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From: "Tigger" <TiggerintheBox@webtv.net>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Listening to Shirley Wilson
Date: 13 Mar 2007 16:47:11 -0700
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Gerry Armstrong wrote:
> On 13 Mar 2007 13:34:37 -0700, "Out_Of_The_Dark"
> <xscilentologist@yahoo.com> wrote:
> >On Mar 12, 8:19 pm, Tiggerinthe...@webtv.net (Tigger Tigger) wrote:
> >> Yeah, Tigger is Shirley Jean Wilson.  Mr. Bunker has been obsessed with
> >> calling me by a name which I do not use to post for years.....which adds
> >> to a lot of confusion for some people.    Some other people have picked
> >> up that bad habit too.  LOL I can tell when I've hit a sore spot.....
> >> they call me  Shirley.     I'm really surprised you thought I was
> >> Beckyboo.    You had some sort of ministroke, didn't you?  Perhaps your
> >> memory is still affected?
> >>
> >> Mr. Bucker's  also been badmouthing THE PROFIT and the people who worked
> >> on it for years too.
> >>
> >> I have less  connection with THE PROFIT message board, Jerald, than you
> >> and Bunker have.  I have never posted there.
> >> Bunker was wanting me to ask for transcripts, you were mistaken about
> >> some things and Out_of_the_Dark Mary was shitting bullshit and parroting
> >> lies that OSA RFW and Arnie Lerma have
> >> been spreading for years.  So I and Patty P. too, told you all to go to
> >>
> >> Bunker was getting in some of his own BS on a.r.s. that he has been
> >> spreading on a.r.s. and OCMB for years and is still unable to prove.
> >> It should be no surprise to Bunker  after what he has said and done for
> >> years to trash THE PROFIT and badmouth the people who worked on it that
> >> he was not welcomed with wine and roses.
> >>
> >> What's he whining about? He got his question answered.....there are no
> >> court transcripts about the injunction because there were no court
> >> hearings on the injunction.
> >>
> >> Bunker's  full of sour grapes and he, Lerma and Out_of_the_Dark Mary
> >> should stop promoting OSA's black propaganda.
> >>
> >> Tigger <
> >
> >Everytime you post something like the above, save for the recent post
> >of Minton's original opinion of the movie back when he had an
> >investment he cared to recoup, you make less and less people care
> >about The Profit.
> >
> >The only propaganda being spread here is yours. I am surprised that
> >Peter has not just told you to shut your mouth because everytime you
> >open it to attack anyone mentioning anything related, he loses.
> >
> >~Mary
> >
> >www. raids.org
> >
> >Proverbs 16:28
> >A froward man soweth strife: and a whisperer separateth chief friends.
> I think it is becoming clear that the people attacking Bob Minton do
> not want The Profit released.

What makes you think that?    What do you think the anonyous people
who are attacking Peter Alexander, Patricia Greenway and THE PROFIT

>(I think I've seen them referred to as
> the "cabal," so I'll adopt that convention here.) Why exactly the
> cabal doesn't want it released, I don't know. Maybe because they've
> concluded it's embarrassingly amateurish. Maybe for some other more
> nefarious reason.
> If Bob really can prevent its release and if the cabal really wants it
> released, they would stop lying about him and vilifying him, and
> they'd make peace with him. But they keep right on lying about him,
> and attacking and vilifying him, plus his friends of all people.

All right Mr. Armstrong....what lies have been told about Mr. Minton?

> only reasonable conclusion is that the cabal does not want the film
> released, and wants Bob blamed for preventing its release.

Hey "Bob" told Jesse Prince that he (bob)
was offering THE PROFIT to Mike Rinder/OSA and laughed about Peter and
Patricia having to deal with them.
Are you saying Jesse Prince is a liar?

There is no "cabal".   Why would Peter and Patricia spend money and
years fighting COS and Minton to get the injunction lifted?
> Or, you cabalists, prove me wrong. Tell the truth about Bob, stop
> spreading this hatred about him and his friends, and apologize for all
> your lies and hatred, so that he has some incentive to release the
> film, if indeed he really can prevent its release.

What lies?  What truth?  The truth is that Minton made a deal with OSA/
SCN and one part of Minton's deal is to stop the release of THE
> I've seen the film. It's unimportant, and it's completely
> understandable that its producers might be so embarrassed by it they
> dread its release. If it is so embarrassing, it has to also be
> embarrassing to Bob who financed it, so he possibly has a legitimate
> motive for preventing its release, if indeed he can, without the
> cabal's vicious attacks and lying about him and his friends. But the
> attacks and lies can only be because the cabal itself does not want
> the film released. Or what other reason do the cabalists have? LF

What lies about Minton?  What lies about "his friends"?
List them.

Do you remember your lies?

Gerry Armstrong--Posts by a.r.s. participants who claim to not be
formally employed OSA staff or formally operated OSA agents but who,
in and with pretended stupidity, forward OSA's purposes by attacking
the Scientology cult's fair game victims.





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