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          I, Richard Aznaran do hereby declare as follows:

          I joined Scientology in 1972, I was a member of Scientology
for 14 years and a member of the Sea Org for the last eight years
of my association with Scientology. When I left in 1987 I had
been in security and intelligence operations for the most senior
management of Scientology for five years. One of my
responsibilities included managing security at Gilman Hot
Springs, the international headquarters for Scientology in
Riverside County near the city of San Jacinto. I reported to and
was directed by David Miscavige.

          Based on his statements to me David Miscavige particularly
detested Bent Corydon an ex-Scientology "squirrel" who had
defected in 1982. Corydon had previously come by the facility at
Gilman Hot Springs and therefore was particularly annoying to
David Miscavige. I was instructed by David Miscavige to brief
the Deputy Sheriffs that Corydon had earlier been charged with
attempted homicide with a motor vehicle. I was to convey that
Corydon was a threat to our physical safety so that the Deputy
Sheriffs would be responsive in the event that Corydon came
again. Hopefully the Deputy Sheriffs would tend to believe our
representations rather than visa versa. I was also specifically
instructed that if I could I was to hurt Corydon physically if I
could arrange for it to appear justified.

          On the next occasion of Corydon visiting Gilman Hot Springs,
security guards, under my direction, jostled Corydon and placed
him under "citizens arrest" for trespassing. In actual fact
Corydon never set foot on our property nor did he represent any
harm or threat of harm.

          Later, Miscavige called me to his office where I was
questioned as to my handling of Corydon's visit. Miscavige was
enraged over the fact that the Deputy Sheriffs had not taken
Corydon to jail nor had he been injured. Miscavige was yelling
at me and threatening me with loss of my position and with ethics
conditions for not having carried out Miscavige's instructions.



           The bottom line was that Miscavige wanted Corydon physically
and mentally punished. Miscavige perceived Corydon's visits as
"taunting" his (Miscavige's) authority.

          I swear under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State
of California that the above is true on this day of October,

Richard Aznaran

Los Angeles County

State of California

          On this 31 of October 1989, before me personally appeared
Richard Aznaran, known to me or proved to me on the basis of
satisfactory evidence to be the person whose name is subscribed
to the instrument above and executed the same.

          For witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed
my official seal the day and year first written above.


My Comm. Expires June 18, 1990
[Signed] Therese A. Rawson
Notary Public in and for
the State of California.
My commission expires on
[Handwritten] June 18, 1990




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