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From: boobootigger@webtv.net (Tigger)
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Subject: Re: Even more Questions to factless ptsc
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 06:49:42 -0600 (CST)
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Date: Tue, Nov 19, 2002, 12:52pm (CST+7) From: a_verloc@yahoo.com
(Verloc) wrote:

>Thomas Gandow wrote:


>The question names no names, nor
> supposes any particular conflict. It
> merely asks whether a conflict existed.
> You must be terribly frightened or
> terribly guilty to see it as "black PR".

>Furthermore, your position seems to be
> that no one should try to disprove the
> allegations, because doing so repeats
> the allegations, which are "black PR".
> That is completely insane. By your logic,
> we must never try to disprove any
> allegations made against us, no matter
> how absurd they may be, and should
> instead shun and label as suppressive
> (OSA) anyone who lacks a blind,
> dogmatic faith that anyone claiming to
> oppose Scientology is truthful and
> anything allegedly coming from
> Scientology is a lie.

>It is true that the first suggestions that
> you had received substantial money
> from Bob Minton, and that this money
> was linked to the cancellation of
> Caberta's speech, came from what
> appear to be Scientology sources. But
> the first reports that Bob Minton was
> going to try to torpedo the Lisa
> McPherson case, and the first
> transcripts of the Dandar disqualification
> hearings, also came from what appear
> to be Scientology sources.

> Nevertheless, they were accurate
> reports and transcripts, even though
> most of us would have preferred
> otherwise.

>Scientology representatives generally
> only say things that they believe to be in
> the interest of the "Church". That makes
> their statements automatically suspect,
> but it no more makes them
> automatically false than it makes them
> automatically true. Given what we know
> about Bob's generousity with critics of
> Scientology, it's quite plausible that you
> received far more money from him than
> you had ever gotten in a lump sum in
> your life. Given what we know about
> Bob's vanity, it's quite plausible that he
> would use the influence obtained with
> that generousity to try to mute public
> criticism of his actions by Caberta. It's
> equally plausible that Caberta's talk was
> cancelled for other reasons, or indeed
> that it wasn't cancelled at all, yet
> curiously no one has even suggested
> another hypothesis. Instead, the
> question itself is treated as a vile thing
> that must be squashed before anyone
> looks at it too closely.

>The Scientologists have an expression
> for this, I believe. "The overt speaks
> loudly".

I couldn't agree with you more. This has gotten positively ridiculous.
The more Gandow screeches OSA and evades answering in any manner
whatsoever just arouses more questions and suspicions that he has
something "shameful" to hide.

As I recall, this all started because I asked Gerry Armstrong (who had
fled to Germany for some reason, which I still don't think I know) if he
could/would give us the lowdown on the Swiss checks Minton gave him. I
got a whole lot of talk including accusations I was OSA, but no real
answer. Then I posted the recipients of Minton money, which included
Rev. Gandow, Armstrong and Lerma. Gosh you would have thought I accused
Gandow of murder. He came flying out of the woodwork like a chicken
with its herad cut off and he has been acting like one ever since.

I think your suggestion that Tilman Hausherr, who is German, speaks
German and knows Ursula Caberta (and who said someone should ask her)
was a good one. Ms Caberta, who, because of her innocent association
with Minton & Brooks (which included a Minton loan and Minton accusing
her of lying and being an OSA Pawn on this newsgroup) was viciously
attacked by OSA. I doubt if she would answer anyone on this newsgroup,
especially someone she does not know.

She may not even answer Tilman Hausher if her speech was cancelled
because it contained the truth about Minton and if Tilman was a party to
its being cancelled. She may refuse to answer because her attorney has
told her not to get involved with Gandow Black PR or with a.r.s., which
we all must admit, does not have a very good reputation in the real

But I bet she won't cackle like a headless chicken and screech OSA like
Rev. Gandow and Gerry Armstrong.


"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

"True peace is not merely the absence of tension but the presence of
justice and brotherhood."

-Martin Luther King, Jr.




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