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Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Researching Hubbard the Pathological Liar (was More Questions for the OSA Sock Puppets)
From: armstrong@dowco.com (gerry armstrong)
Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2000 23:29:56 GMT

Message ID: <38af260b.824846@news.dowco.com>
(Not archived on Google, however.)

On Fri, 18 Feb 2000 11:24:18 -0500, Stacy Brooks <stacybrooks@mciworld.com> wrote:

>On Thu, 17 Feb 2000 15:56:44 -0500, "Jeffrey Liss" <monupics @ispchannel.com>
>>Still more questions which deserve an answer. Why won't you speak up?
>>Why do you remain in this silent, defensive posture? I would have
>>thought you would be eager to attacke these questions with the verbal
>>stilletto that is a well-reasoned argument.
>>1. Scientology's official biographers claim that L. Ron Hubbard's
>>flirtation with satanism and black magick was part of a U.S.
>>government-sanctioned operation, in which Hubabrd was ordered to
>>infiltrate and "shut down" the group. Why, then, did Hubbard speak
>>fondly of Alistaire Crowley later in life? Why have Scientology's
>>various mouthpieces (e.g. Freedom Magazine) offered no documentary
>>evidence to support the "intelligence service" story? Why has the
>>church, which has used the Freedom of Information Act extensively in
>>the past, not tracked down the documents to prove their claim? Why
>>does Hubbard's FBI file (the FBI being the sole agency authorized to
>>carry out domestic intelligence) contain no reference to the
>>operation? And, lest conspiracy or coverup be alleged, why would the
>>government conceal or destroy evidence of Hubbard's mundane mission
>>but leave a paper trail of harassment operations against Martin Luther
>>King, Jr.; radiation exposure of U.S. civilians, the " Tuskegee
>>Experiments," etc.?
>Hi Jeffrey,
>You won't get a response from OSA on this subject, because no documentation of
>Hubbard's "intelligence operation" explanation exists. I know this from
>firsthand experience.
>Back in 1981 my then-husband Vaughn Young was assigned to take over the LRH
>Archives after Gerry Armstrong blew. In early 1982 I was assigned to be his
>assistant. We knew that Gerry had been busted for voicing concerns about some
>of the unverifiable claims LRH had made about his life.

I hadn't been busted. I remained on post as LRH Archivist/Biography Researcher until I escaped on December 12, 1981.

> But we believed the
>party line about Gerry -- that he had been a shoddy researcher and had assumed
>LRH was lying simply because Gerry couldn't find the documents to prove LRH's
>story. Vaughn was known for his investigative reporting skills, but he also
>began to run into bewildering difficulty trying to track down documentation
>for many of Hubbard's claims about his life.
>At the time Vaughn and I were utterly mystified by this. As dedicated
>Scientologists, we never questioned LRH. If LRH said something had happened,
>that was that. It had happened. So why, for example, couldn't we find a copy
>of his nuclear physics degree? Why didn't his medical records from the Navy
>reflect that he had been crippled and blinded during World War II? Why
>couldn't we find any evidence that the ranch where he grew up "riding horses
>by the age of two" was a quarter the size of Montana? Why didn't the Blackfoot
>Indian tribe have any record of LRH having been a blood brother?
>A Scientologist is trained to "duplicate" what LRH says exactly -- no
>interpreting, no explaining, no "alter-ising," as they say. In the Sea Org,
>everyone has to "go to study" at least two and a half hours a day, and of
>course the main thing anyone ever studies is LRH writings and tapes. If you
>disagree with anything he says, or if you think something he says conflicts
>with something he has said elsewhere, it means you have a misunderstood word
>and therefore haven't duplicated the materials. If you get word clearing and
>still have a disagreement it means you have an out-ethics situation and you're
>sent to ethics for O/W writeups or conditions or sec-checking -- whatever is
>needed to clean you up so you can once again duplicate what LRH has said.
>So you can imagine our dilemma. Here we had in LRH's own handwriting dramatic
>stories about this wonderful man's epic life. Why couldn't we document them?
>Why, in fact, did the documents we were finding tell a totally different --
>decidedly less dramatic and definitely not wonderful -- story?
>By February 1982 Vaughn and I were both in Author Services, Inc. and being run
>directly by David Miscavige and Terri Gamboa. As we continued to review all
>the documents in the Archives we began to find irrefutable evidence that some
>of the things LRH had said were false. And we began to find certain documents
>that, if they ever were made public, would paint LRH as a vicious, petty
>tyrant. Some were even worse than that. We suspected that Gerry Armstrong had
>made copies of at least some of the Archives and that Omar Garrison, who had
>been contracted to write LRH's biography, had those copies.

In fact, I was required by contract to provide documents from Hubbard's personal archive to Omar. The parties to the contract were Pubs DK and Omar. The contract was written, and its conditions specified, by Hubbard's personal attorney Alan Wertheimer (LA, Calif.)

>Now Gerry had
>blown and there was no telling what he would do.
>Vaughn finally screwed up his courage to report this situation to DM and
>Terri. We both knew it was a touchy thing to bring up so Vaughn and I spent
>days trying to figure out how to present this so as not to get in trouble for
>it. Finally Vaughn went in and, as gently as possible, told DM and Terri that
>some of the documents in the Archives could present serious PR problems if
>they were ever made public. I was in the office across the hall and heard what
>Actually, I couldn't hear what Vaughn said, but there was no way not to hear
>what DM and Terri said. They were screaming. DM got furious at Vaughn for
>questioning LRH's integrity. Didn't Vaughn realize that the documents in the
>Archives that discredited LRH had been planted by the FBI? LRH had told him so
>himself. How could Vaughn have doubted LRH? Obviously he had hidden crimes.
>Vaughn was sec checked for days after that, and he never brought up the
>subject again. But in 1984 DM ordered that a lawsuit be brought against Gerry
>Armstrong for theft of documents because of the copies Gerry had made.

Actually the lawsuit was filed in August, 1982. Trial was April - June, 1984.

> Gerry
>responded by providing a list of falsehoods he had discovered in LRH's
>background to show that he was so frightened when he left that he felt he
>needed the documents to defend himself against the inevitable Black PR
>campaign that would be launched against him.

Actually I didn't take any documents when I left. When DM had me declared an SP, when I knew $cientology intel operatives were spying on me and harassing my friends and family, when DM had some photos of mine stolen, and when I demanded the photos be returned and DM's junior Terri Gamboa (my ex-wife) refused and told me to get a lawyer, *then* I went to Omar and got from him copies of documents I thought I would need to defend myself. These were documents I'd earlier provided him pursuant to $cientology's contract.

Omar and I made copies of most of the documents I'd earlier provided him from Hubbard's archive because he feared that $cientology would steal back from him the documents he needed to write the biography. Omar, of course, had written _Playing Dirty_ about $cientology's theft of documents from US government agencies, so his worry about $cientology stealing from him was well founded.

>To prepare for that trial Vaughn and a team of researchers, including me, were
>assigned to document once and for all each of the points Gerry had listed as
>falsehoods. We all started off full of determination and self- righteous
>indignation at Gerry's smearing LRH's name. But by the time we were finished,
>all of us secretly knew that Gerry had been absolutely right. We weren't able
>to document even ONE of the points Gerry had listed.
>We did everything possible to track down ANY trace of truth in LRH's story
>that he had been on a mission for Naval intelligence to break up Crowley's
>Black Magick ring. Instead, we found overwhelming evidence to show that in
>fact, Hubbard participated heavily in the Black Magick rituals. We also
>confirmed that Sara Northrup was living with Jack Parsons when Hubbard moved
>into Parson's house in Pasadena, and that Hubbard began a relationship with
>her while they were both participating in Black Magick rituals with Jack
>Parsons. We also found extensive documentation that Hubbard defrauded Parsons
>when he took off with Sara. We found irrefutable evidence that Hubbard had
>married Sara while still married to his first wife, Polly, and we also found
>that contrary to what Hubbard later said, he was the father of Alexis
>Hollister, his child with Sara.
>It was a nightmare for all of us, because here we were under orders to
>document that LRH had been a hero, and in instance after instance we were
>finding instead that Hubbard had lived a life that ranged from mediocrity to
>downright sordidness and criminality. We managed to escape dire consequences
>by spinning tall tales about each of the points Gerry had listed, but our
>pathetic "DAs" didn't impress Judge Paul Breckinridge. I think everyone is
>familiar with his famous ruling that Hubbard was a paranoid schizophrenic and
>that the organization of Scientology reflects the psychosis of its founder.
>After that project Vaughn and I both knew we were living on borrowed time. The
>big bust came in 1987 when DM sent Vaughn to the RPF in the big Broeker purge.
>The biography unit was disbanded, I was sent back to the Freedom office, and
>no one else has ever been able to find any documentation beyond what we found
>on that project for the Armstrong trial. By now I am sure that DM himself
>knows about all of Hubbard's lies.

DM knew in 1981 that Hubbard had lied. During that year I critiqued several Hubbard biographies published by $cientology, listing lies in these publications. These "biographies" were "about the author" sections in books, "Executive Directives" and other mimeo issues, and PR and marketing handouts about Hubbard. All of them were written or approved by Hubbard himself. My critiques went to DM, who was above the Special Project and Mission All Clear.

DM and every person in his regime knows that Hubbard lied and that he is rightly declared to be a pathological liar. DM and all these people have made the conscious decision to ignore the lies and suppress their own consciences. None of them care a fig about "ethics" or $cientology, other than how these things can be used to accumulate more power and keep their support base ignorant and suppressed. They have all accepted that Hubbard was a pathological liar and have accepted that pathological lying is the road to total power.

> This is why no "official" biography of L.
>Ron Hubbard has ever been published. I doubt one ever will.

$cientology paid Omar *not* to write the biography. The present *official* Hubbard biographer is Dan Sherman, an O$A intel operative $cientology used to " befriend" me and ultimately set me up in the "Armstrong Operation" illegal videotaping with cult PI Eugene M. Ingram. Sherman still works for the cult, and I believe is one of the more rotten anonymous attack posters $cientology has "handling" a.r.s.

(c) Gerry Armstrong



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