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From: Zinj <zinjifar@yahoo.com>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Sayonawa for now
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2003 14:09:50 -0800
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In article <3F9D864B.3050307@rochester.rr.com>,
tdurni@rochester.rr.com says...
> ladayla wrote:
> > In article <Xns9420EA179C185kadywwwaifnet@>, kady@wwwaif.net
> > says...
> >
> >>Warrior <warrior@xenu.ca> wrote in news:bni0rh01n4s@drn.newsguy.com:
> >>
> >>[snip]
> >>
> >>
> >>>The page, I believe, is intended to be educative on the subject
> >>>of OSA's black PR on Gerry and how goons unwittingly (and
> >>>stupidly) forward OSA's black PR.
> >>
> >
> > This is how I see the page as well. I dunno why some guys just don't get it. I
> > can understand why a person who has never been in scn won't see the Black PR and
> > character assassination. I think that one had to have seen how it worked before
> > you would 'see' it. That's why scientologists had rather deal with people who
> > have never been in the church, rather than ex-scientologists; non-scn'ists are
> > totally easy to manipulate. Exes aren't. It is next to impossible to manipulate
> > a person who has been trained in scn PR tactics.
> >
> > la
> La I would have to agree. I have never been a scientologist, however I
> have had over 20 years of experience in dealing directly with a
> scientologist who was using these methods to manipulate and influence
> people around him.
> I think the non-scientology world as well as scientologists use similar
> tactics sometimes, but may not really be conscience of it being used for
> a purpose, like upper management or OSA would.
> Gerry is only webbing posts made by these individuals. If they have a
> problem with their posts, maybe they should post retractions or further
> explanations for their reasoning?

I'd have to both agree and disagree in that Scientologists,
including ex-scientologists, tend to have an exaggerated
conviction of their ability to 'manipulate the minds of wogs'
although the only *actual* effectiveness of the 'Tech' is in
reducing their own awareness of, and defenses against
manipulation. Which goes a long way towards explaining the
general vulnerability to various scams the 'Tech Trained'
demonstrate in matters far afield from Hubbardspew.

And of course, the arrogant and sophist manipulative tactics
Scientologists demonstrate are not unique to them (how could
they be?) and are common to the wog world too, although, not as
universally and regularly practiced.

On the other hand however, most Wogs do tend to give a person
the 'benefit of the doubt', especially since, thanks to the
'Tech', Scientologists and ex's are'nt even usually *aware* of
the manipulative nature of their 'comm', which lends it a patina
of 'sincerity' that can fool the unwary. Not enough to hide the
'creepy feeling' though.

Anybody with even minimal experience however in dealing with
Trained Scientologists, is able with little difficulty to
recognize, neutralize and even ignore the 'trained in
manipulative nature' to the point of thinking 'poor dear, he/she
just can't help it. Whadda mind-fuck the Tech is!'

Scientologists *do* make good salesmen though, since they can
literally believe *anything*, even their own bull. About the
only arena where The Tech shows any 'value', unfortunately, a
value far outweighed by the side-effects.

The people doing the most whining about Gerry's stupid website
are merely hypocrites who complain about admittedly deplorable
tactics that they themselves however are well known for.

I do wish however that Gerry were'nt quite as impressed as he
seems with his own 'rhetorical' and manipulative skills, since
both in blatant manipulation and deplorable repugnance they're
most similar to Diane's, and people who abhor his arrogance are
right on the money, no matter what his other admirable

Scientology® - Deliberately killing no more than 0.5 percent of
its members since 1953





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