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From: boobootigger@webtv.net (Tigger)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: The COWARDLY DIANE RICHARDSON (was http://www.padgettry.net/ -
Date: Sun, 24 Aug 2003 01:03:08 -0500 (CDT)
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Ptsc says:

(snip) because it hasn't been googlized and I am not about to CCP &
smallily each and every line of ptsc BS.

And you, Ptsc, can not make these facts go away:

Your motives for putting up and/or mirroring Richardson's and Spurgeon's
websites were less than honorable.

Or that Richardson and Spurgeon went totally berserk because I, and I
alone, posted a transcript of the March 9 telephone call which exposed
them as the assholes they are.

Or that you went totally berserk because I reposted Richardson's attacks
on you via Bernie's website to show Richardson DA's everybody who pisses
her off.

Or that you are all COWARDS WHO WILL NOT IDENTIFY who you are on those

Or that the spit and spin OPINION on those sites is exactly the same
kind of black PR OSA does. (Ditto for Richardson and Bernie about a
certain bomb threat) BTW, type in "Rob Clark" and see what comes up on

Or that the whole story can not be found in court documents or on the

Or that you, Diane Richardson, Keith Spurgeon and Ultramichael DO NOT
KNOW the whole story.

Or that Tom Padgett has been a critic of COS for ten + years.

Or that Diane Richardson, according to this definition of: "How to
recognize an OSA sock puppet" is an OSA sock puppet because SHE SPENDS
99 per cent of her time on ars attacking people who post on a.r.s. who
commit the unforgivable "crime" of disagreeing with her and/or pissing
her off.

"They focus on the PEOPLE posting on ars and distract from the vital
subject of exposing the reality and truth about the Scn scam."

Michael Pattinson

Or that most people searching for the name "Tom Padgett" or "Tom
Padgett, deadbeat dad" via google, would conclude that the fleagle,
Padgettry, bway, buttersquash, etc. websites,
if they were seen at all, were the work of OSA.....

Or that you said:

"In either case, Diane is of course making things up and lying, as

Or that Diane said:

""I made it up, but it's no lie -- just a sarcastic commentary based on
your own self-acknowledged less-than-admirable behavior."

Or that you said:

"Does the nut (Diane Richardson) have any evidence for any of her
insinuations? Of course not, her definition of evidence is "what is
lacking in OTHER people's arguments."

So what did all the Clark, Richardson, and Spurgeon threats, badmouthing
and OSA like behavior prove?

Looks like it proves you are all a bunch of cowardly hot headed assholes
who resort to OSA tactics when someone disagrees with you and/or pisses
you off. Sorta like Arnie Lerma and/or Gerry Armstrong. EXCEPT they
have the courage of their convictions.......THEY IDENTIFY ON THEIR






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