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Declaration of Gerald Armstrong

I, Gerald Armstrong, declare:

1. I have been advised by attorney Joseph A. Yanny that he has been sued by

one or more Scientology entities, hereinafter referred to as "the organization," for inducing

me to breach a settlement agreement I entered into with the organization in December 1986.

I am making this declaration to show that this allegation is in every respect untrue.

2. I received a telephone call from Mr. Yanny to my answering machine on or

about July 10, 1991.  He left a message which simply said, "I need your help."  I called

him back at which time he reiterated his request for my help and explained that because of

organization machinations (which have been detailed in other declarations by other

parties), Rick and Vicki Aznaran, plaintiffs and counter-defendants against the organization

had been induced to fire their attorney, Ford Greene, and that Mr. Yanny had come into

the case to ensure they had legal representation.  Mr. Yanny also expressed during this

conversation some personal concerns, which will remain private and confidential between

Mr. Yanny and me.

3. I told Mr. Yanny at that time that I would help and that I would travel to

Los Angeles on July 12.  I asked him for five hundred dollars to cover my expenses, and

told him he could consider it as purchase of stock in The Gerald Armstrong Corporation

(TGAC).  I also counseled Mr. Yanny at that time regarding his personal spiritual

difficulties.  (TGAC is a California Corporation in which, although it bears my name and

I am its active officer, I own no stock.)

4. I did travel to Los Angeles, did stay at Mr. Yanny's home, did work in his

office on July 15 and July 16, and did write and execute a declaration on July 16 giving

my knowledge of the effect of the December 1986 group settlement agreements on the

ability of the Aznarans and other individuals victimized by the organization to obtain

proper legal representation.  I also discussed with Mr. Yanny literary and artistic

matters, areas of the law, as a copyright and trademark attorney, in which he has

expertise.  The majority of my time with Mr. Yanny concerned spiritual matters, an

area in which I have expertise.

5. I refer this Court to my declarations of March 15, 1990 and December 25,

1990, and the exhibits thereto.  These declarations detail the circumstances at the time

of the December 1986 settlement and the many instances subsequently when I was

attacked or threatened by the organization in violation of the settlement agreements. 

These declarations make it very clear that I consider I have a right to counter the

organization's attacks, to speak out against its policy of " fair game" and assaults on the

basic rights of individuals, and to assist those whom I would depend on for protection

against the organization's legal and extra-legal might and antisocial acts.  It is therefore

the organization itself which induced me, if I was induced by any human agency to do

anything which the organization might consider a breach of the settlement agreement.

6. But more than a desire to protect myself or right the organization's unjust

acts towards me, however, I helped Mr. Yanny for the simple reason that he asked. 

I will do the same for anyone.  The organization is aware of this fact because it

received my letter of June 21, 1991, a copy of which will accompany this declaration

as Exhibit 1, and acknowledged the letter's receipt in their letter of July 3, 1991, a

copy of which will accompany this declaration as Exhibit 2.  It is not only the right

of all men to respond to requests for help, it is our essence.  If I was induced,

therefore, to help Mr. Yanny, or anyone else, it was our Creator Who induced me.

Mr. Yanny, unlike the organization, was not aware of my dedication to helping

my fellow humans, did not know of my June 21, 1991 letter, so acted in innocence.

7. I do not ask for or expect a fee for my help, although generally I do not

refuse whatever is given me.  I know that I am sustained completely by the Great

Coordinator Who sends to me whomever He wants me to help.  I therefore

cannot be induced by money or whatever anyone can offer me.

I declare under the pains and penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California

that the foregoing is true and correct.

Executed this 19th day of July at New York, New York.

  [signed] G. Armstrong]
Gerald Armstrong

This document in .pdf format.


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