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I, Gerald Armstrong, depose and state:


1. I am a Canadian citizen and a resident of the State of

Nevada, USA. I am an adult and could competently testify

concerning the facts herein if called upon to do so. I am making

this affidavit to support an opposition to the Scientology

organization's pending application for charity status in Canada.


2. I became involved with Scientology as a customer in

1969 at the organization's franchise in Vancouver, B.C., and

worked on staff at that franchise in 1970. In February, 1971 I

joined the Sea Organization ("Sea Org" or "SO") in Los Angeles,

California. The Sea Org is Scientology's "elite" pseudo- military

corps, then one of the two administration and power arms which

controlled Scientology around the world. Members of the Sea Org

sign contracts of servitude for one billion years. Throughout my

Scientology experience I gained a knowledge of organization

structure, function, control, finances, personnel, policies and



3. From 1971 to 1975 I was on the SO Flagship "Apollo" in

Morocco, Portugal, Spain and the Caribbean. L. Ron Hubbard (also

"LRH") Scientology's founder, and at that time its ruler and the

Sea Org's "Commodore," was on board and operated Scientology

internationally through the "crew" which numbered, during my stay

on board of four and a half years, around four hundred. The other

power arm of Scientology that Hubbard then used to maintain

control of Scientology was the Guardian's Office ("GO"), headed

by his wife Mary Sue Hubbard. Following the conviction and

imprisonment of eleven GO personnel including Mrs. Hubbard for

federal offenses in the United States, the GO was renamed the

Office of Special Affairs ("OSA").


4. My staff positions on board the "Apollo" involved

personal contact with Hubbard, his wife, administrative

organization staff, and people in the ports and countries the

ship visited. My positions included legal officer, public

relations officer, and intelligence officer. Hubbard patterned

his organization's intelligence apparatus on the system of Nazi

spy master Reinhard Gehlen. Scientology operates as a global

intelligence organization collecting overt and covert information

on individuals, other organizations and governments and running

covert operations against its "enemies."


5. In the fall of 1975 after the ship operation moved

ashore in Florida, I was posted in the GO Intelligence Bureau

connected to Hubbard's Personal Office. From December, 1975

through June, 1976 I held the post of Deputy LRH External

Communications Aide, handling Hubbard's dispatch and telex

traffic to and from Scientology operations. From July 1976 to

December 1977 I was assigned, on Hubbard's order, to the

Rehabilitation Project Force ("RPF"), the SO prison system. In

1978 I worked in Hubbard's cinematography crew in La Quinta,

California making movies under his direction until the fall of

that year when he again assigned me to the RPF, this time for

eight months first in La Quinta, then at a base in Gilman

Hotsprings near Hemet, California.


6. The RPF is a penal camp within Scientology created by

Hubbard to punish anyone he felt crossed his will, or he even

just disliked. People were assigned arbitrarily, for something as

slight as a needle movement on the "E-meter," the " electro-

psychometer" Scientology calls for "legal" reasons a "religious

artifact," but which in reality is, and is used as, a lie

detector. I was assigned by Hubbard the first time for

"insubordination," and the second time because he considered I

was "joking." During much of my RPF sentence I was the " Bosun,"

the highest RPF member and in charge of the unit. I became

intimately familiar with RPF policies and practices. On

information and belief, RPF camps still exist in Scientology

bases in California, Florida, Great Britain and Denmark.


7. The RPF was, and is intended to be, a degrading

experience to break the will of the person assigned. RPF members

were segregated, did physical or menial labor for little or no

pay, were required to run everywhere, and ate whatever was left

after the regular non-RPF staff members finished eating.

Telephone calls from RPF members to their family were only by

specific permission and were monitored. All mail from RPF members

was first read by security personnel. Anyone who took the

punishment of RPF assignment lightly was assigned to the RPF's

RPF, an even more degrading experience. People assigned were not

free to leave, and anyone who did wish to leave was guarded and

held until he had, among other things, signed a list of his

"crimes" extracted from his "auditing" files.


8. Auditing is Scientology's "psychotherapeutic"

processing, which the organization advertises as producing

increased IQ, abilities and awareness. In my experience, this

advertising is false; auditing does not increase IQ, abilities or

awareness. In my experience, auditing is used by Scientology for

the mind control, or "brainwashing" of its adherents. Scientology

denies that it engages in brainwashing, but Hubbard himself

stated in a bulletin about auditing: "We can brainwash faster

than the Russians (20 secs to total amnesia against three years

to slightly confused loyalty)." (parens are Hubbard's)


9. Statements made by a person being audited are recorded

by an "auditor." These statements, which include the person's

innermost thoughts, embarrassing incidents from his past, his

sexual history, acts which might be legally prosecutable, etc.

are available to and used by the intelligence personnel and

leaders of the organization for non-therapeutic purposes, such as

domination, intelligence operations or blackmail. Scientology

promotes to the public that statements made in auditing are

confidential, but they are not.


10. When I got out of the RPF in the spring of 1979 and

until the beginning of 1980 I worked in Hubbard's "Household

Unit" (HU) at Gilman Hotsprings, the SO unit which took care of

Hubbard's house, personal effects, transport, meals and so forth.

My positions included "Purchaser," "LRH Renovations In- Charge"

and "Deputy Commanding Officer HU."


11. My last position inside Scientology involved assembling

an archive of Hubbard's personal documents and providing research

assistance to a non-Scientologist author Omar Garrison who had

been contracted to write Hubbard's biography. In the course of my

research I uncovered and documented pervasive fraud concerning

representations made by Hubbard and Scientology about his past,

credentials, accomplishments, intentions and the claims and

efficacy of his psychotherapeutic "mental technology." I

attempted to get Scientology's leaders to correct the fraud, and

as a result I was ordered to a "security check," an interrogation

employing the E-meter.


12. I saw that the trust I had placed in Hubbard and

Scientology had been betrayed from the very beginning, that the

organization's leaders were ill-intentioned, and that the fraud I

sought to correct would continue. As a result, my wife and I fled

from the organization in December, 1981. We were fortunate in

being able to escape from Scientology, because if we had

announced our intention to leave we would have been separated and

locked up. I had seen many people locked up and guarded inside,

and I had been locked up and kept under guard myself.


13. Shortly after I left, Scientology published

"Suppressive Person Declares" on me, falsely accusing me of

"crimes" and "high crimes," including promulgating false

information about Hubbard and Scientology. The organization's

declaring someone a "suppressive person," or "SP," targets him as

an "enemy," and subjects him to Scientology's infamous and

judicially condemned "Fair Game Doctrine." One version of this

doctrine, written by Hubbard, a true and correct copy of which is

appended hereto as Exhibit A, states: "ENEMY - SP Order. Fair

game. May be deprived of property or injured by any means by any

Scientologist...May be tricked, sued, or lied to or destroyed."

Scientology claims that the fair game policy was cancelled, but

this is false. Hubbard merely ordered that the term "fair game"

not be used as it caused bad public relations. Being " declared"

by Scientology can be a terrifying experience. On information and

belief, the practice of "declaring" people " suppressives" or

"enemies" continues to this day. The fair game doctrine continues



14. During the first few months after I left the

organization I learned of an intelligence operation being

conducted against me and observed that I was being spied on.

Scientology personnel also stole photographs I possessed. Knowing

that my wife's and my life were in danger, I obtained from

Garrison, with his permission, certain documents I believed I

would need to defend us. I sent these to attorneys who had agreed

to represent me, one of whom was Michael Flynn, then

Scientology's most prominent lawyer enemy.


15. From the time I left the organization until the present

I have been the target of fair game. Acts against me by

Scientology agents pursuant to this basic Scientology policy


- filing five lawsuits against me;

- following, surveilling and harassing me and my [ex-]wife;

- spying in our windows and upsetting our neighbors;

- attempting to involve us in a freeway "accident;"

- assaulting me;

- striking me bodily with a car;

- threatening to put a bullet between my eyes;

- attempting on more than 12 occasions to have me prosecuted

on false criminal charges, including by the FBI;

- stealing a manuscript and artwork from my car;

- filing false sworn statements about me in various


- extracting and disseminating information from my

"confidential" auditing files;

- illegally videotaping me;

- attempting to entrap me in the commission of a crime;

- threatening me on several occasions if I testified about

my knowledge of Scientology;

- threatening my friends;

- subjecting me to a massive international "black

propaganda" campaign.


16. Black propaganda or "black PR" is the term Hubbard gave

to Scientology's policy and practice of destroying a designated

"target's" reputation and credibility or public belief in him by

the manufacture and spreading of falsehoods about him. Over the

years Scientology has published and disseminated a small mountain

of black PR on me, falsely accusing me of perversities and

crimes, including crimes against humanity, in an ongoing effort

to assassinate my character.


17. The first case Scientology filed against me went to

trial before Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Paul G.

Breckenridge, Jr. in 1984, resulting in a decision in my favor. A

true and correct copy of that decision is appended hereto as

Exhibit B. Judge Breckenridge stated:

"In addition to violating and abusing its own members

civil rights, the organization over the years with its

"Fair Game" doctrine has harassed and abused those

persons not in the Church whom it perceives as enemies.

The organization clearly is schizophrenic and paranoid,

and this bizarre combination seems to be a reflection

of its founder LRH. The evidence portrays a man who has

been virtually a pathological liar when it comes to his

history, background and achievements. The writings and

documents in evidence additionally reflect his egoism,

greed, avarice, lust for power, and vindictiveness and

aggressiveness against persons perceived by him to be

disloyal or hostile." (Ex. B, pp 8,9)


18. Judge Breckenridge condemned as well Scientology's

abuse of its participants' auditing or psychotherapy records:

"culling supposedly confidential "P.C. folders or

files" to obtain information for purposes of

intimidation and/or harassment is repugnant and

outrageous." (Ex. B, pp 11,12)


19. Judge Breckenridge also described in his decision an

incident of Scientology's destruction of evidence:

"In January of 1980 there was an announcement of a

possible raid to be made by the FBI or other law

enforcement agencies of the property. Everyone on the

property was required by Hubbard's representatives, the

Commodore's Messengers, to go through all documents

located on the property and "vet" or destroy anything

which showed that Hubbard controlled Scientology

organizations, retained financial control, or was

issuing orders to people at Gilman Hot Springs.

"A commercial paper shredder was rented and

operated day and night for two weeks to destroy

hundreds of thousands of pages of documents." (Ex. B,

Appendix, p 2)

On several occasions, and pursuant to organization orders, I

participated in destroying evidence, including during this

incident identified by Judge Breckenridge. In my opinion,

Scientology's practice and policy of destruction of evidence

makes the organization's representations in any legal context



20. The 1984 decision by Judge Breckenridge was affirmed on

appeal in its entirety in 1991. A true and correct copy of the

opinion of the California Court of Appeal, Scientology v.

Armstrong, 232 Cal.App. 3d 1060, 283 Cal. Rptr. 917, is appended

hereto as Exhibit C.


21. Scientology also subjected my attorney Michael Flynn to

many years of fair game attacks, which included infiltrating his

office, threatening his family, paying known criminals to testify

falsely against him, suing him and his office some fifteen times,

framing him with the forgery of a $2,000,000 check, and targeting

him with an international black PR campaign. (See, e.g., U.S. v.

Kattar, 840 F.2d. 118). Flynn became desperate to have the

attacks and threats end, and ultimately, due to that desperation,

compromised his ethical responsibilities to me and his other

clients litigating against Scientology.


22. In December, 1986 Scientology and Flynn entered into an

agreement to settle all his some twenty clients' claims against

the organization, plus Flynn's own lawsuit seeking damages for

the years of fair game. I was to settle my claim for the years of

abuse inside Scientology and the years of fair game after I left.

Scientology and Flynn positioned me as a deal breaker, only

showing me the "settlement agreement" they wanted me to sign

after my arrival in Los Angeles from Boston, where I had been

working in Flynn's office.


23. I protested that I could not sign the document, which

required that I be absolutely silent about my then seventeen

years of experiences with Scientology, and which contained a

$50,000.00 liquidated damages penalty for any utterance I might

make to anyone. In response, Flynn stated that the conditions

were "not worth the paper they're printed on." He told me, "You

can't contract away your Constitutional rights;" "the conditions

are unenforceable." When I argued that the settlement document

opened me up to future problems with Scientology Flynn said,

"I'll be there for you."


24. Flynn said that he was sick of the litigation, the

threats to him and his family and wanted out. He said that

Scientology had ruined his marriage, his wife's health and his

life. He said that as a part of the settlement he and all co-

counsels had agreed to not become involved in organization-

related litigation in the future. He expressed a deep concern

that the courts in the US cannot deal with Scientology and its

lawyers and their contemptuous abuse of the justice system. He

told me that if I didn't sign I could look forward to more years

of fair game harassment and misery.


25. Flynn told me that the settlement's global form was to

give Scientology the opportunity it sought to change its

combative attitude and behavior by removing the threat he and his

clients represented to it. He said Scientology had promised to

cease fair game and that he and all his clients depended on my

signing to have fair game against them cease. Because of Flynn's

representations that the offensive conditions were not worth the

paper they were printed on, and to have fair game end for Flynn,

his family, his other clients and myself, I did sign

Scientology's document.


26. Although I sought peace and did nothing to irritate

Scientology, the organization had no intention of ending fair

game attacks on me or anyone else. Immediately following the

settlement Scientology delivered black PR documents about me to

the Los Angeles Times. Over the next three years, and before I

responded in any way, Scientology's attacks included:

- delivering black PR to various media representatives;

- publishing its own false and defamatory descriptions of my

Scientology experiences;

- disseminating to the media an edited and defamatory

version of the illegal videotape it had made of me;

- disseminating my own documents which had been sealed in my


- filing affidavits about me in a civil lawsuit in England

which falsely charged that I had violated court orders and was

"an admitted agent provocateur of the US Government;"

- threatening to sue me if I even talked to attorneys in

the case in which the false charges were being made;

- threatening to expose a private writing if I did not

assist Scientology's effort to prevent a third party litigant

from accessing my LA Superior Court file;

- threatening to sue me if I testified even after being

served with a deposition subpoena.


27. In the fall of 1989, after service of the deposition

subpoena on me, I received a series of telephone calls from a

Scientology attorney threatening that I would be sued if I

testified about my experiences, even though I had been

subpoenaed. This attorney stated that I should refuse to answer

the deposition questions. As a result of his threats and

Scientology's other post-settlement fair game I concluded that

the "settlement agreement" and the organization's efforts to

enforce it were acting to obstruct justice, and that if I allowed

myself to be intimidated by the threats I would be abetting that

obstruction. I concluded that I could not avoid a confrontation

with Scientology, and subsequently responded to defend myself and

to try to correct the injustices created by the "settlement

agreement" and its misuse.


28. From that time until the present many people who

consider themselves victims of Scientology's abuse have contacted

me to request my assistance in their efforts to obtain redress or

defend themselves. I have come to believe that all people have a

God-given right to assist their fellows, which cannot be taken

away by human "contract." I have also come to see that a person's

right to participate in a public controversy, certainly a

controversy involving himself, should not and cannot be taken

away by "contract."


29. When I did respond to Scientology's attacks the

organization sued me in 1992 to enforce the "settlement

agreement." In the case of Scientology v. Armstrong, Marin County

(California) Superior Court Case No. 157680, the organization was

awarded by summary judgment $300,000 in liquidated damages,

$334,000 in costs and a permanent injunction prohibiting me from

discussing Scientology or Scientologists, or assisting in any way

Scientology's victims or fair game targets. This judgment is

suspect because, among other things, the judge ignored and

refused to address the US Constitution First Amendment religious

and due process issues and defenses. The judge ruled that

Scientology may say whatever it wants about me, no matter how

false, obnoxious or defamatory, and that I may not respond in any

way to defend myself. I believe that this ruling is so illogical,

so antisocial and so violative of basic human rights in a

civilized society that it cannot be legal.


30. Scientology's policy and practice of attacking and

compromising judges presiding over its legal proceedings is well

known. An article in the December 1980 American Lawyer entitled

"Scientology's War Against Judges," which focused on the criminal

trial of the eleven Scientology intelligence personnel in

connection with their burglarizing of US Federal offices and

theft of government documents, stated that Scientology's

"strategy amounts to an all-out war against the D.C.

district court judges, a war much more sophisticated,

better financed and more successful than the bizarre

tactics used by some other groups against their

courtroom adversaries, such as Synanon's attempt to

murder an opposing counsel by putting a rattlesnake in

his mailbox."

This all-out war continues to this day, and renders suspect every

legal decision obtained by Scientology, including the tax

exemption it obtained from the IRS in 1993.


31. It is widely known that Scientology agents were

involved in a scheme to set up and compromise US District Court

Judge Charles Richey with a prostitute. Another widely known

operation was reported in 1984 in the Clearwater Sun (Florida).

"The U.S. Attorney's Office in Tampa currently is

investigating a purported plot involving an attempt to

lure U.S. District Judge Ben Krentzman aboard a boat

off the Pinellas Suncoast where prostitutes and drugs

were to be used to put the judge in a compromising



32. Another US District Court Judge in California James M.

Ideman stated about Scientology and its lawyers in a declaration

executed June 17, 1993, a true and correct copy of which is

appended hereto as Exhibit D:

"[Scientology] has recently begun to harass my former

law clerk who assisted me on this case, even though she

now lives in another city and has other legal

employment. This action, in combination with other

misconduct by counsel over the years has caused me to

reassess my state of mind with respect to the propriety

of my continuing to preside over the matter. I have

concluded that I should not." (Ex. D, p 1)

Judge Ideman also criticized Scientology's litigation practices:

"[Scientology's] noncompliance [with Court orders] has

consisted of evasions, misrepresentations, broken

promises and lies, but ultimately with refusal. As part

of this scheme to not comply, [the Scientology parties]

have undertaken a massive campaign of filing every

conceivable motion (and some inconceivable) to disguise

the true issue in these pretrial proceedings.

Apparently viewing litigation as war, plaintiffs by

this tactic have had the effect of massively increasing

the costs to the other parties, and for a while, to the

Court." (Ex. D, p 2)


33. It is a well known fact that Scientology carried out

intelligence operations against Los Angeles Superior Court Judge

Ronald Swearinger during the litigation of the case Wollersheim

v. Scientology, LA SC No. C332027, which resulted in a 1986

$30,000,000 damages judgment against the organization. After

Judge Breckenridge rendered his decision following my trial in

1984, Scientology carried out a black PR campaign against him.

Organization "president" Heber Jentzsch took this black PR

campaign on radio and even on CBS Television's "60 Minutes" to

falsely accuse Judge Breckenridge of being under the influence of

German Nazis.


34. I had never agreed when I settled my initial litigation

with Scientology to be the organization's defenseless punching

bag. I believe that a judgment in a US court which orders that

someone submit to being a punching bag, especially to a known

abusive and dangerous organization like Scientology, is itself

abusive and dangerous, and illegal. That Scientology should use

the courts to obtain such an order and unfair advantage is

indicative of its antisocial goals and disregard for civil rights

and basic equity.


35. If US Judges, with all the power and authority of the

US justice system, can be attacked by Scientology with relative

impunity, and caused to recuse themselves from presiding over

Scientology cases, certainly an individual litigant against

Scientology has little chance of survival in court. Scientology

uses its immense wealth to maintain a litigation machine of

dozens of lawyers and law firms to attack and ruin its perceived

opponents or critics. In my opinion, until such time as

Scientology ceases its use of the legal system to attack people

and deny them their civil rights the organization should not be

granted charity status. Scientology does not act charitably, is

not charitable, and its present overreaching policies and

practices towards critics and legitimate criticism make the

organization incompatible with charity.


36. Scientology's policy is to never deal directly with

legitimate criticism, but to attack the critic, with its

litigation machine, with covert intelligence operations, and with

terrible black propganda smear campaigns. Hubbard stated in his

policy entitled "Attacks on Scientology:"

"NEVER agree to an investigation of Scientolog. ONLY

agree to an investigation of the attackers.


This is the correct procedure:

(1) Spot who is attacking us.

(2) State investigating them promptly for

FELONIES or worse using our own

professionals, not outside agencies.

(3) Double curve our reply by saying we welcome

an investigation of them.

(4) Start feeding lurid, blood, sex, crime actual

evidence on the attacker to the press.

Don't ever tamely submit to an investigation of us.

Make it rough, rough on attackers all the way."

This policy and practice is the way Scientology deals with

criticism to this day. If Scientology's agents do not actually

find "lurid, blood, sex, crime actual evidence," they are

required by policy to manufacture the "evidence." Scientology, as

required by policy, ruins reputations and lives with this

antisocial and dangerous practice.


37. After Scientology sued me following the "settlement" I

learned from Michael Flynn that he had signed a "contract" with

Scientology which prevents him from assisting me in my defense.

His promise to "be there" for me was merely an inducement to get

me to sign so that fair game toward him would hopefully end.

Throughout the post-settlement litigation, Flynn, while admitting

that his contract with Scientology is illegal and unenforceable,

has refused my requests to come forward and assist in my defense,

stating that he fears again having his life ruined by more fair

game. This too is indicative of the organization's continuing

antisocial goals and rights abuses.


38. In January, 1997, while residing in California, I was

served with a subpoena for production of documents by Grady Ward

in the case of Scientology v. Ward, USDC Northern District of

California, case no. C-96-20207 RMW. Ward is accused of posting

some of Scientology's "secret scriptures" to the internet. After

receipt of the subpoena I received a letter from a Scientology

attorney threatening me with prosecution if I produced the

requested documents. I therefore advised the presiding judge in

the Ward case of the threat. For my communicating to the federal

judge Scientology was able to then obtain an order of contempt

against me sending me to jail and fining me. I believe that this

order is illegal and illegally obtained. I also believe that it

is indicative of Scientology's disregard for due process and its

abuse of the legal system to forward its anti-civil rights goals.

One of Scientology basic policies, as stated by Hubbard, is to

use the law to harass its opponents. This remains a basic policy

and practice of Scientology to this day.


39. Also in January, 1997 I discovered that in its 1991 IRS

Form 1023 submission, pursuant to which Scientology obtained its

tax exemption, the organization included a four page section

about me containing the same sort of black PR the organization

spreads to the media and public. What Scientology wrote about me,

in response to the IRS's questions concerning my Scientology-

related litigation is factually and in conclusion false. It is

also disgusting, asserting that my state of mind was "proved

conclusively to be one sordid, sado-masochistic nightmare."

Scientology submitted this and other false statements about me to

the IRS during a time when the organization believed it had me

silenced by its gag contract, and thus unable to respond to

correct the lies. I have asked Scientology to correct the lies

submitted to the IRS and it has refused.


40. Scientology's IRS tax exemption is based on lies, not

just about me, but about other individuals, and about the

organization's practices and intentions. In my opinion, the IRS

was derelict in its duty to investigate the truth or falsity of

Scientology's submissions. In my opinion, the US was derelict in

its duty in granting Scientology's tax exempt status, protecting

it, and supporting it in its global goals. In my opinion, by

granting the Scientology organization IRS tax exempt status, the

US turned its back on its citizens who have been and continue to

be victimized by the organization, and who are really the people

the US should protect and support. When I realized that

Scientology's leaders consider that their tax exempt billions

depend on silencing me, and that the US courts and government had

formed an unholy alliance with the organization, I left

California for Canada. I went to Canada where I would be free to

some degree to be able to correct Scientology's lies about me,

especially to the IRS, without the fear that Scientology could

manipulate a court into jailing me for doing so. I pray that

Canada will not now be derelict in its duty, and will not turn

its back on its citizens whom the country owes protection, but

will deny Scientology's application for charity status.


41. Scientology claims to be a religion, and in the US

claims all the extraordinary benefits conferred by the US

Constitution and Courts on religions. Scientology claims that it

is organized solely for religious purposes and that its policies

and bulletins, even its intelligence training instructions and

its "fair game" policy, are "scriptures." Scientology claims that

people and countries opposing its antisocial goals and practices

and civil rights abuses are engaging in "religious persecution."


42. In my opinion, it is axiomatic that there is no freedom

of religion where there is no freedom to criticize, oppose or

reform religion. The US was founded in great part by people

fleeing "religious persecution" for opposing, criticizing or

seeking to reform a religion, which had the power, often provided

by the State, to persecute them. The US recognized the need for

its citizens to be free from religious persecution in the

Religious Expression and Religious Establishment Clauses of the

First Amendment to the US Constitution.


43. Scientology, with its fair game attacks, black PR, gag

contracts, and aggressive litigation, is attempting to suppress

and eliminate criticism, as well as opposition and reformation

efforts. The Courts' enforcement of the organization's gag

contracts necessarily assists this one "religion's" suppression

and elimination of criticism. Judicial enforcement also results

in the promotion and establishment of Scientology by the removal

of opposition to its promotion and establishment. Unless the

Courts are also willing to become involved in and support every

other religion's suppression or elimination of criticism, its

judicial assistance to Scientology in its campaign is favoritism,

and impermissible. It is a tragedy for all that the US favors the

most abusive and irreligious of its "religions."


44. It is inconceivable that any Court in the US or Canada

would prosecute someone who under any circumstances signed a

"contract" which required that he not discuss God, Jesus Christ,

the Holy Bible, or the person's experiences in the Christian

religion; or for that matter Allah, Islam, Mohammed, the Koran,

the Vedas or Krishna. It is inconceivable that a Christian church

in the US or Canada would do what Scientology has done to silence

its critics.


45. My case is not unique. There are hundreds, if not

thousands, of Scientologists and ex-Scientologists in the US and

Canada who are bound by this organization's contracts of silence.

For this reason alone the statements of Scientology's

spokespeople cannot and should not be believed. And for this

reason alone charity status should not be granted. Those who

would speak the truth have been shuddered by "contract" and by

threat into silence. I just happen to be one of the few who have

chosen, despite Scientology's threats and attacks using the power

of the justice system, to speak up.


46. In the US, constitutionally guaranteed Freedom of

Religion has come to mean freedom for the religious corporation

and its leaders to persecute the practitioners, as well as the

critics, of the "religion." This is a perversion of Freedom,

worked by clever lawyers being paid by the corporate persecutors.

It must be changed, and true Freedom of Religion reinstituted.

The US is the only western country in which people can be jailed

for mentioning a religion - Scientology. I pray that Canada not

allow Scientology to get the legal foothold it seeks in this

country through its application for charity status. If it is

granted such status Scientology will be able to more easily

persecute its critics and followers and more easily pursue its

antisocial and irreligious goals.


47. In my estimation, Scientology is not a religion. It is

a psychotherapy cult with a totalitarian nature and destructive

organizational goals. It is dangerous, and its leaders are

cynical. Hubbard's cynicism when deciding to turn his

psychotherapy "clinic" into a religion in the early 1950's is

reflected in his comments in a letter Dated April 10, 1953 that

he wrote to Helen O'Brien, then his second in command in the US.

I had possession of the original of this letter while inside

Scientology. Hubbard wrote:

"RE CLINIC, HAS (Hubbard Association of Scientologists)

The arrangements that have been made seem a good

temporary measure. On a longer look, however, something

more equitable will have to be organized. I am not

quite sure what we would call the place - probably not

a clinic - but I am sure that it ought to be a company,

independent of the HAS but fed by the HAS.


We don't want a clinic. We want one in operation but

not in name. Perhaps we could call it a Spiritual

Guidance Center. Think up its name, will you. And we

could put in nice desks and our boys in neat blue with

diplomas on the walls and 1. knock psychotherapy into

history and 2. make enough money to shine up my

operating scope and 3. keep the HAS solvent. It is a

problem of practical business.

I await your reaction on the religion angle. In my

opinion, we couldn't get worse public opinion than we

have had or have less customers with what we've got to

sell. A religious charter would be necessary in

Pennsylvania or NJ to make it stick. But I sure could

make it stick. We're treating the present time

beingness, psychotherapy treats the past and the brain.

And brother, that's religion, not mental science."


48. Scientology's cynical viewpoint toward actual religion

is also shown in two of Hubbard's bulletins "Routine 3 - Heaven"

dated May 11, 1963 and "Resistive Cases - Former Therapy" dated

September 23, 1968, true and correct copies of which are

appended hereto as Exhibit E and F respectively. In "Routine 3 -

Heaven," Hubbard writes:

"For a long while, some people have been cross

with me for my lack of co-operation in believing in a

Christian Heaven, God and Christ. I have never said I

didn't belive in a Big Thetan but there was certainly

something very corny about Heaven et al. Now I have to

apologize. There was a Heaven. Not too unlike, in cruel

betrayal, the heaven of the Assassins in the 12th

Century who, like everyone else, dramatized the whole

track implants - if a bit more so.

"Yes, I've been to Heaven. And so have you. And

you have the pattern of itsimplants in the HCO Bulletin

Line Plots. It was complete with gates, angels and

plaster saints - and electronic implant equipment."

(Ex. E, p 1)


49. To the uninitiated, which Scientology calls "raw meat,"

the organization professes to be compatible with Christianity. It

states in its "catechism," published in 1992 in its promotional

book What is Scientology?,

"Scientologists hold the Bible as a holy work and

have no argument with the Christian belief that Jesus

Christ was the Savior of Mankind and the Son of

God...There are probably many types of redemption.

That of Christ was to heaven."

In Scientology's actual teachings, however, in the policies and

procedures which indoctrinated Scientologists must follow, Jesus

Christ, Heaven, and Almighty God, are false ideas " implanted" in

man by electronic gadgets to achieve, not man's redemption, but

his enslavement. Scientology teaches, moreover, that its

procedures, developed by L. Ron Hubbard, are the only way to free

man from that "Christian" slavery.


50. In "Resistive Cases - Former Therapy," Hubbard writes:

"Old Therapies include the 2000 yr ago plus or

minus Aesculepian drug treatment (hillabore) which

produced a convulsion and coma and in which the nut

practitioner made up as a God and "visited" the patient

in a "dream." This outfit was all over the ancient


"Also the Christian Church used (and uses)

implanting (with a squirrel version of the "7s").

These gangsters were the Nicomidians from lower Egypt

who were chased out for criminal practices (implanting

officials). They took over the Niocene Creed before the

year zero, invented Christ (who comes from the

Crucifixion in R6 75m years ago) and implanted their

way to "power." The original Nicomidians date about 600

BC and people who were Christ date at 75 m years ago."

(Ex. F, pp 1,2) (parens are Hubbard's)


51. Hubbard claims that his assertion that God, Heaven and

Christ are not real, but the content of "implants" from trillions

of years ago, is based on thousands of hours of "research."

"It is scientific research and is not in any way based

upon mere opinion of the researcher. This HCO Bulletin

is not the result of the belief or beliefs of anyone.

Scientology data reflects long, arduous and painstaking

research over a period of some thirty years into the

nature of Man, the mind, the human spirit and its

relationship to the physical universe. The data and

phenomena discovered in Scientology is common to all

minds and all men and can be demonstrated on anyone."

(Ex. E, p4)


52. At no time during the years I was inside the

organization and working close with Hubbard, did I ever observe

that he considered Scientology a religion. At no time during

those years did I consider Scientology a religion. Religious

status was sought for tax advantages and as a means for getting

away with Hubbard's and his organization's abuses and dangerous

practices. We in Scientology adopted religious terms and

trappings in a very cynical way to forward the organization's

irreligious goals. At no time since I left Scientology have

organization agents acted in relation to me in a religious

manner, nor in a charitable manner. In my opinion, religions

should not be officially permitted to get away with a lower

standard of conduct and human interaction than non-religions simply

because they are "religions." I pray that Scientology be denied

charity status in Canada so that its abusive lower standards are not

given official sanction, and so that hopefully the organization gets

the message that it must cease its abuses.


Sworn to this 27th day of February, 1998, in Chilliwack,

British Columbia.


Gerald Armstrong



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