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From: boobootigger@webtv.net (Tigger)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Questions for Gandowuo
Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2002 07:51:27 -0600 (CST)
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The Reverend Gandow (with the usual BS) says:

Tigger says:


>Once I will publish a collection of all
> "valid questions", OSA and OSA-goons
> have asked me.

Which means you aren't going to answer any questions about anything,
right? You're a public figure. You have taken money from another
public figure who has sold out his friends to the Devil Rinder. Do you
think your not answering questions will save you from the wrath of
Minton and/or Rinder? Or from your fellow Germans?


>>I would assume Rev. Gandow has read
>> Hartwig's book.......so are these
>>allegations in Hartwig's published
>> book? If they aren't true, is Gandow
>> suing for slander?

>They are "anonymized". So it is not
> possible to go against.

What do you mean........"anonymized"?
Renate Hartwig is not anonymous....right?
Do you mean the "source" Hartwig uses is anonymous? Why would that
prevent you from suing Hartwig for slander or is it libel?

> It is You and OSA who make the
> connection between Hartwigs fantasy
> story and real people.

There you go again, distorting the truth. The "letter" said a "book".
I asked if it was Hartwig's book and provided the URL where info about
it was posted on a.r.s. The connection I made was between Hartwig's
book and the letter.

>>If so, to prove his
>>case, he is going to have to answer the
>> question whether he was or was not a
>> recipient of Minton money in the real
>> world, isn't he?

>Freud said once something like: If
> someone is alledging, that the planet
> earth is filled with jam, it would be
> foolish to disproove this by prospecting
> or mining for jam. It would be more
> reasonable, to put him on the
> psychonaalytic couch to find out why he
> is fantasizing about jam.

Shall we now talk about the price of eggs in China? Geeesh, why can't
you ever ATFQ?


>>You do realize that Minton
>>and Brooks have probably told Rinder
>> and OSA all they need to know about
>> any money he (Minton) may or may not
>> have given Gandow. Your and
>> Gandow's worry, it would seem to me,
>> is not that ptsc is asking legitimate
>> questions on a.r.s., but that
>> Minton/Brooks may be and probably
>> are feeding Rinder any information
>> Rinder wants to save their own skins.
>> For them, it is no longer an issue.....it's

>No proof whatsoever for this,

So you can't see that Rinder has Minton and Brooks FUBAR as critics and
that they are now Scientologists by proxy?

>but here on ARS people who pretend to
> be critics are just fullfilling this:
> RINDER GETS: By spreading DA,
> taking part in "Noisy Investigations",
> taking part in charakter assasination.

Hey it's Minton and Brooks who are "charakter" assasinting critcs and
lying their heads off about them and several attorneys including Ken
Dandar, John Merrett and Dan Leipold.

Repeating: You should get yourself an attorney to protect yourself
against MINTON & OSA.


>You do realize the real target right now >is the wrongful death
suit......not you, not
> Gandow? Tigger

>So than, if that would be true, why are
> You attacking Gerry?

Geesh, I wasn't attacking Gerry. This whole thing started when I asked
Gerry if he would give us the lowdown on the Swiss checks he received.
He immediately started attacking me. Apparently it was also a no no to
disagee with Gerry Armstrong about his planned "hate page" attack on
Garry Scarff.

>Why are You taking part in the
> DA-campaign by Noisy "Investigation"
> and stupid assertions against me and
> people connected or not connected to
> me? (see above)

Hey I didn't publish that OSA letter to you. Gerry Armstrong did. Was
it with your permission? If they are such stupid assertions, all you
have to do is say you were not a recepient of Minton money
and stop trying to make OSA out of everyone who asks you or Gerry a
question. (Of course at this stage, you would have to prove
it........that's the result of twisting every which way to get out of
answering a simple question.)

>Could it be, that all this is one and the
> same target? (see Gerrys recent
> postings concerning Deana)

Why don't you SEE the emails Gerry and Deana exchanged on the subject of
Gerry's galpal being a witness in the Lisa McPherson wrongful death
suit......they completely destroy Armstrong's allegations about Deana.

Repeating: You would be wise to hire an attroney to protect yourself
against BOTH MINTON and OSA.



"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

"True peace is not merely the absence of tension but the presence of
justice and brotherhood."

-Martin Luther King, Jr.




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