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From: boobootigger@webtv.net (Tigger)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Getting the Padgett bullshit off ars (was Re: Diane RICHARDSON Attacks Rob CLARK (ptsc))
Date: 11 Aug 2003 02:10:04 -0700
Organization: http://groups.google.com/
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ptsc <ptsc@nowhere.com> wrote in message news:<vb6cjv4nh73uls8j4bkuqpk4534lbk3pbv@4ax.com>...
> On Sun, 10 Aug 2003 00:11:00 -0500 (CDT), boobootigger@webtv.net (Tigger) wrote:

Gee, forgot to post from which thread that came, didn't you?

Google Groups: View Thread "Diane RICHARDSON Attacks Rob CLARK (ptsc)

> You know what, Tigger, I've about had it with this shit. But rather than
> endlessly repost Padgett screeds and dwell on old court reports here on ars,
> where it is boring the fuck out of people, I'll do something more fun, to thank
> you for the steaming pile of bullshit you've dumped from Bernie's site onto ars.
> Your pathetic and desperate attempts to change the subject away from Padgett's
> lies and his current fraudulent conduct by posting years-old flamewars is not
> going to work and has in fact already backfired, as I'll explain shortly.

You know what ptsc, for someone who is supposed to be so intelligent,
sometimes you can be so dumb.

BTW I have also had it with "this shit" too. Diane Richardson has
been shitting for over a month now.

I agree with you there is a lot of BS on Bernie's website. The
"source" of much of it is the infamous shiter......Diane Richardson.
Bernie is not my hero.....he's MICHAEL GREENBERG's.

Google Groups: View Thread "What UMike's Hero Bernie Says was: UMike's


Note that I posted several Diane Richardson BS attacks which were
endorsed by Bernie.

Google Groups: View Thread "Diane RICHARDSON & the Cult Apologist,
Jeffrey HADDEN"


Note that I posted this to show Richardson's promotion and use of
cult apologists (who are also used and promoted by the COS) to attack
Margaret Singer and other respected scholars and their studies of mind

Is Diane Richardson your heroine? She is Bernie's and UMike's heroine
because she supports their views on Mind Control and she attacks
critics instead of confronting the abuses of Scientology.

There is a pattern to Richardson's hate.
The same pattern can be seen in the other attacks she has launched
over the years. It can be seen in her attack on you and others.
There are similarities between the charges and Richardson's attacks
against you and Padgett.

How did you feel when Richardson attacked you? How much of her spiel
is true? Richardson attacked you because you pissed her off when she
was attacking Paulette Cooper, right? The posting of Richardson's
attack on you (promoted on Bernie's website) was not an attack on you
by me.

BTW how do you feel about Richardson's BS about you being put up on a
website where it can be found in a google search? How do you think Tom
Padgett's children and siblings feel about the BS you, Richardson and
Spurgeon are putting up about their family and them?

I was not promoting Bernie or his website. I was not attacking you. I
was using what Bernie and Richardson said to point out who agrees
with Richardson.....in this case, a cult apologist, who also attacks
critics and promotes the rantings of Richardson, Greenberg, E. J.,
etc. who also attack critics with little or no reason other than some
critic(s) pissed them off. And to point out the pattern of
Richardson's vindictive, obsessive behavior which has been clearly
evident for at least eight years.

> (And for the rest of you, this will result in me more or less
shutting up, at
> least mostly and at least here, about the endless, tedious Padgett nonsense.)
> While Padgett would be pretty much off-topic, as much of a pain in the ass as he
> has made himself around here, he's definitely on-topic when people do a search
> for "Tom Padgett" or "deadbeat dad" or any other term appropriate to this
> sleazeball on Google or any other search engine.

> > Therefore, I have temporarily revived the Buttersquash blog on
> http://buttersquash.blogspot.com, since Padgett loves that word so much and
> loves spewing nonsense about it. As you can see, the most recent entry is my
> special gift to you, a lovely pome entitled the "Tom Padgett Googlebomb
> Villanelle." I could explain the concept of a villanelle but why bother?
> You're too dumb to understand the concept anyway. Let's just say it involves a
> lot of repeating the same two lines.
> Now, since you're rather dim, I'll explain the impact of this. Each of the
> occurrences of "Tom Padgett" in that blog entry link to
> http://www.bway.net/~referen/tp/
> Each of the occurrences of "deadbeat dad" also link to
> http://www.bway.net/~referen/tp/

What's to explain? It's totally clear. You're aiding and abeting
Richardson and Spurgeon in their attempt to destroy Tom Padgett and
his entire family utterly because I pissed them (Richardson &
Spurgeon) and you off. You are insuring that any search for the
names of Tom Padgett, his mother, his father, his brother, his sister
and his CHILDREN will take them to Richardson's DA Padgett Family
site. Sure speaks a lot for your (and their) character, doesn't it?
I'm sure COS, Richardson, Spurgeon and especially Michael Greenberg
will greatly appreciate your efforts. The Padgett children and any
fairminded person won't. But heck, if it makes your, Richardson's,
Greenberg's and Spurgeon's vicious little souls happy, that's what
counts, (for you and them) isn't it?
> This counts as a "vote," however small, for that site in Google PageRank. Of
> course, Google has to crawl the site first.

Why don't you take an a.r.s. vote about how scientological the efforts
to DA the Padgett Family are?

> But golly gee, Google just happens to own blogspot.com. Do you think they crawl
> it pretty regularly? I guess you and Tom will find out.

Is now the time to thank you for exposing that you are the same type
of vicious subhuman as Richardson, Spurgeon and Greenberg who
attempts to destroy a COS critic and his entire family simply because
another COS critic has pissed you off?
> This is a really minor effort, and much more could be done should I be
> motivated. I don't even really mind being DA'ed by idiots, but you have a
> really screeching incompetent way of going about it that gets on my fucking
> nerves.

Gee, am I responsbile for your inability to get the "fucking" point?
Is Tom Padgett and his family responsible for your inability to get
the "fucking" point, which is/was that Richardson has exhibited the
same type of vicious "fucking" behavior toward any critic who has
pissed her off and/or has failed to agree with her fuckiing views for
at least eight years.
> So here's the deal. I'm not going to get into idiot back and forths with you
> about shit that would be entirely irrelevant to ars if Tom Padgett weren't here
> stinking it up with his bullshit, and I'm certainly not going to get into idiot
> back and forths with a mental retard like you about shit that happened years
> ago.
> Here's what I'll do. Every time you pull this shit, I'm not even going to
> respond or let you know how or where or what, something gets done that erodes
> Padgett's PageRank. Eventually your own stupidity will directly result in the
> page you hate so much being the #1 hit for Padgett. Piss me off enough and
> he'll get carpal tunnel before he finds his own goddamn page when he types his
> name into a search engine. Maybe he can also be the #1 hit on the net for
> "deadbeat dad." That would be fun.
> This fun game could bear fruit by lunchtime. It could take a week or a month.

"fun game"? No doubt David Miscavige and Mike Rinder enjoy the same
type of "fun game".

> It could somehow not do anything at all. The ways of Google are mysterious and
> give much food for thought.
> Bon appetit, bitch.

Gee, what a great endeavor........DA'ing one critic and his entire
family because another critic pissed you off. Speaks volumes for the
type of person you are, doesn't it?

And threats, no less......Shall we start calling you Mike Rinder or
Helena Kobrin?

Look asshole, get the right target. If you want to be an Armstrong,
Lerma, Rchardson, Spurgeon or the fucking Church of Scientology, GET
THE RIGHT TARGET........DA me, you fucking assholoe coward.
> I hope Tom Padgett is grateful for your assistance. I am sure he is very happy
> about the results of you posting that illegally-taped phone call to Clambake.
> That sure worked out well for him.

Putting up hate websites/pages, whether they be Bernie's, Gerry
Armstrong's, Lerma's, COS', Spurgeon's, Richardson's or yours becasue
some critic(s) pissed you off is childish, asinine and vindictive.
It's even more asinine and vindictive (and cowardly) when it's done
because another critic pissed you off.

You know Richardson and Spurgeon wouldn't be going to such vindictive
lengths if I hadn't pissed them off. And you have made it abundantly
CLEAR, even to a tigger, that you are going to the same vindictive
lengths for the same dispicable reason.

I thought you were a better person than those two sorry characters,
but I guess I was wrong because here you are threatening to to the
same thing.......put up hate pages on Tom Padgett and his entire
family because you got pissed off by my attempts to show Richardson's
true nature.


ptsc: "In either case, Diane is of course making things up and lying,
as usual.

Diane Richardson: "I made it up, but it's no lie -- just a sarcastic
commentary based on your own self-acknowledged less-than-admirable


ptsc: "Does the nut (Diane Richardson) have any evidence for any of
her insinuations? Of course not, her definition of evidence is "what
is lacking in OTHER people's arguments."






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