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1. I am making this declaration to bring to the Court's

attention activities in which L. Ron Hubbard, Mary Sue Hubbard

and/or Scientology, hereafter referred to as LRH, MSH and

Scientology respectively, are presently engaged relevant to the

"Temporary Stay Order" granted by the Court and annexed hereto as

Attachment A. It is hoped that this declaration will assist the

Court in evaluating what is the actual intention of MSH and

Scientology in seeking such a stay and the perverted use to which

any order by the Court may be put.

2. The following narrative describes recent actions taken

against my wife and me by LRH, MSH and/or Scientology. I remain

convinced that these parties seek my destruction and are trying

to frame me and drive me insane.

3. On June 21, 1984 I flew with my wife to London,

England. The purpose of my trip was to testify in the English

Court in a case involving the custody of two children. The

solicitor who had originally requested me to testify and with

whom I dealt while in London is Arthur Weir, Esq. of the firm of

Tweedie and Prideaux.

4. A friend of mine had telephoned me prior to my going to

London and informed me that Scientology knew of my trip and that

the organization was planning an operation against me to occur

while my wife and I were in London. Prior to our trip I alerted

Mr. Weir and Julia Dragojevic, my attorney in the instant case,

of this possible intelligence action. My wife and I decided to

still go to London because we felt that not going would only

allow Scientology to continue to control our lives by threat and

-page break-


5. I testified in the custody case on June 25 and on

Tuesday, June 26, two incidents occurred which indicated to my

wife and me that an operation of some sort was being carried out

against us. At approximately 10:00 a.m. the receptionist of the

hotel in which we were staying asked me to take a telephone call

in reception. We were staying on the fifth floor and had no

telephone in our room. I walked down to the first floor to take

the call. The caller, a woman, simply confirmed that I was Gerry

Armstrong and then hung up. I waited about fifteen minutes for a

call back which didn't come. I knew then that Scientology

operatives had discovered and confirmed where my wife and I were

staying in London. Later in the day we spotted a man on top of

a building across the street from our hotel watching our room. I

knew then that we were being surveilled but did not determine the

purpose of the surveillance until the day of our departure from


6. I alerted Mr. Weir to the phone call and the

surveillance but there was nothing else to be done at that time.

The biggest effect caused was to make my wife's and my stay in

London worrisome and tense when it could have been pleasant.

7. On June 29 when my wife and I were checking in at

London's Heathrow airport for our return flight to the U.S., we

were accosted by three men, one of whom called my name and thrust

at me the Temporary Stay Order, Attachment A. It was then 11:20

a.m. Our plane was due to depart at 11:55 and was already

boarding. There was no actual reason for the Temporary Stay

Order to be served on me at the airport in London since it has

-page break-

for some time been the arrangement for any service of pleadings

etc. to be made on my attorney of record in my stead. The only

purpose of such service at that time and the harassment that

followed would be an effort to make us miss our flight back to

the U.S.

8. The man who did all the talking of the threesome was in

his 40's about 5'10", very overweight and with an offensive odor.

He identified himself as John Ingram, a private investigator.

One of the other men was grey haired, probably in his 50's also

around 5'10" and more distinguished looking than Ingram. The

third man was probably in his early 20's, about 5'5" wearing a

motorcycle jacket and carrying a helmet. My wife identified him

as having followed us all the way from downtown London in the

train to the airport. These two men would not give their names,

but admitted that they worked for Ingram.

9. I had heard about Ingram on the previous Saturday from

a former Scientologist, Jon Atack. Mr. Atack had told me that

Ingram was retained by Scientology in the U.K. and had been

involved in harassment of people who had split off from the

organization. Ingram is not the same person as Eugene Ingram or

Ingraham, another private investigator employed by Scientology in

the U.S. to carry out their covert operations and harass


10. At Heathrow airport, Ingram was abusive and pushy. He

and his cohorts followed my wife and I through the airport as we

went through the check-in procedure. Ingram kept questioning me and

accusing me about being in contempt of court and about an

alleged meeting on Tuesday evening, June 26 at the Olde Cock

-page break-

Tavern in London. Ingram's statements ran as follows:

"Who did you meet at the Olde Cock Tavern on Tuesday


"Who was the man you met at the Olde Cock Tavern?"

"You're in contempt of court."

"Who did you give the sealed documents to?"

"You violated the court order."

"You were seen giving the sealed documents to a bearded

man on Tuesday evening in the Olde Cock Tavern."

"Who was the person you gave the sealed documents to?"

"Two private investigators observed you on Tuesday

evening in the Olde Cock Tavern giving the sealed

documents to a bearded man, an Arab. You're in

violation of this court order. You're in contempt of


11. I told Ingram that he was (variously) mad, working for

terrorists, a liar, harassive, trying to frame me, and full of

fecal matter.

12. There is absolutely no truth to Ingram's statements or

accusations. I had no sealed documents in London, nor any way to

obtain sealed documents. I had met no Arab in London. I had

given no one any documents while in London except a copy of Judge

Breckenridge's intended Judgment and this to no bearded man, no

Arab and nobody in the Olde Cock Tavern.

13. I had been in the Olde Cock Tavern restaurant on

Monday, June 25 for lunch with my wife. This establishment is on

Fleet Street, right across from the English Court where I was

then testifying. When the Court broke for lunch my wife and I by

-page break-

chance ate at the Olde Cock Tavern. We ate alone and did not

pass documents to anyone. On Tuesday evening, June 26, my wife

and I, because we had had a good meal there the day before and

because it is near the hotel where we were staying, decided to

have dinner at the Olde Cock Tavern. Upon arriving in front of

the establishment, however, we found a sign stating that the

restaurant was closed except for a private party which had

reserved it for the evening. We therefore did not enter the Olde

Cock Tavern on Tuesday evening.

14. At a minimum the actions of these private investigators

hired by LRH, MSH or Scientology are harassive and designed to

intimidate my wife and me. More likely these actions are part of

a larger plan to entrap or frame me and so bring about my

destruction which these people seek. Entrapment and frame-ups

are standard Scientology intelligence actions. Allegations of

contempt of court are designed to break me financially by forcing

me to defend myself legally. The actions of LRH, MSH and/or

Scientology keep me convinced that I have no future after

Scientology and that my life and my wife's life are just as much

in danger now that the case has been won as before the litigation

began. LRH, MSH and Scientology are vindictive and will stop at

nothing to get revenge.

I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is

true and correct.

Executed this 1st day of July, 1984 at Cost Mesa, California.

Signature Gerald D. Armstrong 07-01-1984



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