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From: Zinj <zinjifar@yahoo.com>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: kids
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2003 11:43:29 -0800
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In article <bnjof3017lb@drn.newsguy.com>, warrior@xenu.ca
> In article <nLanb.119503$gv5.104842@fed1read05>, JB@nowhere says...
> >
> >When someone like Gerry has been pursued in deed and in in debt for as long
> >as he has been, there "should" be a certain amount of latitude allowed -
> >otherwise the import of the message gets lost. Why can't you see this? A
> >certain amount of reason should be applied, and with it, a certain amount of
> >understanding. Not to say that everythining should be taken as root "En
> >Masse'", but rather that it be taken in context, and with context
> >before-thought.
> >
> >While Gerry ~may~ have thoughts of grandious, maybe he's also had thoughts
> >of persecution, and rightfully so.?
> Someone demonstrates some compassion and understanding for a change.
> Thanks, Jack.

It's not 'compassion' to fail to criticize even someone you
admire and respect when they are wrong. And understanding isn't
the problem with Gerry in this particular instance. When a
friend begins exhibiting signs of megalomania and paranoia, it's
*friends* who should be doing the criticism, and as
compassionately as it's done, that includes accepting the
possible, or even probable retaliation.

There's something very 'Scientological' in the idea that
'compassion' and 'support' must be monolithic, or that to
criticize one aspect of a person, or elements of what they do or
say is to 'attack' them in general.

There's certainly no doubt that Gerry (and many others) have and
are being attacked by OSA and the 'Church', but circling the
wagons and declaring 'those in the trenches' and 'legitimate
activists' above criticism is worse than anything OSA could do,
since it eliminates the value of criticism in moderating the
excesses common to those subject to OSA attack.

Does this mean that *all* criticism of Gerry is 'compassionate'
and 'understanding'? Of course not. ARS and critics in general
*have* developed factions and dogpiles (including your own) who
demonstrate a deplorable belief in 'all or nothing!' and 'With
us or against us!' and would, if possible polarize *all* critics
into one or the other 'camp'; something that's about as likely
as Truth Seeker or Dorian turning out to be 'real' in any real
sense of the word.

As far as the 'dogpiles' go; a pox upon both your houses.
Compassion and understanding are not the same as blind
solidarity in supporting us/them paranoia.

That holds true whether it's Gerry or Kady (I do and I do and I
Do for you kids!) or ptsc (you won't have ptsc to kick around
any more).

Does this mean that I give a damn about Gerry's silly
'OSAGoons' page? Or Diane's own version? Or any of the whining
about Gerry's stupid page by others? Nope.

Assholes will be assholes and will do asshole type things; like
deciding that using 'OSA Methods' is just peachy, as long as
it's for the 'right' cause.

True friends don't play 'enabler' to friends; they criticize as

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