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Declaration of Gerry Armstrong
22 July 1982

vs. NO. 79-2491-G



I, Gerry Armstrong, hereby swear under the pains and penalties of
perjury as follows:

1) I have personal knowledge of the following facts:

2) I was a member of the Sea Organization of Scientology from February
1971 to December 1981, during which time I held many positions and
was in many locations where I directly observed L. Ron Hubbard and
other Scientology executives. At no time did I ever get the impression
that Mr. Hubbard or any other senior executive considered that Scientology
is a religion. My own understanding, held throughout all the time
I spent in Scientology, and the policy expressed to me by other Sea
Org members was that Scientology operated totally as a business, and
its efforts to be recognized as a "religion" were only to evade taxation
and government regulations.

3) In January 1980, I was assigned to a project to collect materials
about L. Ron Hubbard for the purpose of providing documentation for
a biography to be written by Omar V. Garrison. During the following
two years I read several thousand pages of documentation, much of
it written by Mr. Hubbard himself. Never before had anyone within
Scientlogy ever had all this information assembled in one place or
had the opportunity to view and assimilate the whole truth about L.
Ron Hubbard. From these documents and other sources I learned that
Mr. Hubbard had continually misrepesented himself and had lied about
his past, his accomplishments and credentials. I learned also from
the documents I collected that Mr. Hubbard had lied about how and
why Scientology had been established as a "religion". In a despatch
he wrote in early 1980 to the people in charge of the projects he
had ordered to remedy his legal problems with the IRS and various
damage claim cases, he stated that the creation of Scientology as
a "religion" was not his idea but had come about when the membership
of Scientology in the early 1950's, unbeknownst to him, had voted
to form a "church". I personally saw and read that despatch. Mr. Hubbard's
statement is a lie.

In a letter to the head of Scientology in the US in early 1953, Mr.
Hubbard stated:

"We don't want a clinic. We want one in operation but not in name.
Perhaps we could call it a Spiritual Guidance Center. Think up its
name, will you. And we could put in nice desks and our boys in neat
blue with diplomas on the walls and knock psychotherapy into history
and make enough money to shine up my operating scope and keep the
HAS solvent. It is a problem in practical business.

"I await your reaction on the religion angle. In my opinion, we couldn't
get worse public opinion than we have had or have less customers with
what we've got to sell. A religious charter would be necessary in
Pennsylvania or NJ to make it stick. But I sure could make it stick.
We're treating the present time beingness, psychotherapy treats the
past and the brain. And brother, that's religion, not mental science."

I found a great deal of similar evidence in the materials I assembled
before I left Scientology. Mr. Hubbard's life has been a continuing
pattern, since the early 1940's, of fraudulent business practices,
tax evasion, flight from creditors and those seeking recompense, and
then going into hiding, outside the reach of wronged individuals and
legal jurisdictions. In short, it is the life of a con man.

4) In early 1980 I was also assigned to a mission, the purpose of
which was to work out legal strategies, and get them implemented,
which would allow Mr. Hubbard to still control all of Scientology
via his Commodore's Messenger Organization while being shielded from
any lawsuits or legal involvements and responsibilities. One of the
main problems which had to be resolved by this mission, and one of
the arguments used in various court cases as proof that Scientology
was not a religion, was the fact that Scientology was set up so that
funds inured to the benefit of L. Ron Hubbard. For years Mr. Hubbard
had had his legal representatives claim that he was not paid by Scientology,
other than a $35,000.00 annual consultant's fee, and royalties from
sales of his books. Another claim was that he did not control Scientology
monies. The fact is he had absolute control of all Scientology accounts.
As late as 1980 I saw a despatch from him in which he ordered that
unlimited Scientology funds were approved for a project to get him
a Nobel Prize. Another fact is that he received millions of Scientology
dollars directly from a foreign corporation called Religious Research
Foundation. Payments for auditing or courses at Flag by non-US Scientologists
went into RRF accounts which Mr. Hubbard controlled absolutely and
used totally for his own purposes.

5) I learned through my study of the documentation I assembled, and
from more than ten years of observation of Mr. Hubbard and the Scientology
movement, that Mr. Hubbard has cruelly deceived his followers to the
point where they will themselves lie and attempt to deceive others
about the truth cncerning him and Scientology. Scientology spokesmen
and witnesses have stated that Mr. Hubbard doesn't control the organizations.
The fact is he has absolute control, including financial control,
and Scientologists know it. Between 1978 and 1980 I participated,
along with at least 250 other Scientologists, in several massive operations
to destroy or hide the evidences of Mr. Hubbard's control. Scientology
spokesmen and witnesses have claimed that throughout 1980 and 1981
Mr. Hubbard could not be reached through the organization, or that
organization executives did not know where he was. The fact is, the
most senior executives were in continual communication with him throughout
this period. Scientology spokesmen and witnesses have gone to great
lengths to "prove" that Scientology is a valid religion, while knowing
that it was simply a behavior therapy masquerading as a "church",
and making a mockery of actual honest religious practices. In 1980,
Watchdog Committee, the senior CMO body, responsible only to Mr. Hubbard
and senior to every Scientology organization, ordered that every Sea
Org member had to complete the Minister's Course in two weeks or they
would be assigned to the RPF. The reason given was to make every Sea
Org member a "minister of the church of Scientology" and so avoid
the US Selective Service draft then pending. What most Scientologists,
and especially Sea Org members, don't know is that Mr. Hubbard had
duped them. My knowledge based on documentation and observation, is
that the major reason for Mr Hubbard's calling Scientology a " religion"
in addition to tax evasion, is to hide behind Constitutional guarantees
for religions and so carry out his scheme of mind control to keep
his followers duped. He has systematically and knowingly lied to and
defrauded his followers, kept them from finding out the truth or becoming
free with cruel and bizarre treatment, as for example with the RPF,
and kept them economically and mentally suppressed, while he made
millions of dollars from their labor.

6) I am personally aware that Mr. Hubbard's policy of Fair Game is
still a practice of Scientology. Since I left the organization with
my wife in December 1981, I have been declared an enemy, and I believe
my life and my wife's life, are in danger.

Signed under the pains and penalties of perjury this

22 July, 1982.



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