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I, Vicki Aznaran, make the following declarations on personal

knowledge in support of Bent Corydon's Motion for Service by

Publication of his Fourth Amended Complaint upon David Miscavige.


1. I was involved with Scientology for approximately 15

years. For most of that time I was a member of the Sea

Organization, an elite group within Scientology. From 1983

through early 1987, I was also President of the Religious

Technology Center ("RTC"). At that time, RTC claimed to own the

various Scientology trademarks and functioned as an enforcer of

the "purity" of Scientology as interpreted by its power

hierarchy. This enforcement power extended, in diverse ways,

over the functioning of supposedly independent Scientology

corporations. As RTC president and Sea Organization member, I

had the option of attending meetings called to review

Scientology's litigation status and the strategies in the many

lawsuits involving Scientology. I also had access to many of the

business and litigation secrets of Scientology, including its

many dirty tricks projects.


2. In 1985, I attended a meeting called by David Miscavige,

top aide to L. Ron Hubbard and the Chairman of the Board of

Author Services, Inc. ("ASI"). Also present were Norman Starkey






(President of ASI) and Lyman Spurlock. These three, together

with Hubbard and Pat and Ann Broeker, were the managing agents of

Scientology at that time. Also present was Marc Yaeger

Commanding Officer of the Commodore's Messenger Organization

International, Jesse Prince and Warren McShane. The meeting was

called to discuss legal matters of all the Scientology entities.

Most of the important decisions for Scientology corporations

(ASI, SMI (Scientology Missions International), RTC, Bridge, CSI

(Church of Scientology International), etc.) were handled at

meetings like this without the presence or input from the

officers of the separate corporations because the control of all

Scientology was principally in the hands of Hubbard, Miscavige,

Starkey, Spurlock.


3. Miscavige told the meeting that Scientology

organizations had not been aggressive enough in combatting

squirrels (individuals who had broken with the Church of

Scientology but were still using ideas similar to Scientology).

These individuals and groups are on Scientology's list of enemies

and subject to Scientology's "fair game" policy. "Fair game" is

a policy (actually it is part of Hubbard's "scriptural" writings)

which mandates that enemies of Scientology may be

"deprived of property or injured by any means by any of

Scientologist without any discipline of the






Scientologist. May be tricked, sued, lied to or

destroyed." HCO Policy Letter October 18, 167.

In order to get an attack program activated, Miscavige told those

at the meeting that they should take the lead from Hubbard's

suggestions of violence and personal attacks against squirrels

both as written in the fair game policy and in Professional

Auditor's Bulletin No. 53 in which Hubbard said the way to treat

a squirrel is to hurt him so hard that he "would have thought he

had been hit by a Mack truck" and, Hubbard continued, "I don't

mean thought-wise." That same Bulletin also encouraged

destroying squirrels financially and personally, noting that:

"Each and every one of the squirrels of

yesteryear have met disaster. The biggest

squirrel in Great Britain, Derricke Ridgeway

was recently to be found in bankruptcy court.

I wonder how he got there? We wouldn't know

anything about that, of course!" (Emphasis in


4. Miscavige's order to the assembled group was accepted

and immediately put into action under the direction of McShane on

behalf of RTC who directed Mike Rinder at the Office of Special

Affairs U.S. under one of the Scientology organizations but I am






not sure which at this time. Rinder did, in fact, immediately

begin several actions against squirrel groups and I received

reports of such completed actions. These actions included, but

were not limited to burglaries, stealing records, and sending

provocateurs to infiltrate squirrel events and to provoke fights.

These activities were also directed against Bent Corydon,

including break-ins at his office, physical attacks upon him, and

the use of spies to infiltrate his group.


5. It was a matter of policy that whenever Scientology

discovers that a book critical of Hubbard or Scientology is being

published that a three pronged attack is set into motion.

Scientology's intelligence arm (now the Office of Special Affairs

and previously the Guardians Office) commences data gathering

including covert operations to obtain data on the author and get

a copy of the manuscript, etc. Scientology's legal staff is

activated to determine how to prevent publication by legal means

or threats of suit. The public relations staff are also

activated to do much the same as legal, but also to design plans

to attack the author's credibility and undermine him/her in any

way possible.


6. In approximately late 1985, Scientology became aware

that Bent Corydon was writing a book critical of Scientology and

L. Ron Hubbard. Therefore, the attacks on him became more






important and plans were designed to meet the three objectives:

legal, intelligence and public relations. This type of plan

involved decision making, people and money from several of the

"separate" Scientology organizations under the direction of



7. When Scientology organizations undertake illegal

operations, little in the way of written records are kept.

However, as President of RTC I would regularly receive envelopes

with unsigned papers detailing the specifics of operations

targeted against enemies and announcing successful actions. I

/ / /

/ / /

/ / /

/ / /

/ / /

/ / /

/ / /

/ / /

/ / /

/ / /

/ / /

/ / /

/ / /

/ / /






specifically recall seeing one such report outlining the attacks

against Corydon on account of his book.


Sworn to under penalty of perjury this 8th day of February,



[signed Vicki Aznaran]



Dallas County

State of Texas

)      ss.


On this 8th day of Feb., 1989, before me, ____, a notary public

in and for the County and State, duly commissioned and sworn,

personally appeared Vicki Aznaran, known to me or proved to me on

the basis of satisfactory evidence to be the person whose name is

subscribed to the instrument above, and executed the same.

In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed

my official seal the day and year first written above.


[signed Laurie Francis]
Notary Public
In And For Said State








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