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From: Zinj <zinjifar@yahoo.com>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Zinjifar Pukes on Warrior
Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2003 11:33:49 -0800
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In article <2rnnqv0ba9fk49itp38bi64lb0ra5hq8av@4ax.com>,
gerry@gerryarmstrong.org says...

<nasty snip tech for the sake of 'clarity'>

> >Why do you attack scientology's enemies?
> Certain people who claim to be Scientology's enemies also hate
> clarity in their discussions. Their
> discussions happen to contain, more than randomly, attacks on
> Scientology's certain -- not just claimed -- enemies.

Now we have clarity: Gerry is 'Scientology's certain' enemy';
the people *He* attacks are just 'claimed enemies'. That's the

> No, just go ahead and address the content. Why not stop this silly
> snip tech? Why not stop this silly pettiness about the syle of the
> writer, or how many times the writers uses a term to express a point,
> and deal with the point being expressed?

'Nasty Snip Tech' serves wonderfully to 'clarify' the point by
stripping Gerry's logorrhistic rhetorical carpet bombings of
their deliberately obfuscatory yet intellectually dishonest and
Hubbardian circular logic to reveal the shining beacon of his
blinding narcissistic delusion of grandeur, and thus
illuminated, actually reveal his 'point', the bone of
contention, AXIOM #1 of Gerryology - Criticizing or otherwise
'depopularizing' 'The Gerry' is evil *because* he is
'Scientology's Certain Enemy', and his own attempted
'depopularizing' of his 'enemies' in retaliation is not
hypocritical because *those enemies* are only 'claimed enemies'
of Scientology. It's that simple.

> >Stop with furthering the cult's agenda.
> You will provide some evidence for this false factual assertion,
> right? Or will you just give some inanity such as I "can't stand a
> difference of opinion?"

At least Gerry has decided to weasel a bit and only call Mike's
'assertion' a 'false factual assertion' rather than a 'LIE!!!'.
Perhaps this weasel element is actually a distant hall of the
lonely voice of sanity within Gerry, that watches aghast as he
plants his flag firmly at the summit of Mt. Narcissistic

'Obviously' Mike's assertion must be 'false' since, as this
'nasty snip tech' has demonstrated, depopularizing Gerry is evil
*because* he is 'Scientology's Certain Enemy', while those he
attempts to depopularize are merely 'claimed enemies'.

> >You are most welcome! Btw, breeding hamsters can be beneficial for you.
> >They never talk back. You can sit and preach to them all the long day.
> Love your insults.

Do you love mine too?

Scientology® - Deliberately killing no more than 0.5 percent of
its members since 1953






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