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November 11, 1996

Andrew H. Wilson, Esquire
Wilson, Ryan & Campilongo
115 Sansome Street, Suite 400
San Francisco, CA 94104

Dear Mr. Wilson:

           In answer to your communication of October 23, 1996, God
moves His people. Recently there was the message that a court of
man's laws had ordered San Francisco to forsake its cross on its
hill as all too Christian. More recently I learned that Los
Angeles was selling a street name altogether too Scientological.
I could do aught else but ask the city to consider its actions.

           L. Ron Hubbard "joked" that he was the antichrist, and his
organization to this day has not repudiated his antichristian
blasphemy. He didn't teach wisdom, and his knowledge became but
stupidity. God would save all, Scientologist and
Nonscientologist alike, from foolishness. Wouldn't you, if you
were me, reach out and ask the LA City Council to stop and think,
for wisdom's sake?

           This is not to leave unacknowledged that L. Ron Hubbard was
a writer, a philosopher and a child of God, and he drove a car,
for goodness sake, just like me. I am grateful that God sent us
to each other. But wisdom would not have me threaten you with
legal action for asking a city council to consider the meaning of
renaming one of its streets Gerry Armstrong Rue. Do reconsider
what you really want, and also ask David Miscavige to please
respond to the letters I've sent him.

           Years ago on a number of occasions, when I had the chance
and thought about it, once in a while I had the good sense to ask
for wisdom. After a time I was smart enough to understand what I
had been asking for. Apparently not everyone, and possibly not
even most people, ask for it, or even know that it's available.
Asking for it, or having it, does not make one special. Jesus
Christ is special because He is wisdom.

           In the Scientology organization it was a crime to seek
wisdom, and people who did seek it were isolated and dealt with
as if they were "psychotic." But God limits everyone's
stupidity, and even after all that time in Scientology I heard
again of wisdom and then learned joyfully that it is available
and free.

           It is neither an extraordinary nor damning fact that I have
been stupid and wasted many of wisdom's golden opportunities.
Nevertheless, it would be foolish of any court, I still believe,
to actually order me to be stupid. I have been acting for years

Andrew H. Wilson, Esquire
November 7, 1996
Page 2   /

           with judicious responses to legalistic charges in the faith that
our judges will be brought to embrace wisdom. At God's pleasure
they sit in His seat to speak His words. If I had not wanted
wisdom, I might not have known from stupidity and remained a
fool. Knowing wisdom in the age of stupidity is the blessing and
message of prophets.

           I have conveyed to everyone - the LA City Council, the Mayor,
the courts, David Miscavige and you included - as I have been
called, and as a prophet would I should think in this brief
period on the edge of the Age of Wisdom, the words as I listen to
them. Some of that wisdom concerns Scientology, and it could
have been no other way, for God has not cut off the
Scientologists' remnant, but yet sends them His eternal message.

           Your leaders have not seen wisdom in my words, and will not.
Those who depend on the sale and success of stupidity have only
for now an easy market. The sun shines and rain falls on all and
stupidity makes life needlessly threatening for the stupid and
wise alike. Wisdom's Source, of course, is not threatened.
He sends His messengers where it appears wisdom has been
vanquished, for stupidity is the more dangerous of human
conditions, and His children call to Him when in danger.

           He saves His children from the perils of stupidity if they
but look to Him. It is not God's Will that anyone stumble on
wisdom, but that its Source be known, for wisdom is above all
else from Him. We are on its very threshold, and still in plenty
of time. We know to pray, for that we are to do without ceasing.

           I have I imagine not said why my letter to the LA City
Council does not violate Judge Thomas's order as you imagine I
should, but I imagine as well that you already know why. Rather
than extend stupidity then I have said something of wisdom,
which, I know you will agree, is a far better thing.

Yours patiently,



Gerry Armstrong
[former address]

cc: Graham E. Berry, Esquire (w/enclosures)



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