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World news
Dangerous Cults
No. 27
December 13, 2002




At 12 noon Thursday, 12 December 2002, in Yekaterinburg, Gerald Armstrong made an attempt to visit the local Ural Dianetics Center.

Gerald Armstrong, former personal archivist for the founder of the Scientology totalitarian cult who spent twelve and a half years of his life in the cult,visited Yekaterinburg in the capacity of guest of honor at the international science-practical conference "Totalitarian Cults - Threat of Religious Extremism. The conference was put on by the Yekaterinburg diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church under the aegis of the authority of representative of RF president in the Ural Federal district, P. M. Latysheva.

Upon the conference's completion, Gerald Armstrong, who exactly twenty-one years ago left the cult and since that time is declared its worst enemy, decided to celebrate this anniversay by visiting the Ural Dianetics Center. Armstrong wanted to tell Scientologists why each member of the cult was instructed to hate him, what the true reasons were that they conducted the hunt for him all over the world and to let them know that Scientology, in spite of all its promises, did not work.

On this visit Gerald Armstrong was accomanied by a representative of the Berlin-Brandenburg Evangelical-Lutheran Church, Pastor Thomas Gandow, chairman of the missionary department of the Yekaterinburg Diocese clergyman Vladimir Zaitsev and several department employees, along with cultology professor Alexandr Dvorkin (Moscow), Deacon Mikhael Plotnikov (Moscow), vice president of the "Dialog" Eastern European legal center for families and individuals Pavel Broide (Zaporoshe, Ukraine) and chairman of the Missionary Department of the Ufimski diocese Maksim Stepanenko.

At the door of the Dianetics Center, access was blocked by a thug with a broken nose, who told them that they could not enter the premises. This in spite of the fact that it was indicated on sign hung by the door that the Center was open for all, and that access to it was free. After much questioning, the thug was called by Center staff member Aleksi Mogilni. Also in attendance were several television journalists who asked Mogilni why he did not let anyone, not even members of the press, into a social organization, in whose charter it is written that it is open for service to all people and that anyone can enter the premises. In answer to this Mogilni stated loudly that the organization was open only for its members.

Then Mogilni grabbed Professor Dvorkin and began to roughly shove him toward the stairs area. If the professor had not called loudly for help, it all could have ended in the physical beating of the elderly scholar by the husky youngster. The presence of the television cameras compelled Mogilni to put down his fists and move aside. Someone among those present in the Center handed a thick sheaf of documents that had been lying on the table in the anteroom to Father Vladimir Zaitsev. Those present were amazed once they understood that all these documents were black propaganda against Professor Dvorkin and Gerald Armstrong which a member of the cult distributed in elegant files. As Magilni said afterwards, cultists intended to send these files to the political elite of the city and region. Interesting, that in the middle of the documents distributed by Scientologist was some fantastic " expertise" on A. Dvorkin's Cultology book, signed by someone who through his own ignorance called himself an orthodox advocate, M. N. Kuznetsov. Strange finding an ally, Kuznetsov, an "orthodox" advocate!

Scientologists poured out of all the rooms, shouting and cursing at Gerald Armstrong and other visitors. Finally the police were called to the site of the incident and those present wrote statements for them. Those present left the cult's premises several minutes before 2 o'clock.

In connection with all the events, several questions arise:

1. If the Dianetics Center is an organization that served the general public, why did they not allow people onto their premises? And this in spite of the fact of widespread advertisements written by the cult that anyone may by admitted. Thus the practice of the cult does not correspond to its charter nor to its own advertisements. If that organization really was closed and esoteric and Magilni could be believed when he said it was open only for members, then that brings up the question about the need to change its charter and, correspondingly, its legal status.

2. Why does an organization that declares itself to be social and helpful to people engage in collecting dossiers on private citizens and spreading black propaganda about them?

All this is rather characteristic of an intelligence service.

Nevertheless, today marking twenty-one years out, Gerald Armstrong says that the cult is not a religious organization either, but an international mafia-like group of haters.

Today all present in the Ural Dianetics Center obtained one more verification of his opinion.



[Russian: http://www.lestvitsa-orthodox.dp.ua/absolut/showarticle.php?id=113& amp; ref=as]

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