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From: boobootigger@webtv.net (Tigger)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: THE REAL GERRY ARMSTRONG (repost)
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 08:49:00 -0600 (CST)
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Every day Gerry Armstrong reveals more of the same characteristics that
got Minton into so much trouble.

1. Big ego.

2. "My way or the highway".......won't take advice.

3. Using people for his own purposes.

4. Calling anyone who disagrees with him OSA and DA'ing them with false

5. Ends justify the means thinking......it's O.K. to lie and do
dishonest, despicable and unethical things if it serves his purpose.

6. Trying to "shudder into silence" those who disagree with him.

I once thought Gerry Armstrong was a hero. But he's not. Right now his
OSA goon page, his evasive answers, his treatment of Beverly and his
dishonesty makes him a Zero......

Date: Mon, Nov 18, 2002, 11:14pm (CST+1) From: dbj1120@mpinet.net
(Beverly Rice)

Gerry Armstrong wrote:

>Just to set the record straight about what
> follows, Beverly Rice completely
> misinterpreted something I wrote back
> in April this year, took it in a personal
> way that was unrelated to the way it
> was intended, made a connection which
> didn't exist, and used it as a certainty
> from which to attack me.

No I didn't, you are a liar, as much as you will try to spin it, I am
very well aware of your covertness . . .

I know why you were picked as being Intel Ops in Co$ for Hubbard, you
are very clever, just as Co$ is very clever until they are made known.

Your added, unnecessary remark at the end of a post to me in a thread
you made about yourself ~was~ directed as a stab intended to hurt deep.

You can play ignorant for others.

The fact is that over the two and a half years our "friendship" spanned
shortly after my husbands suicide, when I was still really messed up and
incredibly vulnerable . . .

I shared with you in absolute detail my inner most thoughts, and the
details of my therapy, among many other most personal aspects of my
life, because, as you said . . .
you cared, and we had a special relationship.

One of the things I shared with you, ~explicitly~ . . .

was how everyday statements that are made quite commonly, such as "I
need that like a hole in the head", or "putting a gun to his/her head",
or "just shoot me", or ~anything~ that had to do with shooting heads,
would totally cave me in.

That was explicitly stated to you, and talked about severally.

Your added, unnecessary remark at the end of a post to me when I was
calling you out about making the CST issue about you:

"Oh, and don't go shooting at the heads of the people trying to do what
you think is this most important thing to do." was a deliberate jab, and
was intentional, and you can't play ignorant, and I won't let you
because we both know better.

I know what you pretend to be now, but I also know that you are still
Intel in your heart.

And while we are on that subject, let me tell you another HubTOADian/Co$
action that you took that has been decried by many others regarding Co$
tactics as being one of the worst . . .
and this is the one that I am most disgusted at where you are concerned.

You were upset when you saw I had saved a few of the e-mails you sent
me, I normally do not keep e-mails after I receive them, but destroy
them, but these were just a couple of ones that were little jokes
between us or a little mushy . . .
but you asked me to delete them, you know, "just in case I get raided"
by the Co$, they won't be in my computer, so I did . . .

it's called "respect for another human being".

But then, in one of our last conversations . . .
you made a call to me, and out of the blue you tell me that you have
kept every communication and everything I have ever sent to you over
that long period of time of trust and of confidence . . .
things that Co$ would love to have on me, and things that would be
absolutely devastating to my life . . .
and informed me that you had turned them into a "collection" of me.

In other words, you did not give me the same consideration and respect
that you demanded for your own self . . .
but then again the truth of the matter is no matter what you pretend to
be now, you ~are~ Intel at heart . . .
and it's a good thing to have complete write-ups of the most intimate
portions of a persons life for your files, isn't it?

You know, something gained along the lines of some words that were
posted on ARS not too long ago that went:

"Scientology's retention of a person's records fraudulently obtained by
the creation of a relationship of "trust" is an excellent issue."

Maybe you feel that only refers to Co$, and not to you when you do the
exact same action.

Except I know better than to ask for my "records" back.

As a matter of fact, I don't even want them back, but would like the
same courtesy from you that you received from me, just destroy and
delete them from existance.

But I know better, I know you won't, because I know you ~can't~ . . .
and I know that you ~don't~ give others the same respect you receive for
yourself, unless they toe the line with you without question.

For that one action alone, of turning me in to a "collection" that you
keep of my most personal life and my deepest thoughts and emotions, and
the most tragic and secret things of my life . . .

i call you scum.

And you ~are~ a liar. Try to spin this any other way you wish . . .

you are ~NOT~ a "Man of God" . . .

you're not even a man . . .

you've always had to depend on finding a strong woman to be your "left
nut" for you.
You are a fraud, and you are every bit as much a con man as Hubbard was
. .
just with a much smaller following . . .

Yeh, I know, you are working on that.

ARC = As-Ising the Real Con-Artist,


"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

"True peace is not merely the absence of tension but the presence of
justice and brotherhood."

-Martin Luther King, Jr.




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