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Scientology Vulture Ministers
Scamming Stuttgart

Unsatisfactory service is best possible result

Stuttgart 07-30-2003

I had read on Scientology’s German Vulture Minister ® site that the cult was holding one of its yellow tent events in Stuttgart, so I decided to go. My major target was to get another Scientology service, and I set a few conditional targets for afterward, if I was able to make it through my service. My last Scientology service had been a “Sunday Service,” which included some “locational processes,” at the Vancouver Org on November 11, 2001, and which was completely dissatisfying. So I was really looking forward to getting a brand new service. I chose July 30, the final day the predators (aptly of the genus gyps) would be operating in Stuttgart, before they took their gyppery to Karlsruhe.

It was a hot clear morning and there were plenty of people walking past the cult’s tent, which was just a block off Königstrasse, a major pedestrians-only street, so with my hiking boots, backpack and NYPD baseball cap disguise I had no trouble blending in with a multitude of potential marks. The Scientologists had their tent open completely on one side, and half open on the end that faced the street, where they were luring us in with roses. There were two women dressed in burgundy Schneewittchen dresses, a clownchen, and several more cultists in their standard bright yellow VM T-shirts thrusting long-stemmed yellow roses at every passer-by, and beckoning and directing us into the tent. I had no choice but to take a thrust rose and allow myself to be 8-Ced inside.

As soon as I entered I was encircled by a swarm of yellow jackets, or yellow shirts really, to whom I right away apologized for speaking so little Deutsch. That was no problem, however, because they immediately brought in and introduced yet another worker, Petra, who spoke good English, and who would be the person to deliver my service. Petra extracted me from the circle and moved me further inside the tent. There were about twenty Scientologists who were visibly part of the operation, and an unknown number of OSA/RTC personnel who obviously weren’t decked out in VM gear and may or may not have been visible. Five or six massage tables were set up inside the tent, although there wasn’t any tech delivery happening on them when I first arrived.

I asked Petra what was going on, and she said that they were Scientology Volunteer Ministers, and she asked if I had ever heard of Scientology. I said that I had and I asked if it wasn’t a science. She said that yes it was. She said that they were helping people with back pain. Noticing the massage tables that Petra was walking me toward, I voiced an enthusiastic cognition that what they were doing was giving massages. She responded emphatically that it had absolutely nothing to do with massage, and that she would show me.

She told me to put my backpack on a chair that was next to one of the tables. She then told me to take my boots off, and she had me lie face down on the table. The bill of my NYPD disguise conflicted with the massage table, so I placed it on top of my backpack. She put a finger on both sides of my spine at about C6 and ran them down my back three times. Then she ran her fingers up both sides of my spine three times. Then, using her whole hand, she stroked both sides of my back, away from the spine, moving down my back with each stroke. This procedure was done three times, then she reversed direction, stroking away from my spine, moving up my back, for another three times.

This is a “Nerve Assist,” described in HCOB of 25 August 1987, which I trained on at the Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida, and delivered to a number of Flag public preclears. This was absolutely the wrong action for me, and I was thoroughly dissatisfied with the service. I didn’t want to cause an upset for Petra, however, so I didn’t tell her the service was unsatisfactory, but I informed David Miscavige, the boss of all Scientology internationally, in a letter I wrote to him the following day.
http://www.gerryarmstrong.org/50grand/writings/letkeman-ltr-miscavige-2003-07- 31.html

After the nerve assist, I sat on the table and chatted with Petra as I put my boots back on. I asked her if she did the assists on all sorts of people with back pain, and she said she did. I asked if she went to hospitals, and she said that she did, if possible. I attempted to get her to confirm that the nerve assist cures back pain, and she said that yes it did, and she explained to me that the assist unblocks nerve channels. It was clear that the context and goal for Petra was not really so much to cure my back pain but to recruit me. In fact, I had just as much back pain after the nerve assist as I had before I had the “service.” She insisted that even if back pain wasn’t my item I should get trained to be able to cure the back pain of my friends or other people I know.

VM Assist Book This seemed to be her cue to herself to then maneuver me over to a table stacked with Volunteer Minister booklets and introduce me to Agnes Martin who was supervising the book table. Petra selected the English language assist booklet from the table, opened it to the “nerve assist” pages, and explained that that was the service that I had received, and that the booklet would teach me to do it on others. Agnes engaged me in small talk about where I come from and what I’m doing, which led to her revealing that she had been to Los Angeles and had enjoyed the view from the Griffith Observatory.

At one point Agnes asked if I had ever heard of Scientology. I said that I had and proudly told her that I knew it had something to do with volcanoes. She and Petra obviously thought I was referring to Hubbard’s 1950 mental quackery book, rather than Xenu’s final solution in Incident II, because they informed me that it was Dianetics I was talking about. They told me that the same person who discovered Dianetics also discovered Scientology -- L. Ron Hubbard. They showed me his name on the front cover of the assist booklet, and pointed out the address listed inside the booklet for the cult’s organization in Los Angeles -- L. Ron Hubbard Way.

While we were talking, Petra encouraged me to take the booklet that they had shown me, which they said contained all the instructions I would need for delivering assists to my friends and associates who needed these services. When I had agreed to take the booklet, and had it in my hands, Agnes suddenly announced that they were not selling them, but that the booklet cost the cultists five Euros and they would appreciate any donation I would make. I expressed my dismay at the amount they were being bilked for the booklets, but I delved into my jeans pocket and came up with zwei fünfzig Centstücke, und happily contributed to the motion. Agnes, applying, I imagined, Grosse Liga Verkäufe, went VBIs on me. But, having accomplished my major target, and getting Dones on my conditionals, I was VGIs, so it all worked out.

At the close, they whipped out a CF form and placed it on the table in front of me, along with a ballpoint pen, and instructed me to fill it out with my name, address, telephone number, etc. They said that I should fill out the form so they could check back with me. They said that they wanted to check back with me after I’d had the opportunity to find and walk down L. Ron Hubbard Way. I told them that no thanks I wouldn’t do that. They said goodbye and to have a good time in Germany. I said Tschüss, and went off seeking Gerry.

Well, Gerry had been watching me from a reasonable distance as I was getting my nerve assist and being regged, so I quickly spotted him and walked over to meet him. I had him take some photos of me in front of the tent in case proof was needed that I had been there and had received a Scientology service on that date. We are webbing some of these photos along with this report. Scientology’s leaders are gargantuan and notorious liars, and have lied about other services I’ve had, so it was necessary to document this latest service very well. Another conditional target Done!

Gerry also took photos of three vinyl panels the Scientologists had hanging on the outside of the open end their tent. One panel contained images from the World Trade Center tragedy, including the infamous Vulturazzi photo of then New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani talking to a yellow-shirted VM. A second panel contained another image from Ground Zero, plus an amazing munchausenism claiming that Hubbard was in New York in 1973 to conduct a sociology study, in which he predicted what would happen three decades later. Wow! For what he was really doing in 1973 -- hiding out in Queens from fear of being extradited to France for fraud – see Jim Dincalci’s account from Bare-Faced Messiah. http://www.xs4all.nl/~johanw/CoS/BFM/bfm19.htm

The third tent panel contained twelve letters relating to the Vulture Ministers operation, mainly in connection with the WTC disaster. Gerry also took individual pics of the letters which we’ve webbed here. Because the letters were printed on vinyl, and because the light was not good and the panels were moving in the breeze, the images are not clear, so we’ve also provided html text for what we were able to make out with certainty.

Not only does Scientology’s Vulture Minister scam feed off human tragedies in the affluent western world (you won’t find them giving nerve assists in famine-stricken Ethiopia), but the operation generates its own tragedies as well. Every person the Scientologists lure into their tents, onto their massage tables, or under their fingers is at risk of being victimized as I was, and as countless other people have been. Every person recruited is facing potential financial ruin, facing being ripped off for tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars buying the cult’s false promises. Every person can be separated from her loved ones, her whole family destroyed by Scientology’s heartless disconnection policy. Every person conned into the cultists’ clutches will be lied to, exploited and cheated, and, if she ever complains or requests her money back, she can be fair gamed and obliterated.

I am quite certain that many or most of the Scientologists that the cult operates as volunteer ministers, like Petra and Agnes, do not know what they’re doing, do not know what lies they are believing and repeating, and do not know what potential for tragedies they are creating. Their blissful ignorance was captured in the irony of the question asked on one of the posters inside their tent: “Gibt es zu vielHass auf der Welt?” -- “Is there too much hate in the world?” Accepting that Scientology is opposing hate in the world, these people have joined a virulent hate group. Wanting to get others to join them in reducing hatred, they lure them with roses and “assists” into the same hate group that has brought them to hate.

Scientology’s “suppressive person doctrine” is among the most hateful and hate-inciting ideas ever invented by man. Hubbard was no humanitarian as the cult claims. He was a pathological liar, fraudster, evildoer and misanthrope. We who are the victims of Scientology's suppressive person doctrine, and its implementation – the judicially condemned “fair game” policy – sometimes joke about the cult, and even poke fun at its Vulture Ministers®. But it really is no laughing matter. The whole thing -- the smiles, flowers, yellow shirts, the “help,” booklets, tent and the glitz, and the lies, greed and hatred underlying this illusion of philanthropy – is a tragic crying shame.

Caroline Letkeman





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