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From: Zinj <zinjifar@yahoo.com>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: kids
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 14:26:48 -0800
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In article <Xns9423ABD497A9Bkadywwwaifnet@>,
kady@wwwaif.net says...

> I understand your concern over Gerry's wellbeing, and I share with you the
> hope that his friends will guide him out of this self-destructive cycle,
> but I'm not going to sit back and be a punching bag for someone caught in a
> tail spin of paranoia. If I did, I may as well depart from a.r.s.
> altogether, as so many have done before me for similar reasons. Until such
> time that I give up entirely, I'm not willing to be pushed out by the
> madding crowd. (Present company, of course, excluded.)
> K

Speaking of 'madding crowds' however, where are they? For the
most part there are none; just the same two 'groups' who have
graced ARS with their competing 'solidarities' for so long. We
get to hear from both sides how they're being unfairly attacked,
whining all the way, putting up DA websites and making
hyperbolic accusations about the 'other side'.

Contrary to your depiction, ARS is not divided into these two
warring camps, but merely inflicted with them, with some few
unaligned making variously favorable or unfavorable comment.

With few exceptions, Gerry's 'defenders' are pretty much the
same few they always have been. Likewise, your 'usual dogpile',
with a few extras who may have missed how they're being co-

Yes yes, I know, unless you all scream loudly enough, somebody
might not realize how you all have stood lonely guard against
the dangers of Bobism and the resultant death of the 'Critical

That this revisionism requires some fudging; like claiming that
Dorian was a huge success, or that Bob was the 'leader' of the
'critical community' anywhere else than in his own mind, and in
his few acolytes *should* be obvious to the huge majority of
'critics' who always thought Dorian was a dolt, and that Bob,
although deserving recognition for the good he did, was far from
sinless. (And no, I don't mean his mistresses or his 'treason')

That certainly justifies your whining about the attacks you and
the rest of your 'lonely voices in the wilderness' have so
massively received. You do and you do and you DO for us kids
don't you kady? And what thanks do you get? Tch

As for being called OSA, well, if you insist on taking such crap
seriously, maybe you should get together with Mark Bunker and

Scientology® - Deliberately killing no more than 0.5 percent of
its members since 1953





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