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The Ottmann OP
on alt.religion.scientology


The Ottmann Dictionary of Official Redefinitions ® is a must for anyone determined to win any argument without having to submit to ordinary logic or to stoop to common sense. Every word can be used to serve any purpose, so you don't have to bother with standard linguistic conventions or usually accepted understandings and phraseology.

Not only are words used in completely novel ways, but also arbitrary meanings are imposed in a forceful manner designed to impinge, overwhelm, get across your own unrelated message, or serve any other imaginable purpose.

Where formerly a word might have had a single simple meaning, now with ODOR you can choose any definition that will serve any purpose. If you have to serve some nefarious organization's nefarious purposes, the Ottmann Dictionary of Official Redefinitions ® is indispensable, because it even allows you redefine what it means to serve any organization's purposes.

You can continue to do what you're doing, serve a

nefarious organization's nefarious purposes, call it something else, and be utterly right about it.

ODOR is based on the technology of L. Ron Hubbard as given in his Policy Letter of 5 October 1971 "Propaganda by Redefinition of Words" and is fully approved by the Scientology Propaganda Machine. As Hubbard said, "Given enough repetition of the redefinition, public opinion can be altered by altering the meaning of a word. The technique is good or bad depending on the ultimate objective of the propagandist." That is to say, as Hubbard makes clear, ODOR's redefinitions can serve any purpose.

This semi-attractive volume also comes with the Martin Ottmann Lexicon of English Snippage (MOLES) that will give you techniques to cleverly eliminate any words or arguments that you can't easily redefine away. You will, at a minimum, with ODOR, have a basis for pretending to be convinced that your redefinitions, your propaganda and your snip tech are clever, and that you win no matter what.

Ordinary people will naturally say that what you're doing by redefining terms or snipping their words stinks, but you can say in response that it's just the ODOR. There is no doubt that if you can't think for yourself, the Ottmann Dictionary of Official Redefinitions ® will serve your every purpose.

10-26-2003 [Martin Ottmann]
10-26-2003 [Martin Ottmann]
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