatever is left, pay back Scientology's fraud victims. Many
of your victims, I'm sure, will swear to the end that they were not
defrauded, so there should be plenty of money to pay your cult's
victims who do say they were defrauded. Caroline, as you know, was
defrauded and says she was defrauded, so you should pay her
immediately. She showed great character and resolve in breaking free
of your brainwash to confront the fact that she had been defrauded and
to demand a refund. Every Scientologist should respect her for that
courageous action, and you should cease stopping the Scientology orgs
under you that defrauded her from refunding her money.

5. Tell the truth. Any wog with a clue knows when you're lying, or
when your Scientologist familiars or your agents lie. You degrade
everyone with every lie that any of your minions tell. Tell the truth,
David Miscavige. And tell everyone under you to tell the truth.

These five goals are terribly simple and easily achievable. Good,
non-sociopathic organizations and people everywhere already and
naturally do these things, and don't require people protesting, masked
or not, to force them or embarrass them into doing these simple and
easy things. No wog, anonymous or not, is preventing any Scientologist
from speaking freely about their experiences or knowledge. It is the
Scientologists, who will commit immoral, criminal acts to suppress and
destroy good people's and good organizations' basic human rights.
Astonishingly, the only real impediment is you, and the only real
reason for your intransigence is your common sociopathy.

I know, however, that sociopathy can be transformed, or replaced, and
I'd be glad to help get you moving on the program.


Gerry Armstrong
#2-46298 Yale Road
Chilliwack, B.C. V2P 2P6

© Gerry Armstrong


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